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New York Yankees (MLB) — Designer: Louis B. Tiffany; Firm: Tiffany & Co., USA; Year: 1909, modified in 1912, 1922, 1934 and 1949

We saw the most amazing car for sale the other day

It was just a boring white sedan circa the early aughts

But it was covered – BUMPER TO BUMPER – in pink Hello Kitty decals

There wasn’t more than an inch of bare space between decals, everywhere but the windshield, it was truly a thing of beauty

Only problem?

The only non-Hello Kitty decal on it was a big sparkly Yankees logo

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In a scene around halfway through the film, Affleck’s character is in an airport when he sees a picture of himself in the news and then pulls a baseball cap over his eyes to hide his face.

The thing was, the cap he was supposed to wear was a New York Yankees cap. Affleck is a massive Red Sox fan, to the point where putting the Yankees logo anywhere on his body would apparently cause him to burst into spectacular flames, like a vampire that put on a hat made of crosses.

So, Affleck refused to do the scene with that hat. And if he really felt that strongly about it, you would think it would be a simple enough thing for some intern to run across the road to Sears and pick up a cheap Red Sox cap. But, Fincher wasn’t about to take any of Affleck’s team loyalty bullshit – he was adamant that the character Affleck was portraying was a Yankees fan. Goddammit, he had a vision, and he wasn’t about to compromise on it.

Affleck’s argument was that being seen wearing a Yankees cap, even in character, would pretty much ruin his life, as his Red Sox-loving friends would never let him hear the end of it. Fincher called Affleck’s behavior “unprofessional,” but, considering his own refusal to back down over such a nonissue was equally ridiculous, it isn’t easy to take sides here.

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Sweet Caroline
Neil Diamond
Sweet Caroline

April 16, 2013

In tribute to the victims of yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombings, the fans at Yankee Stadium sing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, the anthem of AL East rival Boston Red Sox. Prior to their game against Arizona, the Yankees display their logo next to the Red Sox emblem with the words “United We Stand” on an outside video board.

Just one more reason baseball is the greatest sport in the history of ever.