Lunch Break (yaoyaoaru)

If there was one person who could disprove of death by boredom, it was Isaac Hunter. Tapping the end of his pen on the table top, he began to wonder if this meeting was ever going to end. It had already been a good couple of hours, although in his mind it felt like a lifetime. Gazing down the end of the table, Isaac feigned interest in what was being said, although irrelevant to his part of the world. Any minute now they will call for a break. Any. Moment. Each second ticked by slowly, drawing a small groan of desperation from the Australian. Then, a moment of relief.

“We will be taking an hour long break for lunch. Dismissed”.

Stuffing his folders and paperwork into his bag, Isaac was quick to leave the stuffy room. Standing in the hall, Isaac glanced at the passing nations, moving out of their way. Now what was he going to do with an hour to kill?