scullywolf asked:

34, 51, 63 :)

I feel like these questions are extra excellent and interesting because of the timing they were posed to me so thank you

34:Who/what was your last dream about? I always have bizarre action packed dreams that take ages to recount but the one i had during my nap earlier can be said short: I was staying with 2 female friends who i kinda remember who they are and one after another they bring home machines that I HAVE TO DEFEAT then i get away after defeating the 2nd one and say to a dude friend outside the place “WHY DO MY FRIENDS ALWAYS BRING MACHINES I HAVE TO BEAT? WHY MUST I BEAT THEM?”

51:Favourite food? Medium rare lamb/steak

63:Would you change your name? nah i mean most the time im not fond of it but what would i change it to anyway