Thanks for the warning at the beginning of this episode (lol) XD

When I first saw this message at the beginning of episode 15 of Soul Contract/Spiritpact:

At first, I was like “What, really? Why???”

And then more than halfway into the episodes, when they showed me this scene:

I’m so glad I didn’t drink anything, because I surely will spit it out (excuse me), because LOL, WHAT THE??!? I swear to god that this scene is JUST LIKE SAILOR-MOON transformation, and the background music is EXACTLY THE SAME (transformation music from Sailor Moon), I couldn’t stop laughing like seriously. Omgosh, this series sure knows how to make me laugh… With just the right amount of angst to add to it that I like.

I would have made an animation GIF out of this, but I don’t have the updated software to do so, so can only resort to screen-shotting, but from these screenshots, you can pretty much see what I mean.

Instead of the ‘pretty soldier’, he’s the ‘handsome one’ lol xD

Grandma from Soul contract :D

Please, can we give a moment of appreciation to grandma of Duanmu Xi from Soul Contract? Ha haha I mean… she is such total shipper of  Duanmu Xi x  Yang Jinghua and their the best supporter. ;) I mean…:

- She totally accepts Jinghua and is so happy Duanmu found him. :D She welcomed him so warm. :D

- And teheh she even wants to help in arrange their “marriage”. ;) 

-She was really so happy and moved for the fact Jinghua became Duanmu ‘s soul image. :D awwwwww. :D

-And she is still sooo moved after some time, haha feels don’t wanna leave her. :D 

- And look.. she really acts like such loving and supportive mother-in-law checking how her son-in-law feel. :D 

-And makes sure they get along. :D

- Hohoho she is even interested about more intimate parts of their life together. :D Like really hahah I wonder, what she menat here. ;) Buhahaha.  (I’m like 100000 % sure she knows, Jinghua is not just soul image for her grandson… She knows her grandson soooo much so haha she knows that Jinghua must be cute little beloved lover for Duanmu :D)

-and look here… she knows they are together ;) HAhaha. I love her soooooooo much. :D 

I was rewatching Soul Contract again, and when I saw this scene: 

It’s what Luoye said here:

In comparison to this flashback scene to what we’ve been given before he was corrupted/changed: 

I did NOT believe for a second that Luoye actually sees the relationship between Yangming Master & Soul Image as ‘Master & Dog’, I mean he have the first taste of what his relationship was like with Zicheng, and it’s clear that he didn’t see Zicheng as a ‘dog’….which, therefore, negates what he said to Jinghua there between how he sees a Yangming Master & Soul Image relationship there, because Zicheng is important to him (we saw this in the flashback), he’s important like a family (there’s that word again… “family”). He didn’t even like it when Zicheng calls him ‘my lord’, and you know this comparison just makes me sad in that sense, because look how different he is now. Luoye is such an enigma, I really do love him on my end, and I love his relationship with Zicheng, I really want to learn more about what happened, and why he became like he is “now”. Is the fate for all Yangming master doom to end tragically? Because the thought that I ALSO love Xi makes me not want the same fate to happen to him, that would be too tragic… I only want Xi and Jinghua to be happy, which I’m hoping the author will surprise and give us a miracle, I don’t mind how it ends as long as Xi and Jinghua is portrayed to be together forever.