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Little Man Baby Shower…

A few photos of the decorations and me from the baby shower.
The theme was “little Man” bowties, moustaches & blue and white polka dots. 

We played Baby bingo, opened presents, talked baby and ate sandwiches and cupcakes!

So many blue gift bags and balloons to take home. I am completely in love. 

We had a baby powder yankee candle, a daffodil, a polka dot straw, a creepy little baby in a jam jar as party favours! it was a cute idea & looked lovely to give away.

                        Meryl Davis and Charlie White Watchpost

Baby Meryl and baby Charlie in 1998   Baby Meryl and baby Charlie in 1999

2002/03: FD (Chocolat)

2003/04: OD (Pennsylvania 6-5000) FD (Raul di Blasio Medley)

2005/06: FD (Sarabande)

2006/07: CD (Westminster Waltz) (nasty fall here) CD (Golden Waltz) CD (Rhumba) OD (A Los Amigos) FD (Prince Igor)

2007/08: CD (Yankee Polka) CD (Argentine Tango) CD (Austrain Waltz) OD (Kalinka)  FD (Eleanor Rigby) (first version) FD (Eleanor Rigby) (re-vamped version)

2008/09: CD (Viennese Waltz) CD (Paso Doble) CD (Finnstep) OD (Happy Feet) (I love this dance so much despite all Charlie’s stumbles :)) FD (Samson and Dalilah) (and omg, I love Samson! Still rewatch it from time to time) (that was the season I fell in love with M&C; I liked them a lot in 07/08 but after that season’s programs I was theirs)

2009/10: CD (Golden Waltz) CD (Tango Romantica) OD (Bollywood)  FD (POTO) 

2010/11: SD (La Traviata/La Boheme) FD (Tango Selection, first version) FD (Tango Selection, re-vamped version)

2011/12: SD (Batucadas/Life is a Carnival/On the Floor) FD (Die Fledermaus)

2012/13: SD (Giselle) FD (Notre Dame de Paris)

2013/14: SD (My Fair Lady) FD (Sheherazade)



Meryl’s DWTS dances compilation

                          Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Watchpost

Baby Tessa and baby Scott competing in 1998  Another clip of them as kids  And another one, here they’re older

Glimpses of T&S and other now famous Canadian skaters @ 2001 Jr Canadians

2003/04: OD (Tears on My Pillow/Tutti Frutti) FD (Russian Medley)

2004/05: CD (Blues) OD (Call Me Irresponsible/Puttin’ on a Ritz) FD (Adios Nonino)

2005/06: OD (Beautiful Maria/Do You Only Wanna Dance) FD (Malaguena) - strangely, this bad blurry version is the only one I could find

2006/07: CD (Westminster Waltz) CD (Rhumba) OD (Assassination Tango) FD (Valse Triste)

2007/08: CD (Argentine Tango) (lol at how the Brits didn’t know how to pronounce Scott’s surname:)) CD (Yankee Polka) OD (Dark Eyes) FD (Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

2008/09: CD (Viennese Waltz) CD (Finnstep) CD (Paso Doble) OD (Won’t You Charleston with Me?) FD (Pink Floyd)

2009/10: CD (Golden Waltz) CD (Tango Romantica) OD (Flamenco Farrucas) FD (Mahler’s Symphony #5)

2010/11: SD (Schenkst Du Beim Tango Mir Dein Herz/Nights and Days) FD (Latin Mix)

2011/12: SD (Latin Mix) FD (Funny Face)

2012/13: SD (And the Waltz Goes On) FD (Carmen)

2013/14: SD (Dream a Little Dream of Me/Cheek to Cheek) FD (The Seasons)


                   Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat Watchpost

2001/02: OD (La Historia de un Amor) FD (Buddha Bar)

2002/03: FD (Buddha Bar)

2003/04: OD (Swing) FD (Che Guevara)

2004/05: CD (Midight Blues) OD (Slow Fox/Charleston/Quickstep) FD (Cats)

2005/06: CD (Tango Romantica) CD (Ravenburger Waltz) OD (Latin Combination) FD (Les Miserables)

2006/07: CD (Westminster Waltz) OD (Mi Buenos Aires Querido) FD (Four Seasons by Arsen Merzouki)

2007/08: CD (Yankee Polka) CD (Argentine Tango) OD (Flamenco) FD (Craziness)

2008/09: CD (Paso Doble)  CD (Finnstep) OD (It don’t mean a thing) FD (Circus)

2009/10: CD (Tango Romantica) CD (Golden Waltz) OD (Thank God I’m a country boy) FD (Kika/Requiem for a dream)  FD (Circus)

2010/11: SD (Amelie) SD (Doctor Zhivago) FD (City Lights)

2011/12: SD (Carnival in Rio) FD (The Mummy and The Pharao)

2012/13: SD (Gaîté parisienne) FD (Rolling Stones Medley)

2013/14: SD (Chicago/Cabaret) FD (The Little Prince and The Rose)


          Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon Watchpost

1999/2000: FD (Life is beautiful)

2000/2001OD (L-O-V-E)  FD (Titus)

2001/2002: OD (Maria de Buenos Aires)  FD (Madame Butterfly)

2002/2003OD (At the Ball) FD (Dance with my heart)

2003/2004CD (Midnight Blues) OD (Americano)  FD (Tango selection)

2004/2005CD (Midnight Blues)  OD (Singin’ in the rain) FD (Tribute to American Indians)

2005/2006CD (Yankee Polka) CD (Ravensburger Waltz)  OD (remixed version of NMQP)  FD (Somewhere in time)

2006/2007: CD (Golden Waltz)  CD (Rhumba)  OD (Paya d'Ora Tango) 

FD (At last)


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