Man, I originally wanted to post this last Saturday, when volume 4 premiered, but I’m glad I took my time with this!! Did a lot of things I don’t usually do–multiple people, perspective, profile shots, and complicated stuff like the weapons. DAMN YOU CRESCENT ROSE.

Anyways, I’m super, SUPER proud with how this came out and now I can share it with you lot. Thank you for also liking/reblogging the wips from before!! :’D

EDIT: fixed some minor things, like forgetting Ruby had a left leg, and Weiss’…hair thing, ahaha!!

There are no words to express how much I’m in love with this photo taken by the insanely talented and super awesome @theoremproductions 😍😍

Ruby is @nachancosplay
Weiss is @smikimimi
Blake is @rosiestormborn
Yang is me (@comicgirlcosplay)

To all my Bumblebee (Yang x Blake ship) fans.

First we have the fire semblance wielding Yang Xiao Long

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And the one and only cat-ear fanus Blake Belladonna

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Here’s their wonderful prom night in case you have any doubts

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And finally, their (should be cannon) surprise

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A master post for all my recent works. Some creepier than others, all pieces I’m proud of though. They’re not in a dated order here.

Overall, I’ve been pretty content with this style, though I’m not sure I should continue with it, as it doesn’t appear to have much widespread appeal amongst those who see it. Perhaps too much of a “niche” style…

Okay, so I have this picture as my phone’s background & I notice this purple blue outline. I remember someone once told me that the part of a flame that burns hottest is the blue part.(I don’t know if this has been pointed out yet) So it so happens that Yang’s right arm area is highlighted with this blue color. If we remember what Winter said about semblance is like a muscle. So you probably see where I’m going with this. My theory about Yang is her semblance is block so she has to train to reactive it and when she does all of her semblance that was block will release into a new form arm that is made of fire.

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Weiss has been developing feelings for Yang recently, but isn't sure about them yet. When Weiss gets injured on a mission and is on the receiving end of Yang's more motherly and caring side, she can't help but fall head over heels for her.

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Blake had pointed it out to her about a week ago, but Weiss refused to believe it. 

Even though she was apparently being obvious about stealing extra-long glances and tending to talk about her more than she had good reason to, Weiss refused to believe she had a crush on Yang. 

That’s ridiculous, she told herself. Not to mention highly inappropriate. We’re teammates, for goodness’ sake. We can’t cross the line into anything more than that. 

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