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Lord Dominator was SOMETHING! Avatar’s AZULA that is!




or maybe we’re in the only reality in the multiverse where Probabilitor isn’t a polka dancer

“Is this the game that’s mostly math and writing and isn’t anything like the picture on the box?”

Shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls exist in a grey area when it comes to who, exactly, they’re made for. Ostensibly they’re for kids, but anyone with a Tumblr or who’s been to a con knows there’s more than a sprinkling of adults watching the post-20005 renaissance in kids’ animation. Even reviewing the show is a bit of a tangle when it comes to pitching tone toward children or adults.  ‘Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons’ side-eyes possible reasons adults might feel drawn to the fantastic and the bizarre, but its real agenda is poking good-natured fun at Dungeons & Dragons while telling a loopy, fast-paced story about an interdimensional nerd, the wizard Probabilitor(Al “Weird Al” Yankovic) trying to eat Ford and Dipper’s brains in the midst of a Pines family kerfuffle.

The tension between Ford and Dipper on the one hand and Stan and Mabel(with Grenda tagging along) on the other hangs on the former camp’s desire to cover the TV room in graph paper for a game of Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons, D&D lookalike over which they’ve begun to bond, and the latter camp’s equally powerful desire to watch the finale of the mystery program Ducktective. The zany premise melds well with the genuine strife developing under the Mystery Shack’s roof. Dipper, sick of being picked on and unable to find someone who’ll play his new game with him, stumbles into the previously forbidden territory of Ford’s lab where his newfound grunkle is thrilled to see a 38-sided die after his years abroad in the multiverse. Dipper has always been the black sheep at the Mystery Shack, the sole earnest nerd in a sea of kooks and cynics, so it makes perfect sense that he worships a man who not only shares many of his interests but who also wrote the journal around which he constructs his identity. Stan and Ford’s old feud finds new fuel in Mabel’s fear of the status quo changing as Dipper spends more and more time with their new grunkle,

It’s heavy stuff, new rifts opening up between Mable and Dipper as old conflict threatens to disrupt the makeshift Pines family. It’s also maybe the funniest episode Gravity Falls has done to date. The joke density is so great that there’s no time to recover between gags like Ford trying to shoot and murder a wizard and Stan shouting that cartoons are for adults, too!(Though the question of whether Ducktective is “animated” or “live action” is…pretty fascinating, honestly). The single best gag, without question, is Stan and Grenda bonding over Grenda beating an ogre to death with a chair. “There’s no cops in the forest,” says Stan, looking at the ogre’s body. “We take this to our graves.” Grenda just winks.

This show’s voice cast is almost unbelievably good. Weird Al is wonderfully overwrought as Probabilitor, a math wizard summoned by an accidental roll of Ford’s infinity-sided die and, despite his hunger for brains, mostly just excited about role-playing games. J. K. Simmons, meanwhile, makes for a great intrepid but mildly dickish adventurer set against Jason Ritter’s eager Dipper and Alex Hirsch’s gravelly, unimpressed Stan. The final confrontation, in which Mabel and Stan have to learn how to play Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons in order to prevent Probabilitor from eating Ford and Dipper’s brains, is driven largely by the strength of the line readings from Yankovic’s evilly delighted, “I’m using the controversial nineteen ninety-one to nineteen ninety-two edition!” to Kristen Schaal’s exuberant invocation of the centaurtaur, a beast which should in no way be allowed to exist.

The episode has a lot going for it, giving everyone from hardcore D&D nerds to devoted drama hounds something to chew on. It does solid and never histrionic work establishing that while the threat is over and Dipper and Ford have made a new and mutually valuable connection, the Pines family is far from resolving its problems. Season 2′s back half, now structured on the mystery of a literal rift as the dark shadow of the emotional ones between both sets of twins, seems primed to test the family’s fabric to its limit.

—  ‘Gravity Falls 2×13: Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons’ Review http://ift.tt/1N7dX67

Real talk, I absolutely ADORED Al’s performance on the newest GF episode. Not just because I’m a huge fan of his to begin with, but because he was treated as an actor and not a celebrity guest voice.

His direction was perfect (bc let’s face it, he can get a bit grating if not handled correctly), and honestly it’s probably one of his best voice-over performances to date imo. And the best part, to me, anyway, was that he was credited as Al Yankovic, and not his stage name.

Note to any future people wanting to have him guest on their show, THIS IS HOW YOY DO IT. TAKE NOTES FROM GRAVITY FALLS.

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Nerdly » ‘Gravity Falls 2×13: Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons’ Review

Shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls exist in a grey area when it comes to who, exactly, they’re made for. Ostensibly they’re for kids, but anyone with a Tumblr or who’s been to a con knows there’s more than a sprinkling of adults watching the post-20005 renaissance in kids’ animation. Even reviewing the show is a bit of a tangle when it comes to pitching tone toward children or adults.  ‘Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons’ side-eyes possible reasons adults might feel drawn to the fantastic and the bizarre, but its real agenda is poking good-natured fun at Dungeons & Dragons while telling a loopy, fast-paced story about an interdimensional nerd, the wizard Probabilitor(Al “Weird Al” Yankovic) trying to eat Ford and Dipper’s brains in the midst of a Pines family kerfuffle.

