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When Shadow’s kids were younger **coughcough**Rose**coughcough** he used to let them give him makeovers. The results were always… rather impressive.

not-a-meme  asked:

Can you make a mini fic for Dipifica of 17 and 20?

So sorry about how long it took me to do this! (WISDOM IF YOU SEE THIS I WILL GET TO YOUR FIC SOON…) It was really enjoyable writing this since I haven’t done this ship before. Hope this is okay. You can always request something else if it isn’t. ~

17. Things you said that I wish you hadn’t
20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear.

1200 words of somewhat angsty Dipifica up ahead (coughwithahappyendingcough). They’re like 17ish in this fic. Rated T for swearing and…meanness.

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