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I wish Tumblr had a larger Murdoch Mysteries following. Because for a show set in the victorian/edwardian era, it deals with sexism, racisim, homophobia. It has female doctors, diverse female characters. It features cameos from famous people of the day or younger versions who would become famous. It’s not that off historically. The biggest thing would be that Murdoch didn’t invent everything he does. But since he doesn’t patent it, thats why it still works.

And I mean Doctor Ogden is amazing. And she fought for the reproductive rights of herself and her charges, for women to be able to vote, her word is respected by the police in the later 1800’s and early 1900’s.

It’s just….I feel tumblr would really get behind it. I mean there was a scene in one of the most recent ones and it has a very…i don;t know what to call it, but one woman slowly removing  corset from the other and she sort of leans into it and I wouldn’t be surprised if something develops between them as they’ve become closer since she’s no longer with Crabtree. who is adorable.

Sherlock Holmes was recurring character and so was his creator! (long story) 

So if you haven’t seen it, but like period tv shows, like mystery shows, and/or are canadian, check this out! In america I think it’s called the Artful Detective. Idk why, it’s Murdoch everywhere else. 

There’s also a little web series set in the modern day which is very amusing.

Murdoch Style #01 - Power

’m working on @fallenbelle‘s request of writing an essay on Julia’s evening gowns - but it’s somehow difficult to trace her story arc for the first few seasons since most episodes seemed to air out of chronological order. I’ll get there, but first I decided to make a test on longer sartorial recaps for complete episodes. Let me know what you think about it :D

(Here’s a small disclaimer before we start: I do one or two proofreads whenever I write, but English is not my first language, therefore there will be some typos every now and then - and even when eventually discovered, sometimes Tumblr doesn’t let this grammar OCD girl fix them - just as it happened to my previous post on Julia’s wedding gowns).

That’s the official synopsis for 1x01, “Power” (first aired on January 20, 2008):

“Toronto City council are entertaining the idea of abandoning direct current electricity for the city in favour of the new alternating current. At a public demonstration on the dangers of alternating current in which a dog was to have been electrocuted it is instead Alice Howard, the newly crowned Miss Toronto Electric and Light, who is killed when she pulls the handle on the switch. Constable Crabtree believes that the representative of the Toronto Humane Society might be involved. Detective Murdoch asks Nikola Tesla, who also witnessed the electrocution, for his help.” 

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