I reviewed last night’s gut-busting Gravity Falls in which Weird Al plays a cannibal math wizard.


Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons premieres Monday, August 3rd


In honor of “Weird Al” Yankovic guest starring on tonight’s new Gravity Falls episode, here’s a little AMV I put together.

(Gravity Falls spoilers)

TOP 5 REASONS TO STICK AROUND AFTER NEW Gravity Falls’ Dungeons FOR Wander Over Yonder’s The Greater Hater (& THE REST OF SEASON 2)

As we get closer to the premiere of Gravity Falls’ Dungeons Episode on August 3rd (with Weird Al as the Lunatic Wizard), it would be appropriate to create this post seeing that another Disney XD show: Wander Over Yonder has a Season 2 Premiere on its way after Gravity Falls called: The Greater Hater. For those of you who are excited to see the New Gravity Falls Dungeons Episode, I would highly encourage you to stick around after this episode to see The Greater Hater in 5 REASONS:


Lord Dominator, the basis of this season, is a more threatening and menacing villain than Lord Hater whose big intimidating armor, with a big red heart, and has gloves shooting lava with some heartless lava droids that can scare the crap out of the Galaxy inhabitants. Dominator enjoys doing the evil deeds without reacting stubborn if plots has been foiled by opposite forces, in which Dominator defeats them easily.

Granted, the 11 minute episodes would be episodic and have more comedy gags while loosely related to the 4 22 minute episode story arc to sit through, but some of them would mention Lord Dominator subtly, or discussed a bit in dealing with the conflict.

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There’s a good chance that the Main 4 Characters will have growth during the progression of Season 2 from the Dominator invasion, to the eventual conclusion (http://suspendersofdisbelief.tumblr.com/post/121053616906/you-are-quite-literally-keeping-me-up-at-night).

Not only would Lord Dominator affect Lord Hater and Peepers on their lust to be the Greatest in the Galaxy, but also on Wander, who attempted to entertain Lord Dominator. 

But sadly…

It did NOT go well. 

Thus his awareness of peril, danger, and concerns for Sylvia, slowly rises cause of his fear of Dominator’s Wrath in the Galaxy (though, he shows concern for Hater and Peepers since he still sees the good in them regardless of trying to destroy him). This is a step up in Wander’s character development as in the past, his obliviousness has been criticized as being not in depth or just clueless of the problems to show awareness. But thankfully, he is waking up to face or flee this type of danger.

The gist of it is that Dominator’s Wrath makes Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Peepers question their roles and must figure out a way through this before the Galaxy is under the control or worst, destroyed out of existence.


People like crackmccraigen, Lauren Faust (only in Season 1 as Co-Producer and Writer), suspendersofdisbelief, Amy Higgins, gingerhaze, benjoseph, benbalistreri, noveltymusicservices, and others in the writing/art/animation/music departments planned the BIG PICTURE of Season 2 intending to top Season 1 with more emphasis on the story, character development, comedy moments, new songs to entertain and progress the stories, and challenges while keeping the original spirit of silliness, joy, and funny bits to combat the forces of evil.

(Very Old Prototype Character Sketch of Wander by Craig McCracken in 2003?)

It’s no surprise that Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home creator, Craig McCrakcen (crackmccraigen), created this silly galaxy from an old sketch during his times at Cartoon Network before moving to Disney. His cartoony and expressive style of an orange spoon traveling around the Galaxy with his platonic best friend Sylvia the Zbornak spreading love and joy around while battling Lord Hater and Peepers’ evil deeds makes the comedic tone exciting to watch.

Noelle Stevenson (gingerhaze), graphic novelist of Nimona and Lumberjanes, is involved with the writing and some art designs. She made a bunch of sticky note sketches of Wander characters in her drawing style that helped bring up the mood in the writer’s room. I can tell she has much excitement that her episodes written may be favorites to fans (she helped out writing the 11 WOY Shorts on YouTube with the last one airing a minute before Gravity Falls’ Dungeons episode).

Story Editors, Frank Angones (suspenderofdisbelief) and Amy Higgins should be credited for their contributions in pitching out the story outlines and character growth to Craig into making the silly galaxy facing a bigger threat from a more threatening villain to cause as much chaos and destruction until there’s nowhere to escape for the Main 4. Frank has been on Tumblr answering many fan questions about Season 2 info, behind the scenes, and random geek talk for fun other than WOY. He and Amy thought about how other shows (in which Frank is huge fans as well) like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Adventure Time tend to execute story-arc driven and episodic stories balanced well. He still does like episodic cartoons that doesn’t need a big plot that can revolve on gags, comedy, character moments, and silliness.

