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pentagon as guys at school

Jinho: always humming to himself in the hallways / laughs at everyone’s jokes / the type to share notes with anyone who’s absent

Hui: extremely outgoing / has a friend in every clique / a little weird so his jokes get to the point where he’s the only one laughing at them

Hongseok: always at the gym / has one close knit group of friends / doesn’t seem like the type but loves reading books / lowkey foodie

E’Dawn: always seems sleepy but that’s just how he is / very mellow attitude all the time / probably sits in the back of class / drops his mixtapes on Soundcloud

Shinwon: always well-dressed / always eats unhealthy but never gains weight??? / instagram is his model portfolio 

Yeo One: probably class president / won Best to Bring Home to Mom and Dad / is on good terms with all teachers, students, and administration

Yan An: SO SOFT / everyone wants to be his best friend because he’s so precious / says hi to everyone he knows, even if he does it shyly

Yuto: extremely attractive, quiet guy everyone’s a little intimidated by / on the baseball team / when you accidentally drop your things, he helps you pick them up

Kino: school heartthrob / nice to everyone / always asks questions in class / all the girls flock to the practice room to watch him dance

Wooseok: “are you sure that guy’s a freshman???” “he’s so tall????” / looks lowkey intimidating / the biggest softie around his friends

Pentagon’s reaction to their girlfriend being super clingy for no reason

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Is confused at first, but he’s one of those super cuddly people so he’d just go along with it and enjoy the time he’s spending with you as much as he can.

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Loves it. He can never get enough of you and it’s absolutely wonderful in his opinion that you’d be all over him like this. He’s usually the one to instigate skinship so he loves the change.

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What’s wrong, babe?” he’d ask every few seconds, wondering what brought on this sudden change in your temperament. He’d get suspicious after a while, thinking your blasé (but honest) answer about just wanting to hug him was a lie and that you were trying to win his forgiveness.

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Thrives on it. He loves skinship the most out of Pentagon, even more than Jinho and Hui, and spends the whole time you’re snuggling together trying to outdo you with aegyo and weird cuddle positions. 

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Absolutely confused. He isn’t suspicious, nor is he getting super into it, he’s just confused. However, he’s not complaining in the slightest, especially as he manages to turn your harmless cuddling into a long hour of making out.

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Yeo One

Won’t stop smiling and kissing your cheeks over and over. He chuckles softly to himself every time you try and pull him closer and snuggle in tighter.

“What’s gotten into you?”

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He keeps blushing, turning a brighter shade every time you pull on his arm to wrap it around you. He doesn’t say anything, too shy to curl around you like you want, because Hyunggu keeps smirking at the pair of you from across the room.

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Thinks he’s too manly and cool to cuddle you while the other members are present, but as soon as they exit the room he’s all over you, planting little kisses all over your face as he tangles his legs with yours and envelopes your frame with his arms. He makes sure to whisper cheesy but endearing words in your ear, which Wooseok overhears as he walks in and won’t stop teasing Yuto about it for a month.

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He doesn’t even question it. Why would he? Every cuddle’s a good cuddle if it’s with you, according to him, regardless of why. He’s relatively quiet throughout, but nothing can hide the huge grin plastered across his face, and the soft pecks he traces the bridge of your nose with say far more than any words could.

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The kid is giant; everyone knows this. He’s also a giant sweetheart, and any skinship is welcomed and returned twice as much. He chuckles as your tighten your hold on him, clinging to his broad build, and he more than happily accepts the unprecedented cuddles.

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- Ellie

A/N: *SQUEALS* I don’t know how I’m still alive :D I will never figure out my bias list after Yuto.

Jinho:Jinho would literally just stop. He’d stare at you as if he can’t be sure of what he heard. Then he’d look away, then back at you, then away. (his ears would be SO red) And when Jinho finally processes and THINKS about your request, he wouldn’t even be able to think straight. ‘WHy. H0W. They’re so CUTE I’M GOING TO DIE. AM I HAVING A STROKE?’ Eventually, somehow, when Jinho is able to calm down and actually hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds, he’d be very mature about it and super super sweet. “Just follow my lead. And remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” This is when you would really learn what Jinho’s heart eyes are like.

