yanna lavigne


Fitness - Março 2014

Aquela aparição de Dira em janeiro na minissérie Amores roubados gera capa até hoje. Mês passado ela estava na TPM, agora arrebenta na Boa Forma e faz uma das melhores capas da história da revista. LINDA!

Yanna mostra que tem um dos melhores corpos na capa da Corpo a Corpo e a Shape traz de volta pra capa Nathalia Rodrigues.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could suggest me some female FCs of East Asian and Latina/Hispanic descent, please? I've been having a really hard time finding some with enough resources, since her ethnic background is important to her story and I'm looking FCs during her preteen and teenage to young adult years. Tysm and have a lovely rest of your day xx

Hey anon! I’m not sure if you wanted someone Hispanic and Latina or if you got confused on their definitions so here and here are some links to explain to make sure your character is ethnically correct! -C & @adachisyuto