fieldmark346  asked:

can i get ruby weiss and yang reacting to seeing their s/o wake up after being in a coma.

-She’s instantly crying

-She’ll wrap her arms around them and tell them how worried she was about them

-She’s by their side Day and night as they recover

-She breathes a huge sigh of relief before taking their hand

-She’ll ask them how they’re feeling and let them know what happened and how long they were out for

-She’s very protective of them after that. She won’t let anyone or anything dangerous too close to them

-She practically jumps on to the bed with them to wrap her arms around them

-She’s crying in to their chest as she explains what happened and how worried she was

-She doesn’t want them doing anything to overexert themselves so she pretty much does everything for them until they’re able to convince her they can handle it

coligramblu3  asked:

Weiss, cinder, and yang's s/o wakes them up at 2:00 am and says lets go on an adveture and then takes them to mcdonalds. Am running out of things to request

-She’ll give them a very tired glare

-“I’m not eating at that disgusting establishment.”

-If her s/o can somehow convince her to go she’ll sit and glare at them while they eat

-When she thinks her s/o isn’t looking she’ll steal some of their fries

-“Sigh. Yes darling, anything for you”

-She’ll order the spiciest food on the menu and giggle when her s/o tries it, only to drink their entire soda

-She’ll walk around hand in hand with her s/o afterwards enjoying the cool night air


-She’ll order way too much and make her s/o eat some of hers

-She loves late night adventures, when everyone else is asleep and it’s so quiet all you can hear is crickets as you’re walking outside

Next in the D&D Emzia series is Tierce, a paladin played by @terrifying-renegade-url . Tierce has a passion for her job but is none too bright, and is the butt of many jokes in and out of universe. She lost her arm to the villain of the campaign in the most recent session, hence the stump. She also has a thing for dragons, hence her being distracted by that dragonfly there.



Headcanon: At 14 years old Yang already looked like she was in her 20′s, leading some people to some uncomfortable realizations.

Not gonna lie, I like woke up in a cold sweat a few days ago with this dumb idea in my head, and I finished it off when I had some free time today. I think this is significantly less funny then I remembered thinking it would be. Which is about the usual for me. Enjoy! ✧・゚: *