yang hee jung


Life is about turning into different roads every day. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality placed in front of you. You can’t find the right answer every single time. But Kim Sabu always said this: “Do not give up on asking questions about why we live, and what we live for. The moment you give up on that, the romance in life ends. Understood?” That is what he said. 


make me choose

@foggyseaside askedcity hunter or healer 

(Although I would usually go with Healer, I feel that City Hunter is under-represented even though it is a superb drama. These are my two favorite dramas, so I thought I’d give CH some love this time around. :)


AMOR es cuidarse unos a otros:

AMOR es entenderse sin necesidad de palabras:

AMOR es enseñarle con paciencia:

AMOR es nalguearse(?

AMOR es tener secretos íntimos.

AMOR es que se consuelen cuando están tristes.

AMOR son esos abrazos que duran demasiado tiempo.

AMOR son esos besos dulces.

AMOR es sentir celos.

AMOR es lo único que ustedes dos saben.

AMOR es algo que no se puede ocultar.

Lo que MBLAQ tiene es AMOR. Si no puedes verlo, es porque eres ciego/a.