Hui:Huitaek would react in a way that would entirely relief you of your embarrassment because he would purposely do silly things to make you laugh and chill out first. (this cutiepie) Huitaek would be the same guy who would be too shy to kiss you so instead he’d launch into an animated explanation about how kisses work. The rambling will not stop. You would need to stop him. Please. After that’s done, Huitaek would hold your face softly and put your foreheads together with a small smile, but the loveliest eye smile. “I really like you.” All in all, Huitaek would ease you into it really subtly.

Hongseok:Hongseok would spaz on the spot and it would definitely make you laugh. (because how can you resist the charms of this boy?) “Are you sure? I mean I wanted it to be special. But if this would make you happy..” Hongseok is good with his words, but mostly because he’s such a sweetheart. This guy would make you swoon and feel all fuzzy inside, and you’d fall for him all over again. He’d be the one who looks at you like you’re all he sees, tucks your hair behind your ear, and kisses you like you’re a rose. (thorns are no problem for him, as long as you’re the rose)

E'Dawn:“Aigoo, why are you being all shy? kekekeke” Hyojong would pinch your pink cheeks and be really smiley since he wasn’t expecting you to bring it up all of a sudden. Maybe he would pet your head while he’s at it. Not that he’s making fun of you, but because his heart is swelling with warmth and it’s things like this tha confirm his feelings for you. Hyojong would bring your hands up to his shoulders, place his hands on your waist, and admire your face from up close. “Okay, i’m really gonna kiss you now. Promise.” Leaning closer, he’d whisper one last time. “Cute.” I feel like Hyojong would be the sparks and goosebumps kind of first kiss.

Shinwon:Shinwon would be so hyped that you asked because he’s actually been thinking about how to make the first move for the longest time. He’d be so excited that he would entirely forget to react to your shyness. (he wouldn’t have realised, in other words.) “Yes, I will definitely help you! Nothing to worry about, love.” In the beginning, Shinwon might be slightly intimidating for someone who has never kissed before, because of how excited he can be, but he would be really gentle and mindful. You’d be in SAFE hands. ;) “I got this, babe.”

Yeoone: Changgu would shake you by your shoulders while being unable to contain his overflowing smile. “Stop being so CUTE” After which, he’d turn cheeky and tease you for being so shy and adorable that it almost made him faint. This guy would tease you so much and would NEVER let go of this moment for as long as your relationship lasts. But we all know how much of a great and loving boyfriend Changgu would be. So once he’s done enjoying your cute blushing face, he’d plant a quick peck on your lips. “Now, all you have to do is stay with me to learn the rest of the lessons.” Yeo Changgu is someone who smirks a lot. (He’d make you regret asking but, in the long run, it’d be something you’d be proud of. Because everytime he brings it up, all you have to do is remind him who it was who made the first move.)

Yanan:Yanan? The one who has never even held a girl’s hand before or even been in a relationship before???? Yanan would be an absolute mess. Dearest Yanan would be the cutest squish of embarrassment and nerves. He’d speak in mumbles while trying to tell you that he has absolutely NO idea what he’s doing either. “iveneverkissedanybodybeforeeithersoicanthelpexactly” You’d be confused. Yanan would be confused. You’d be lost, and so would Yanan. Both of you would just have to be content with sharing your first kisses with each other. ;_; so cute. (actually, is changgu counted as his first kiss? huhuhu i love em’ peppero games.)

Yuto:This tough guy is going to stop functioning. ‘Who am I? Where is this? How am I alive? Metabolism is amazing. WHAT IS A KISS? Maybe I can distr- NO. Yuto, you’ve been waiting for this moment for the LONGEST TIME NOW. KISS EM’ You’d just be watching Yuto malfunction while attempting to gather his wits. He’d be struggling to convince himself that he can do it, survive the embarrassment, and not scare you off with his sweaty hands. BUT, once he finally settles down, he’d shake his nervousness off, clear his throat, and be like “Let’s do this.” WHEW you will be in for a surprise :’) Adachi would be the warmth in your veins kind of first kiss.

