yank mob

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Edward was backed against the wall in a parking lot with a briefcase in hand. It contained his papers. Most of them were criminology and forensics drafts. Another group of them were his personal writings. He was left alone often, so his time usually went to gaming and writing. The latter paid off. He adjusted his glasses and dug his fingers into the leather of the briefcase. “…I’m telling you, they’re just papers. Nothing more.” The briefcase was snatched from him and kicked until it broke. One of the mob yanked a paper from the remains and read a portion out loud. Some of the others laughed. Unsatisfied with the lack of money or valuables, they began to beat Ed to a pulp, rummaging through his pockets for a wallet. It only contained gas money, measured exactly.

It was literally his second day back in Gotham and the last evening before he started work tomorrow at the GCPD. Gordon barely had the chance to pick up his detective shield and yet there it was, shiny and new in his jacket pocket. A protective layer of plastic wrap still clung to the front. Gotham seemed different than he had remembered growing up, having romanticized the city in his youth. A more sheltered upbringing as the son of a respected district attorney seemed to have shielded Jim much from the darker bits of the city. His time in the army and in Chicago PD had certainly not meant he wasn’t aware of the dangers, the city just was sicker than he had remembered. Sick enough that anybody could be mugged any day of the week it seemed. 

Jim heard the squirmish even before he came to the opening of the underpass parking garage. The new detective had just been hoping to take a nice evening stroll, a nice bit of light exercise to hopefully tire himself out enough to get to sleep that night. The nerves and excitement for tomorrow would surely have Jim staring up at the ceiling fan otherwise.  Instead he saw some poor guy getting the daylights beat out of him up against the wall. “Hey! Knock it off!” Gordon yelled while pulling out his new badge. “GCPD. Let‘em go.”