Episode 8 of #YAPPFACTOR, now online for your viewing pleasure. 

Only two more weeks left of X Factor! What are you going to do with yourself when it’s all over? 

It’s that time of the week again! BINGO time! 

Just download your card and watch #YAPPFACTOR on Saturday to play against Jake. All you have to do to win is cross off a line before Jake. 

And we’ve got prizes. Oh, do we ever have prizes. The first viewer to beat Jake will get to CHOOSE either a JLS or a Jedward signed photo… Think what you can do with a prize like that!

Good luck, and remember to tune in tomorrow at 8pm.



James Arthur as you’ve never heard him before. Apart form last week and the week before. Produced by Jake Yapp - join him live for #Yappfactor, live on zeebox during Saturday’s X Factor.


As Melanie Masson meets the #YappFactor blender, Reverend Lionel Crapping delivers a touching tribute…