As Frank puts it (http://crackmccraigen.tumblr.com/post/124639388114/on-the-subject-of-wandering-over-yonder):

“I’ll look at what some of those other shows are doing and wonder if we aren’t somehow missing the mark.  Why are we making our silly Cartoon when other shows have seemingly loftier ambitions and more “sophisticated” storytelling?

We thought about that so much that it became part of the basis for Season 2.  

What if Wander’s weird little galaxy was our weird little show?  And what if Dominator represented all the extremely perilous, high-stakes, big mystery storytelling that some of our favorite shows have?  Heck, Dominator’s even forcing our silly Cartoon guys into a season long serialized arc!  Does zany Cartoon silliness even have a right to exist in the face of unspeakable odds?

And the answer is yes, of course it does.  Of course you can stand up to evil with absurdity or a wacky scheme or a well-timed banjo ditty.  Because sometimes silly is all you’ve got.  A dumb joke, a goofy face, a good laugh in the face of hopelessness, that’s gotta count for something, right?  

Because if not, to quote my favorite Zbornak, ‘Partner, that’s not a universe I want to live in anyway.’”

- Frank Angones


The series has some of the most fluid and expressive animations currently airing as other shows have been a bit stiff, but decent on the animation with emphasis on character design, background art, and layout design. Season 1 was done by Mercury Filmworks, and Boulder Media Ireland is doing Season 2. I really loved how much good looking character designs and fluid Toon Boom Harmony Animation blended well to help move the characters in very expressive and appealing venue. Plus it helped the comedic timing to past cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, and some of the classic 1930s Disney Cartoons efficiently.


The songs and music by Andy Bean of Two Man Gentlemen Band are very catchy and fun to listen to. And Andy confirmed that there will be as twice as many songs included in half of Season 2, and a 22 minute Lord Dominator Arc Musical Episode in 2016.

All the Main 4 will have their own songs solo, duet, group, and others along with dancing as well (he did point out that with some effort in the songs, you can tap or jazz dance to any of them, thus hinting more on tap/jazz dance music songs, along with other genres not explored to be use for story progression, or entertaining ones that come out of nowhere which would be fun as long as they have a point) (http://noveltymusicservices.tumblr.com/post/123134471413/so-we-know-that-season-2s-songs-are-more-harmonic).


If you want to get caught up with Wander Over Yonder, Frank Angones created his own watching guide to get the gist of the show for the characters, genres, and moments. Frank did a good job making the list, though I can add additional ones to help make the gist a bit smoother:

Where to start: THE GREATEST and THE PICNIC (The Greatest introduces Wander and Sylvia meeting Lord Hater and Peepers for the first time and the long episodic adventures begin from there; The Picnic deals with Hater battling Emperor Awesome for a wish of domination, but is interrupted by Wander’s picnic)

THINGS TO CONSIDER (by Frank Angones) http://suspendersofdisbelief.tumblr.com/post/123839493821/helpful-suggestions-for-new-wanderers-a-primer

WANDER: The Good Deed

SYLVIA: The Rider

LORD HATER: The Buddies


FOR THE COMEDY FAN: The Brainstorm

FOR THE ACTION/ADVENTURE FAN: The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!

FOR THE SCI-FI FAN: The Fancy Party

FOR THE HORROR FAN: The Gift 2: The Giftening







You can watch them all on Watch Disney XD Online here: http://watchdisneyxd.go.com/wander-over-yonder


While I liked Gravity Falls as one of the best animated shows currently airing and has a bigger audience than other Disney XD shows, I feel that Wander Over Yonder might be a bit behind when it comes to obtaining a better reception. When it moved to Disney XD from Disney Channel, it lost some audience access due to the channel being expensive for Disney Channel users or other users at low payment plan to get (some thought that the Watch Disney XD Apps didn’t generate enough online views for the animated shows). And for other reasons, its episodic nature tend to be mixed with being great in the comedy and character moments but criticized on lacking groundbreaking story growth or character development (like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe). 

I can see that some won’t like it cause it’s kinda in your face in the visuals or just not all important compared to other shows, that’s fine. Everyone has their own tastes. But to me, Wander is catching up to tackle on the similar challenges as some of the best animated shows out there. With all that stated, we can just keep Disney XD on for the next 30 minutes after Gravity Falls Dungeons episode and see what The Greater Hater has in stores with many possibilities for story and character along with keeping the spirit of Season 1 intact to combat danger.

Oh, and as for Weird Al in Gravity Falls, he’s also gonna be in Wander Over Yonder Season 2 as Dr. Screwball Jones, Wander’s nemesis! Wander also gets to be in Hero persona and is serious to tackle on him, until Wander used up his powers and almost in the brink of defeat during their musical battle.

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“Weird Al” Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid