yang chopin

MBLAQ's Seungho is a tumblr user theory
  • Wakes up after noon due to staying up all night on electronics and then sits in bed for the next 30 minutes to hour or so considering whether or not to get up
  • Addicted to electronics, feels nervous when his ‘baby’ (aka phone/laptop) is taken away
  • Never ending hunger
  • Loves food
  • Can either laugh at anything and be all smiley or want to stab anyone in the line of vision

Thunder singing Akon’s “Right Now” (na na na) while Seungho plays piano.

MBLAQ 30 Day Challenge Day 25: What Do You Think Of Seungho

Well.. There’s a lot LOL

I think he’s perfect all in one package guy.

- Protective as hell. His glares maybe scary but they’re also so damn sexy.

- A leader: both in literal terms and naturally. He’s really controlling (poor bbs ahaha)

- Talented: This man is the most talented man I have ever seen. He’s smart, he can play the piano like a boss (aka Yang Chopin), he can play the guitar, he’s learning the flute currently and there’s probably a lot more we don’t even know/I missed. He’s an amazing dancer like asdfghjkl. I can’t.. He’s really good with his hands ( ;D ) and i mean like fixing things. Especially with technology omg.

- He’s adorable and he doesn’t even know it. Actually he probably does but he’s too happy and satisfied to admit it LOL

- Handsome and fit: Will we ever see your abs bb?

- He can cook: Did you see him in all the kpop? Ugh man the food..

- He’s really determined and hardworking and so are the rest of the blaqies.

- OH AND THAT LIP LICKING HABIT, UGH. Heres some examples (enjoy):

Now his signature dark circles. I don’t think he’d be the same without them. Yang Panda (x

Even though he may seem scary, he’s a really loveable guy.

Let’s not forget his love for food hahaha

And that’s Seungho briefly.