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I’ve been thinking about how Yang Hyun-suk actively tried to destroy 2NE1. 

He ignored the talents and wishes of one member (Minzy) by refusing to give her a chance as a soloist; she didn’t even get one single to herself like her group members did. Someone who works at a MUSIC COMPANY, A PLACE THAT LITERALLY EXISTS TO MAKE MUSIC, should not have had to try and make demos on her own and upload them to soundcloud just so fans could hear her voice…

He cast aside and alienated one member (Park Bom) by throwing her to the wolves when a ridiculous scandal was resurfaced after years, an issue in which she was cleared of all charges. He did not defend her against public backlash and humiliation, and instead abandoned her when she needed support the most. And while she got two solo singles, she never got to release the solo album that we all know was recorded. 

He put the weight of the world on one member’s shoulders (CL) by putting immense pressure on her to succeed in the US so that, if she did, 2NE1 could join her overseas as well, while at the same time giving her 0 support and no clear plan to achieve this goal. By isolating the group’s leader from the other members this caused an inevitable schism in the group dynamic, something none of the girls could help due to the way her solo preparations were approached. 

And as for the final member, Dara? I’ll let her quote from this past August, do the talking: 

Yang sajangnim also told me, ‘Hey, I think you became brighter after getting close to Yoo Jae-suk.’ That was the first time I ever heard a compliment from him.“

He has picked on these women throughout their whole careers (anyone who has seen 2NE1 tv knows this as fact) and for every compliment or positive thing he has said about them, there are many more slights, insults, and poor management moves to cancel out anything good he’s ever said about them.

This was not a group that wanted to disband. Quite frankly, they were sabotaged and betrayed by the man who was supposed to help them build long and successful careers; the man who, as their boss, should have kept their happiness, wishes, thoughts and concerns a top PRIORITY (especially considering the money they have made him) rather than kicking them to the curb and letting them die after a two year hiatus, one that was full of nothing but false hope and lies. 

YG did not deserve 2NE1, and 2NE1 deserved far better than YG. 

Smile - Part 1 (T.O.P)

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“Your first meeting is scheduled at 5pm with the accounting department in conference room B on the 6th floor, and then tonight at 7 you have a dinner appointment with Director Kim. I have made a reservation at his favorite restaurant.”

“I got it. You can leave.” Seunghyun waved you away, not once taking his eyes away from the video game he was playing. Your smile slipped off your face as you walked out of the artists’ lounge, feeling dejected. It had already been a week since you’d become T.O.P’s personal assistant, and in that time he hadn’t acknowledged you even once. You still vividly remembered your first meeting…

“Says who?!” Seunghyun slammed his hand down on the desk, causing you to jump.

“Says me,” Mr. Yang replied calmly. “_____ will be your assistant.”

“But she’s American. She doesn’t know anything about Korean culture and can barely speak Korean! How can she help me with anything?!”

“Because there are so many people around you that know Korean culture so well, it’s good to bring in someone different. Besides, she’s learned Korean pretty well, and she can help you with your English. It’s important for your acting career, besides.”

“Tell me the truth, Sajangnim. Did someone call in a favor? Did her family invest money? What’s the real reason?”

“Choi Seunghyun! Watch your mouth. _____ interviewed fairly for the job like all of the other candidates, and she was very clearly the best one for the job. Don’t forget you’re the one who requested a personal assistant to begin with.”

“I did, but I didn’t know you had lost your touch, Sajangnim. The best one for the job?” Seunghyun scoffed as he looked you up and down. “No. She doesn’t deserve it.”

Since that day, you had tried hard to prove that you did understand him and were good at what you did, but it seemed like Seunghyun had no interest whatsoever in improving your relationship. He never bothered to look you in the face when you were briefing him, and when he did say something, it was only ever to dismiss you. Every time he needed anything, he would text you, even if he could easily talk in person, just like now - the phone you were clutching in your hand vibrated, and you checked it to see a message from Seunghyun, cold and concise: “I need a new suit for the dinner appointment. Bring it by 4.”

You replied, “No problem, I will go to Apgujeong-dong now.” Checking your watch, you realized you only had two hours to bring in a completely new suit, tailored to Seunghyun’s size and taste. You’d have to hurry.

“Surely, she won’t be able to do it,” T.O.P thought as he smirked and set his phone down, grabbing the PS3 controller and continuing his game. It had irked him from the very beginning that Sajangnim could have taken his request for a personal assistant and used it to fulfill a favor. This was, of course, all just speculation, but otherwise, how could you have won the job fairly? You weren’t from the Korean entertainment scene at all; you weren’t even from Korea. There was no way, in his mind, that you could really have been the best candidate for the job. Either Yang Sajangnim had gone crazy, or there was another reason behind it. There had to be. But there was no way for him to prove it, so instead he had been testing you, giving you difficult tasks to complete this entire week. To his surprise, you had succeeded in every single one, and what was even more baffling was that you had always done it with a smile, no matter how difficult or ridiculous his order was. No matter how rude he was to you, you always answered with a smile. It made him even more uncomfortable.

