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Non-Playable Characters of Drug Prince & Narcotic Girl

(left to right)

青山 南 Minami Aoyama
25歳 青山商事副社長

25 year old vice president of the Aoyama Trading Company



山崎 慎一郎 Shinichiro Yamazaki

34歳 暴力団組長

34 year old gang boss



夏目 ユウリ Yuri Natsume

34歳 夏八製薬社長

34 year old pharmaceutical president



成瀬 明 Akira Naruse

27歳 私立探偵

27 year old private detective



山口 タケル Takeru Yamaguchi

21歳 暴力団構成員

21 year old gang member



リク Riku

18歳 ヤンキー

18 year old Yankee (bad boy)



ハヤト Hayato

17歳 ヤンキー

17 year old Yankee (bad boy)



油谷 ラビ Rabbi Aburaya

35歳 石油王

35 year old Oil Tycoon (google translate say what. I’m assuming they’re saying he’s some (race/nationality) oil/medicine dealer)



A-Rod released by Yankees, who owe him $27 million more

NEW YORK — Alex Rodriguez was unconditionally released by the New York Yankees on Saturday, ending his 12 years in pinstripes and perhaps his big league career after 22 seasons.

New York’s move leaves the team responsible for $27,103,825 remaining in his $275 million, 10-year contract. He is owed $7,103,825 of his $20 million salary for the final 65 days of this season and $20 million next year.

The 41-year-old designated hitter went 1-for-4 with an RBI double in his finale Friday night, a 6-3 win over Tampa Bay. He hit .200 with nine homers and 31 RBIs this season. He has 696 home runs, fourth on the career list behind Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755) and Babe Ruth (714).

Rodriguez’s career batting average is at .295. A 14-time All-Star and three-time AL MVP, A-Rod has 3,115 hits and his 2,086 RBIs are second to Aaron’s 2,297 since RBIs became an official statistic. He was suspended for the 2014 season for violations of baseball’s drug agreement and labour contract.

Rodriguez’s finale was seen by a season-high 368,000 viewers on the Yankees’ YES Network, opposite the Olympics, a Mets-Padres game and the New York Giants’ NFL preseason game. In addition, the game also was televised nationally on Fox, and YES is no longer available on Comcast.

Mariano Rivera’s farewell in 2013 was seen by an average of 258,000 viewers on YES and Derek Jeter’s in 2014 by an average of 1.25 million on YES, the most-viewed program ever on a regional sports network.

The Associated Press

January 22, 2014

Twenty-five year-old right-hander Masahiro Tanaka accepts the Yankees’ seven-year contract offer for $155 million, the fifth-largest deal ever given to a pitcher. In addition to giving the largest sum ever awarded to a Japanese player, New York will also pay an additional $20 million to the Rakuten Golden Eagles, his former team, as part of the new posting agreement between Major League Baseball and teams in Japanese leagues. 

I know I’ve made a ridiculous number of posts about this, but here’s the slightly more compact one that sums up a lot of this week.

I’ve absolutely loved my four years at NYU. I’m immensely proud of what I’ve done and thankful for who I’ve met. It’s impossible to sum up the entire experience in one post.

A bit of explanation: NYU is really big, so while All-University Commencement is held at Yankee Stadium (this year, May 18th at 11am), there are also individual school Baccalaureate ceremonies (mine, for the College of Arts and Science, was at Radio City Music Hall on May 19th at 3pm). The President speaks at both, but my name is called at the bacc and I get to actually walk.

Photo explanations beneath the cut! (Also lots of bragging. Sorry, not sorry.)

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