Kino:Hyunggu would react so fast, you would be the one gaping. He’d be so excited and shy that he would be shouting into the air. “AAAAAAAHHHH FIRSTLY, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MY HEART? SECONDLY, YES.“ Face covered in a wide grin, Hyunggu would snuggle you into his arms and it’d be extremely adorable. He’d peck you on your cheek first, to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s a vital moment for him, because it’s your first kiss AND your first shared kiss. “You’re really something else.” Kang Hyunggu would be the secretly sentimental kind of guy.

Wooseok:He’d laugh as a defense mechanism of struggling to processs your request because of how mushy his head is becoming. “You want me to what? You’re kidding right?” Wooseok would act like it’s not even a big deal, but he would be FREAKING OUT SO MUCH INSIDE. ‘What if they think i’m a bad kisser? Holy crap. Am I being a douchebag right now? What if they think I don’t want to kiss them and-’ He would surprise you, and himself, by going in for the kiss all of a sudden. And it would be a really in-the-moment kinds of kisses you watch in dramas. Of course, the part where you two jump apart, faces burning, is included too.

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what would pentagons reactions be when they walk in on you changing?

Jinho: Jinho would probably be walking in looking at his phone, not even paying attention. When he looks up to push the door open, he’d catch you taking your top off and before he could utter a full word, he just clamps his mouth shut and shuts the door quickly, his face red in embarrassment. You’d laugh at his reaction but he still feels super bad and embarrassed.

Hui: Hui would walk in, probably already talking to you about something as he pushes open the slightly closed door, to find you with your jeans half way up your legs when you turn to look at him. His eyes would widen and his cheeks would blush before he steps back out, shutting the door behind him, yelling “sorry” from outside the door.

Hongseok: Hongseok would be calling your name endlessly, letting you know dinner was ready before he finally gave up and just went to your room. “Hey Y/N-ah, dinner is–” he’d burst into the room without even knocking to find you rummaging through your closet looking for a shirt to wear. He’d be ogling at you before you snicker, “Take a picture… it lasts longer” you’d scoff. He’d finish out his phone like “well, if you insist”.

E’Dawn: Hyojong would literally be so nonchalant. He’d just stroll right in without even announcing his arrival and wander around the room looking for something. You’d be standing there trying to shield yourself in your half naked glory and he’d just look at you all weird. When you questioned his expression, he’d just be like “nothing, I haven’t already seen, right?” with a suggestive smirk.

Shinwon: Shinwon would literally saunter in and even though it’s clear you’re changing, he’d sprawl across the bed and just look at you. “What…” you mutter uncomfortably as you throw a sweater over your bare upper half. “Nothing” he’d shrug casually. “Can you like… get out?… I’m changing” you’d look at him in confusion. “Do I have to?” he’d ask. “Uh…………… yeah…. get out” you’d laugh. He’d just sigh as he walks out, “I only wanted to look” “You’re such a perv” you’d joke with a laugh.

Yeo One: Yeo One would probably be the one to find you dancing around in your underwear while he’s been waiting around downstairs for you for the past 30 minutes. He’d sigh as he leans against the door frame, knocking on the slightly opened door, startling you and making you turn back to look at him. “So this is why you’re making me wait?” he’d sigh with a smile and head shake.

Yan An: Oh, precious Yan An. Yan An would wonder why it’s taking you so long to come down for lunch, so he’d walk up thinking about a good way to scare you. He contemplated whether or not to yell ‘boo’ or just ‘ahhh!’ as he creaked the door open and opened his mouth to scare you, he’d catch sight of your bare body, a squeak coming out of his mouth instead. As you turn around to look at him, like a deer caught in headlights, he freezes before walking out and shutting the door.

Yuto: Yuto would come in to let you know that he was gonna leave in 15 minutes if you wanted to get food with him still. As he pushes through the slightly opened door, he’d stop in his tracks as you both look at each other awkwardly. He’d nod his head and raise his hand in apology before silently stepping out, shutting the door behind him.

