Letters between Barbara Morgan and Wang Yaping

Wang Yaping was the first Chinese teacher on orbit, Barbara Morgan the first American teacher. To celebrate Yaping’s achievement, Morgan sent her a letter:

Dear Wang Yaping,

On Behalf of teachers and students around the world, I send you greetings of honor and love as you orbit our Earth and prepare to teach your lessons from space. We are proud of you. We wish you and your crewmates safety and success. You will be very busy up there, but please remember to take time to look out the window. China and all of this world are beautiful.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Morgan

In reply Wang Yaping answered:

Dear Ms Barbara Morgan:

My colleagues and I are delighted to receive your letter so far from Earth. Thank you for your care and good wishes for us. We also want to extend to you our admiration and respect for what you have done for manned space programs and for education as well. Today, we successfully delivered a lecture to millions of Chinese students, sharing with them the majesty and beauty of outer space, and the joy of learning new things. I hope you and all of the teachers and students elsewhere on Earth enjoyed the lecture. During our ongoing flight, I have frequently gazed upon our beautiful home Earth through the window of our space module. Space is where mankind places its most fantastic dreams while knowledge is the ladder to a better understanding of what exists beyond our Earth. We would like to join the efforts, as you have done, to bring science-loving youth around the world closer to their dreams of exploring the universe.

Wang Yaping Chinese astronaut
From Tiangong-1 June 20, 2013.

source: Xinhuanet


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Chinese Film – A Historical Introduction

Perhaps no art form in China has engendered as much controversy or has had such a checkered past as film. From the horrors of war to the red carpet at Cannes, the history of Chinese film has illustrated the extremes of politics and art in a delicate dance that has captivated the attention of art and film historians for decades.

Ding Yaping’s authoritative, accessible, and concise history of Chinese cinema comprehensively covers the early years of pro-China propaganda films through the first decade of the twenty-first century, where Chinese film now represents a cinematic movement of the highest order. Ding traces the development of Chinese film as a source of high culture from the 1990s to the present day.



Space Women in 2013

The earth has made yet another round around the sun. And what a year it was.

The highlight was of course the spaceflights of Karen Nyberg and Wang Yaping. Karen Nyberg launched on the 28th of may on her first long duration mission to the International Space Station. She spend a total amount of 166 days adn a little over 6 hours in space and landed safely back on earth on the 11th of November. She had the position of flight engineer and amongst other captured and docked the HTV-4 and the Cygnus capsule to the space station.

During this mission Wang Yaping also flew into space on the Shenzhou X mission to the Chinese space station Tiangong-1. The mission launched on 11th of June and lasted 14 days. She became the second Chinese woman to fly into space and the 57th women overall. On the 20th of June she gave a lesson from space which was followed by over 60 million Chinese students.

In 2013 NASA also introduced a new astronaut class, giving hope for the future. This was the first astronaut class which was composed of 50% males and 50% females.  Jessica Meir, Christine Hammock, Nicole Mann and Anne McLain were the lucky women to be picked. along with their male counterparts Tyler Hague, Victor Glover, Andrew Morgan and Josh Cassada they will be training to become the new astronauts of NASA.

NASA was not the only one with plans to send people into space. Axe held a competition to send people into space on a Lynx suborbital spaceplane. Out of the 23 worldwide winners, 2 were female. Norwegian Tale Sundlisæter and Malaysian Pirada Techavijit have succeeded to secure their seats into space. Tale and Pirada are true space enthusiast, they both studied satellite space systems and are working in the space industry. On top of that Tale is the Norwegian national point of contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council.

As it goes with live, people have also passed away this year. Most notably astrophysicist Margherita Hack passed away on June 29th. She was the first women to head the Trieste Astronomical Observatory and a passionate science advocate. There was also the loss of Jerri Truhill, female test pilot and part of NASA’s Mercury 13 program. After Mercury 13 she spent her time flying around in a pink World war 2 fighter.  

A number of the women we have seen working in space have also changed jobs. Lori Garver, previously Deputy Administrator of NASA, started work as General Manager of the Air Line Pilots Association in September. Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan was appointed Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Acting NOAA Administrator early in 2013. Canadian astronaut Julie Payette has become the Chief Operating Officer for the Montreal Science Centre. NASA Astronaut Pamela Melroy had worked for the FAA, but this year decided to join DARPA as Deputy Director of the Tactical Technology Office. Astronaut Susan Helms was nominated to become vice commander of the US Air Force Space Command, however she decided to retire, which caused the nomination to be withdrawn. 

As a last highlight of 2013 we should not forget that Sally Ride received the Presidential Medal of Freedom as well as the Space Foundations General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award posthumously.

Hopefully next year will be just as exciting. There are 2 women, Yelena Serova and Samantha Cristoforetti, scheduled for missions to the space station. And, if we’re lucky, Virgin Galactic or the Chinese will surprise us.

Happy 2014 to everyone, make it a good one!

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Wang Yaping

This is the face of the soon to be second Chinese woman in space. Wang Yaping was born on 27 January 1980 in Yantai (Shandong, China). Yantai is a coastal city on the Bohai Strait.  She grew up on a cherry farm together with her younger sister. After she graduated from middle school she insisted on college, air force college (Changchun Flight Academy) to be precise. In 1998 she was qualified for solo flying and she graduated in 2001. Since she has flown several missions on transport aircraft, helping among others during the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. At the moment she is a major in the Chinese air force.

She was selected for astronaut training in may 2010. She was a second for the Shenzhou 9 flight of last year. This hear she is honoured with her own spaceflight. Not only that, China portraits her as the first Chinese teacher in space, since she will teach several lessons from orbit.  

In her space time major Wang enjoys photography, music and basketball. She has also done long distance running in the past. In the news articles about her she is described as being eager to excel and hard working. 

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