High resolution 20.5″ x 15″ poster of an Iháŋktȟuŋwaŋna/Yanktonai (“Little village-at-the-end”) camp of the Western Dakhóta Oyáte (“Dakota people”) photographed in the early 1900s. Wi-Cha-Wanmble’ (Man-Who-Packs-The-Eagle or Eagle Man) and Yanktonai woman portraits appear on the outside of two tipis. As with all our posters, feel liberated to print out (http://burymyart.tumblr.com) and wheatpaste at will!


Survivance &


“Smallpox Used Them Up Winter”

During the U.S. Revolution smallpox swept west from the Atlantic Coast into the heart of the continent. Many Native American nations, like the Lakota, were effected. These images depict the 1779-1780 and 1780-1781 entries in Battiste Good’s Winter Count with the words “The eruption and pains in the stomach and bowels are shown as before, smallpox used them up winter”. The first Winter Count record of epidemic disease is from a Yanktonai Dakota in 1714 with the description “fatal cramps and convulsions”. On average, epidemics struck the Great Plains every 5.7 years, with epidemic-free periods ranging from zero to 45 years depending on the band in question, and disease mortality increased in years following nutritional stress. (Sundstrom, 1997, “Smallpox Used Them Up: References to Epidemic Disease in Northern Plains Winter Counts, 1714-1920”).

(US National Library of Medicine/anthropology_nerd)

Bought my ticket home today.

I mean, to Dartmouth. I leave Bismarck at 7:45, stop in Minneapolis, stop in Philly, then land in Manchester, where I’ll be picked up by my good friend Christina. (Love her, who doesn’t). I am so freakin’ excited to get back. I can’t wait to see all my FRANDZ and hug themz and love themz. 

But forreal, I’m so nervous about tomorrow because 1) I hate flying, and 2) I’m auditioning for my 3rd favorite musical of all time and I’ve never auditioned for something like this before. I don’t expect to be cast as anything, but I’m basically addicted to auditions since American Idol.

AAANAAAND I can’t wait to see the Rockapellas! Whoever’s actually on campus anyway. I miss singing for a purpose :)

ANYWAYS, just trying to reclaim the Native American tag again!

I absolutely

hate that I had no opportunity to learn my Dakota language in school. They had Dakota people teaching Lakota in a school full of primarily Dakota students (not that there weren’t any Lakota students.) And I would’ve liked to learn Lakota, but my grandpa couldn’t stand that I was being taught L instead of D, so suppressed everything I tried to learn. And now, when I try to say the Lakota phrases I learn, he gets so angry. What else am I supposed to do? I had no one to teach me, and he sure never tried. :/ 

A Day in the Life of a Yanktonai

Well, I woke up around 11-ish and continued to work on some covers on GarageBand that I’d been toying around with.

I called my mother and asked about my plane ticket to Dartmouth. Everything is working out (yay) and I just need someone to pick me up in Manchester.

I read the script for Hairspray and tried to develop my white girl voice. -___- Also, I searched for (and I think found) a good audition song.

I ate some deer meat. It was delish.

I came on Tumblr and saw all you beautiful Natives taking over the Native American tag and figured I best join in. Got a few new followers, SO YAY.

Ate bread that looked like a pita. It was good.

And now, I’m going to just keep making new covers! Yay!

I love being a Native!