Casa de Havana
More street photography from a destination close to my heart (and my right shoulder for those that know me) One of the most photogenic countries on the planet, so very hospitable and an absolute blast to travel in. It is of course the culturally rich, historically laden, iconic island of CUBA!

This image reminds me of Cuba more so then any of the others from my trip. The lackluster and relaxed pose of the house matron in front of her Cuban homestay (Casa Particular) is a common sight across the island nation made from a delicate mix of Rum, Pork and beans, Dancing, music and revolutions!
Although only 145kms from the United States it still remains difficult to reach for a US citizen due to the the dated Trade Embargo stemming back to a volatile communist past. This of course means more expensive flights but a lot less tourism, perfect for a traveler like myself who prefers to struggle with awkward hand signals and delayed Viazul bus networks then concierges and guided limousine tours. We decided on a package flight from Toronto but Havana is just as accessible from South america or Mexico with daily flights from most major centers. If you have been considering visiting, Do it soon! The ending of the Castro era and Barrack Obama primed to Abolish the embargo a huge surge in tourism and foreign investment is on the horizon which risks taking away a good portion of the shabby yet resourceful charm that make Cuba one of my favorite destinations.

Yank tank or ‘máquina’ are the words used to describe the many classic cars present in Cuba, with an estimated 60,000 of them still driving the roads today. In 1962 a United States embargo against Cuba was introduced, effectively cutting trade between the two countries. This meant that the cars in Cuba could no longer receive new replacement parts when something broke. Currently, the only way to keep these cars on the road today is by using Cuban ingenuity to adapt household products and Soviet technology into these vehicles.