yang ik june

Oh dear lord! Can somebody tell me what the frig happened in the last 10 minutes of this drama?

So far I’ve been loving this drama and the character of Jae Yeol. He is so tormented and broken, but you still love him.

So why in the name of $%#@! did the %$#@$! doctor leave to get him some $%#@! coffee! That did not make sense to me at all why he would do that, but then again we wouldn’t have been able to get this scene to make me %$#@! mad!

(the side that’s thinking rationally is wondering how someone with Jae Beom’s past/record got temporary leave so quickly. It was just 90 days ago that he attacked Jae Yeol with a fork! Good behavior my ass! <- untrustworthy writers). EDIT: A fan of the show informed me that there is a two years leap after the fork incident - Thank you.

The scene where he defends his friend Kang Woo was brilliant. We know he doesn’t exist and deep down Jae Yeol knows he doesn’t exist, but I guess that’s another story for later (I want to see the CCTV video). I can come up with my own conclusions, but writers have a tendency to be  lunatics and untrustworthy.

I still love this drama!