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The Television Vol. 44 2016

Love Time

Excitement in Local Broadcast Stations
After concerts, Hikaru and I do broadcast our regular program at local radio stations, but we don’t really go to local stations much, so we talked about things like,  “Oh, it’s our first time here huh,”. It was a really interesting experience~
(Inoo Kei)

Eating with Chinen 3 times a week
The most often is 3 times a week going for meals with Chinen (lol).
“Anyway I want to cheer our hard work” kind-of-thing, after the Yokohama performance too the both of us went to eat. Eating with Chinen, we often have Yakiniku. To not have leftovers for the next day, we often eat pork more than we eat beef.
(Yabu Kota)

Chinen and Tonkatsu
Chinen had been constantly asking “I wanna eat tonkatsu💗” all the time.
He said, “Daichan wants to eat tonkatsu too right?”
About a week after that went on, finally we went together.
Of course, it was my treat. (lol)
(Arioka Daiki)
–oh mannnn I can just imagine Chinen and Daiki~~~!! (≧∇≦)

Eating with Yuto in Hiroshima
Even though it was for work that Yuto and I went to Hiroshima a day before the concert, that was the first time in awhile that the both of us ate together. It was interesting. Even when eating, Yuto was taking picture after picture, I thought he really likes pictures.
(Takaki Yuya)

Normal Conversations Feels Good
I went to eat with Yabu and Chinen. At times like that, there’s no talk about work. Anime talk or game talk, usual normal guy talk were brought up. It’s a nice feeling to have a relationship where we can eat comfortably other than work.
(Yaotome Hikaru)
– Chinen is very popular ne~~!!!!

Reunion in awhile at the photoshoot?!
For me, days have been swamped with drama work, I’ve not hung out with the members at all~. Today’s photoshoot feels like meeting all the members for the first time in awhile. But, it’s a happy complain to be busy with work to the point where I don’t hang out with the members. It’s proof I’m enjoying it to the fullest.
(Yamada Ryosuke)

Drama Enjoyment!
Recently, I’ve not hung out with the members (cry). The enjoyment now is watching Yamachan’s drama! For the first episode everyone watched it together at the workplace but I wanted to concentrate on watching it at home so I declined, “I don’t want to watch it now,” (lol)
(Okamoto Keito)

Game Info Exchange
There’s a Ham online game (note: he used ハムってる here which… the only time I’ve encountered that word was for Nippon Ham?? like 神ってる?^^;) that Daichan and I play and I often exchange information with him about how to use weapons. It’s just that, Daichan immediately forgets the name of the weapon, so our conversation never progresses at all (lol).
(Nakajima Yuto)

Meals and Game Talk
I often go eat with Kota. Kota and I also like games, so when we go eat together, we also play games there, and the two of us discuss game strategies like “ahhh…” “this…”, we do that.
(Chinen Yuri)
– mannn they’re such dorks neeee~~! 

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