Linos had been shopping. It was a weird sensation, really, going shopping. He hadn’t actually shopped in ages, and even though it was just a list Sonia had written out, he didn’t mind. He had a basket with all the food in it and was making his way home, when he saw Gene standing there, the door. He watched for a few minutes in confusion. He had told Gene to come visit, sure, but he didn’t actually expect for it to happen.

But it was a pleasant surprise, and Linos couldn’t help but smile, as he called, “Don’t be a stranger! Just knock on the door–Sonia or Jerry will let you in, you know.”

Jerry took the book and stared at the drawing in amazement. “Whoa…I’ve never seen anything like it! Do they really exist?” He smiled up at Gene happily. “Vivillion…oh!” He held the book back to Gene for a few moments. “You have to sign it, Uncle Gene! So I’ll remember who drew it. Mother always says to sign your work.” He looked at the picture thoughtfully. “Maybe…maybe all of us could go to Europe one day. To see one! Father, Mother, you, and me. And anyone else who’d want to come, I suppose…”

yaostrat asked: "Gene grinned as he saw Marcus's tongue. And swiftly grabbed him , pulling the youngling to him. He licked the boy's nose as he watched Damian with the biggest devil like smile. " Watch ourself Bambi. You tempt me, both of you." He brushes Marcus's hair, bringing a strand close to his mouth. He then pushes Marcus back to Damian, licking his lips as he walks off with a wave."

Marcus: Was startled as Gene grabbed and pulled him over, almost pulling the blonde off the bed. 

“Hey let me f…” He froze eyes widening at the lick, face turning red before he lashed out trying to pull away.

“Y-Y-You fuckign licke dmy nose! You freak! PISS OFF!” He bumped back into Damian gritting his teeth, shook up from that.

Damian: “What the- HEY, heyhey, get off him!” He yelled pissed as shit left in the sun. He took a tight hold of Marcus when he was pushed back giving a death glare at Gene

The man’s pose was… curious, Odette noted as she approached him, but she carried on with the same eagerness as before. Stopping a couple steps short of the strange man, she looked between him and his Luxio, a bright grin on her fave. Switching to clutching her Shinx in one arm, she waved and introduced herself. “Ah, oh thank you for stopping!” She huffed, Leo struggling in her arm, peering at Sun mischievously.

“My name’s Odette, Odette Woodward. I’m sorry for chasing you down, it’s just, your Luxio,” At the mention of the Pokemon, she looked down pointedly at her squirmy companion. Leo glanced up at the man and mewed, before looking back down at Sun. Being young, he liked to just make noise for the most part, as he was still learning how to talk. When Odette resumed talking, Leo managed to wiggle out of her grasp, and plop down neatly beside her. He hid behind her leg at first, poking his head out and staring at the older Pokemon almost unblinkingly.

“…I’ve never seen another Pokemon with the same odd-coloring as him! I just had to say hello!” She chatted, messing with one long strand of her hair.