But he was confident that there was no way you’d be able to do this. A new, tailored suit to match his preferences in two hours? It was basically impossible. With this, he was sure that he’d have a reason to prove that you were incompetent and send you away. And he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

“Thank you very much!” New suit in hand, you ran out of the brand name store and flagged down a taxi. “The YG building in Hapjeong-dong, please.” Your watch warned only half an hour left until 4pm. You might make it.

T.O.P watched as the clock counted down the seconds. 5…4…3…2…1… He scoffed as it turned 4pm and you were nowhere in sight. See? He knew you couldn’t do it. He turned back to his desk and was about to go back to the lyrics he had been working on when you barged in through the door, breathless. “I brought your new suit,” you panted.

“What? Really? H-how?”

“What do you mean how? You asked, and so of course I had to deliver. Here it is, from your favorite tailor in Apgujeong. It’s from their newest line, in the navy check pattern that he mentioned you would like.”

Seunghyun watched wordlessly as you opened the suit bag and showed him. Indeed, it was exactly what he would’ve picked out had he gone himself. He looked at you, speechless, as you stood there, smiling at him as if you hadn’t just ran in your heels all afternoon to meet his deadline. He didn’t understand. Why were you working so hard for him? And why, why that damn smile?

You closed the studio door behind you and crouched in the hallway, massaging your calves. You were tired out, but it had been worth it to get Seunghyun his new suit. Luckily there was someone you knew from the U.S. in the fashion industry, and a phone call from them had quickened the process; otherwise you would have failed and suffered Seunghyun’s wrath. You shuddered at the thought. He was so charismatic and handsome, and you had heard from the other workers at YG that he was actually very childish and funny, but to you, he was only cold and demanding. You wished that the two of you could somehow get closer and get along…but you knew that he would never want that. “Oh well,” you voiced aloud as you stood up.

“_____?” You whipped around to see a senior employee at YG walking towards you. “This is perfect. Do you have a moment? I could use your help on something.”

“Yes, of course.” You followed him to the management office, where he put you to work on filing reports for the next few hours.

Your stomach rumbled as you finally finished your last task. Standing up to stretch, you knocked your purse over and a small box tumbled out. “What is this?” you wondered as you picked it up. Of course! It was the tie you had bought to match with Seunghyun’s new suit for tonight’s dinner meeting. You checked the clock: 6:45. Seunghyun was probably on his way to the dinner; if you hurried, you could meet him there.

T.O.P parked his car in front of the hotel where the night’s restaurant reservation was and handed the valet his keys. As he walked through the doors, he straightened his new suit jacket, admiring it’s smooth and crisp fabric. It really was a beautiful suit. He pressed the elevator button and was waiting when someone called, “Seunghyun, wait!”

He turned around to see you running across the slippery, shiny floor in your heels, holding up a small box. “She’ll trip at that rate,” he worried, but put a stoic face on and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Your tie,” you finally caught up to him and smiled, “I forgot to give it to you earlier. I picked one out that matches your suit which, by the way, looks great on you.” You handed him the tie box.

Seunghyun was caught off guard by your smile. Even in this situation, you were upbeat and even complimenting him. Shouldn’t you dislike him by now? And why was he so glad that you didn’t?

“Put it on for me.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“The tie. Put it on for me.”

The Journal Part 2 - A Hanbin One Shot


Genre: Angst and Fluff
Word Count: 2152 words
Pairing: Kim Hanbin (iKON) x Reader
Summary: When Hanbin wants his girlfriend to be selfish and thinks of herself for once and not only him.
Part 1 | Part 2

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The Journal Part 1 - Hanbin One Shot


Genre: Angst and Fluff
Word Count : 1621 words
Pairing: Kim Hanbin (iKON) x Reader
Summary: When Hanbin wants his girlfriend to be selfish and thinks of herself for once and not only him. 

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Before this day officialy ends..



Thank you for creating YG FAMILY! For discovering them and molding them into an artist that I admire and look up to.

For being kind-hearted, passionate and the coolest president out there..

for looking more in talent rather than looks..

for being the father guiding his children in achieving their dreams..

for always helping in delivering the best performance and quality music they can give..

for being scary at times but is still gentle and caring..

for your unique way of speaking..

for teaching us the value of patience and loyalty, that owning a watch or calendar are useless and we should always be prepared for a heart attack..

for being the father of JINUSEAN, 1TYM, SE7EN, GUMMY, BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY, TABLO and the whole YG FAMILY..

for being the man behind everything, for creating YG Entertainment 15 years ago and for changing the course of K-POP music forever..

With that, I’m forever grateful of your existence.  :))