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New LoliRock Music Video : Reach the Stars !

Clip storyboarded by Yann Legall, Cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin / Bénédicte Ciaravino / Céline Lorthiois / Flore Pipari.

Song composed by Norbert Gilbert “Yellowshark”, Lyrics & Performed by Yasmin Shah

French version available here : https://youtu.be/W22QxIjPB7U (”LoliRock Attitude”)

See you next week for the third music video ! ;)

TEAM CANNON BUSTERS: (L/R) Yusuke Watanabe (Animation Producer), Compositing Director Jun Kubota(Aquarion Logos), Technical Director Yukio Nishimoto (Director, Fairy Tail: The Movie, Psycho Pass ), Art Director/Props/BG supervisor, Yann Legal (back) (Basquash! Space Dandy), Animation Director Mrs.Takako Shimizu (Front) ( Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure Character Designer/Animation director, Samurai Champloo Director), Main Character Designer SUEZEN (Gainax, Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, animator), Kiyomi Fukuyama (Satelight International Business Manager), Asst. Director/Mecha/Asst. Character Designer Thomas Romain(Co-Creator Code Lyoko, Basquash, Space Dandy Mecha designer), Color Supervisor Ms. Chie Tanimoto( Oban Star Racers, Death Note), Key animator, Character Design Clean-up Ms. Ayako Ito (back) (Macross Frontier, Tokyo Ghoul), Cannon Busters production assistant, Ms. Mayo Nozaki (front)


Mephisto and Praxina introduction scene (LoliRock Behind the Scenes - S01E01)

Let’s go on from where we left Iris last time… Here’s the animatic of Mephisto and Praxina’s introduction scene. As already explained in a previous post, we wanted the twins to be really “Evil” at first apparition. You can see that the storyboard artist even gave them snake-eyes pupils on some shots, even though the character models always have “normal” pupils in the show, which make them even meaner. :) 

As you’ll watch more of our Behind the scenes, you’ll probably notice that the style can change a lot from a storyboard to another. It’s normal since there are several persons behind them (often one storyboarder plus the storyboard supervisor/storyboard supervisor assistant). It’s amusing how you can guess who drew each scene just by looking at the style.

Someone once asked us if it’s a problem, that the storyboards are rough, and that the characters or backgrounds can be a lot different from the model sheets? The answer to that is mostly “no” and a little bit “yes”. 

Mostly no, because we’re a team. What we ask storyboard artists to do is staging, not drawing perfectly (Although it’s always a plus when they can do it of course…). When it’s needed to redraw the character or backgrounds to match the model, that’s the design team’s job. Everyone completes each other, that’s how it works in animation. 

Now, the “little bit of yes”… sometimes, when the design is far off model on storyboards, it is reeeaaally complicated for the designers to have it match to the show’s style… and it can also be confusing. This “Snake-eye” for example. How to know if it’s just a matter of a different style, or some special demand from the director for the sequence? In both cases it results in a lot of headaches, especially for the director’s assistant and the storyboard supervisor. They’re usually the ones trying to figure out the answer. That’s why communication inside the team is the key to avoiding most of problems.

We’ll show you later some examples of the designer’s works, to see the evolution from the storyboard picture to the final design. ;) 

Lecteurs francophones ? Voici la version française du texte ci-dessous.

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S01.E01 - To Find A Princess

Written by Madellaine Paxson and storyboarded by Yann Legall, cover by Galou.

This episode is the first one of the series, where we find out who Iris is- and why her destiny is so important. Indeed, as the audience, a lot of member of the team were frustered by shows that never tell “how it began”, so it was very important for us that LoliRock had a beginning (and an end too, but we’ll get to that later). 

To Find a Princess” tells us how Iris, Talia and Auriana first met and created the LoliRock band. It also introduces their secret mission as magical princesses to gather the Oracle Gems (”Saphirs d’Ephedia” in french) in order to restore Ephedia’s Crown, and then beat the evil wizard Gramorr and his minions.

Introducing all these characters and plot point wasn’t easy. It never is. In just a few lines, you have to grasp their personalities, such as Talia’s seriousness regarding their mission (and lack of humour), or Auriana’s relaxed and easy-going side. The audition scene has this purpose, and is later completed by the scene in the cave. 

Mephisto and Praxina’s first appearance was even more important for a lot of people in the team, because they’re the ones fighting the princesses every episodes. Not Gramorr directly. And as the saying goes “A hero is only as good as the villain he fights”. Therefore, we wanted to introduce the twins with their evil, and dangerous side first. We wanted the audience to take them (and Gramorr) seriously, especially as they’re fighting a powerless and untrained Iris. Their use as comic reliefs would be shown afterward, in the second fight near the house. (We’ll talk more about Mephisto and Praxina in further posts, don’t worry about it.)

Finaly, the key point was “how to introduce the events of Ephedia ?”. Gramorr taking the throne, the Queen and King disparition, Iris being sent on earth, and the Oracle Gem scattered ?… We didn’t want to use a classic flashback for that, but rather tried to immerse Iris (and the audience) directly in the elements of the past. 

Using mythological illustrations (projected by Auriana directly on the walls of the cave) was the solution we agreed on. We put extra efforts in giving them a special treatment, different from the rest of the show, as we needed to give a feeling of magic and wonder but also of mystery, especially toward the Queen, King, and Gramorr himself. 

Work in progress material of this episode coming in the following posts. ;) Stay tuned !  

Lecteurs francophones ? Voici la version française du texte ci-dessous.

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