Kino: Precious Hyunggu would probably be so happy to see you when he came home, he’d barge in and not even acknowledge the fact you were changing and would just pick you up in a big bear hug. “Hyunggu, let me put some clothes on!” you’d squeal in embarrassment. And he’d just grin and continue to hug you and say “It’s fine, this is comfortable enough” with a coy wink.

Wooseok: Our giant maknae would come whistling through the hallway, looking to see what you were doing. As he passes the room and catches a glimpse of you changing through a sliver in the door, he’d let out a surprised yelp before clamping his hand over his mouth. As you turn towards the door and mutter, “Wooseok?” he’d have an internal conflict as whether or not to respond.

Pentagon’s Reaction To You Having A Fever But Denying It

Author: Ellie
Prompt: “hello! may i request pentagon’s reaction to their s/o having a fever but insisting they aren’t sick “ - anonymous
Notes: I have discovered that listening to cute girl groups is the cure for my writer’s block. Also, our inbox is very very not full at all - please send in all your requests!

**explicit language warning because cursing for humorous effect is my day job**

Lots of cuddles. Just lots and lots of fucking cuddles. You try to untangle yourself from him, and it honestly shouldn’t be as hard as it is because he’s tiny, but he refuses to release you and you’re stuck there, cramping up from the awkward position, helpless to his teddy bear tendencies.

“The best thing for any illness is physical affection; surely you know this, Y/N!”

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He’s not fooled for a second. He took one look at you when you walked into the dorm and immediately hustled you straight towards the nearest bed, shooing Shinwon and Hyunggu from the room so that you would be able to have a peaceful rest without disturbance. He ignores your cries of, “but I’m not even that sick, Hwetaek, please,” and all but forces you to lie down, before bouncing out of the room with a promise to return with fever medicine.

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There’s no tricking Hongmom. He knows you’re sick before you even arrived at the dorms that day, he just knows. Motherly instincts, he says; then again, when you called to say you were coming over, you had coughed once or twice during the brief conversation.
His reaction isn’t terribly extreme, he just wraps you up in a blanket and sits you down on the couch as soon as you walk through the door, handing you medicine and kissing your cheek.

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Every time you try to tell him you’re completely fine, he just laughs at you. It’s not malicious and only mildly condescending, so you pout at him, which just makes him laugh harder.

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Treats you like a damn princess, buying chocolates and “Get Well Soon!” balloons and almost smothering you with them.
“Well, even if you aren’t sick, I still think you deserve these flowers!”

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Yeo One
Does not for one second believe your lies. You are sick, and no matter what you say, he knows best. He sends you back to bed and spends two days at your place, cooking your food and making sure you get lots of sleep.

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Almost believes you for a moment, wondering if you really are just warm from lying in your bed - until you try and get up, and are dizzy enough to fall on top of him. Luckily, he catches you before you hit the floor, but he gives you a gentle scolding and tucks you back into bed. (gif is the moment he realises u lyin)

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Sighs. He doesn’t have time for this. He demands you get back into bed, then immediately apologises for his harsh tone and admits that he really has to get to practice - but he’ll be back later to (attempt to) cook some food for you.
“Don’t you move from that bed while I’m gone, Y/N.”

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Goes along with it, but you and he both know that he’s not actually buying it. He grabs his laptop and you spend the day watching classic movies together, until you fall asleep halfway through Dirty Dancing. He puts the computer away then, and then curls up around you with a content smile.

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Shrugs. If you’re so sure that you’re fine, then who is he to challenge that? He just kisses everywhere but your mouth, and cuddles you a little more than usual, knowing that despite trying to hide it you really don’t feel the best that day and so he must give you extra affection. He texts Hongseok to pick up some medicine and bring something for you to eat, and feeds it to you himself like some kinda sappy romance shit.

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oh god this was so bad im sorry


“Millions of Mainland Chinese fled to Taiwan with the National Government after its civil war defeat by the Chinese Communists in 1949. Their children were brought up in an uneasy atmosphere created by the parents’ own uncertainty about the future. Many formed street gangs to search for identity and to strengthen their sense of security.”

A Brighter Summer Day (1991, Edward Yang)

cinematography by Chang Hui-kung and Zhang Long-yu