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If that drabble thing is still going on I would love Emerald and Yang with True Colors by Cyndi Lauper? Help my ship sail!!!!


Quick warning: For this one it’s implied that Emerald had a bad relationship with someone who shall not be named, so be cautious when reading. Nothing overly heavy but still adding the warning just in case.

               Yang sat silently at the counter of the bar, sipping on the strawberry sunrise as she waited. She never expected a call from Emerald of all people.

               Why did she ask me here this late? she wondered. Something much be bothering her if she’s asking me of all people to talk over drinks.

               They weren’t the closest of friends. They just hung out a lot because they had similar friends in each of their circles. Yang supposed that made them Second-friends or something like that.

               Soon there was a thwump, and Emerald was beside her on a stool. Her eyes were redder than normal, puffy from tears. Her hair was a little frazzled, and her leather jacket was hanging loosely on her shoulders as opposed to the casual wrap around her hips.

               "Damn,“ Yang muttered. "You okay, Em?”

               "I’m,“ she started, before letting out a sigh. "I’m alright, I guess. Just…can’t sleep.”

               "Bad dreams?“


               Yang looked over at the bartender, ordering Emerald a Bijou cocktail while giving her a pat on the back. “Still thinking about …you know who?”

               Emerald winced a bit, but managed a nod. “It’s kind of hard to forget someone like that.”

               "Don’t I know it,“ Yang groaned, looking at her metal arm. "You…wanna talk about it?”

               "No,“ Emerald whimpered.

               "Wanna just sit and drink then?”

               "…Yes please…“

               Yang gave her a tender smile and soon the two were sipping their cocktails in relative silence.  Yang insisted Emerald take as much time as she needed, offering a hand to hold every so often. After the third cocktail Emerald began to relax, and even told a few good jokes that Yang got a kick out of.

               "I bet I can Bijou at darts,” Emerald teased, holding up her drink at the same time.

               "Oh my god,“ Yang groaned. "That’s worse than anything I can come up with.”

               "I know.“

               "You’re way funnier than I expected.”

               "I am quite the gem. Hehe, get it? Gem? And I’m-“

               "Named after a gem,” Yang grumbled, smacking her head on the counter to suppress the laughter. “God Dammit Em.”

               Emerald’s bright red eyes seemed to glow softly in the light as she laughed, and Yang couldn’t help but feel her heart skip a beat.

               How come I never noticed how cute she is?

               Soon it came time to close up shop. Yang paid the tab and started walking Emerald to the door, only to notice she was wobbling. “You want me to walk you home?”

               "Don’t wanna go home,“ Emerald mumbled.

               Yang shrugged and gently kneeled so Emerald could hop on her back. "Come on. I have a guest room at my place. ”

               Emerald wrapped her arms around Yang’s shoulders and rested her head against her shoulder as Yang lifted her up. The sky was clear, perfect for walking home.

               "You know,“ Yang said, "if you ever need to come over and talk, or whatever…feel free to call me, okay?”

               "I thought you didn’t like me,“ Emerald muttered sleepily.

               "No, I like you. We just don’t hang out that much. We should hang more.”

               "That’d be nice…“

               With a gentle smile, Yang carried Emerald all the way back to her apartment. She found her a spar set of pajamas and made sure she had her hair properly brushed before tucking her into bed.

               "Night Em,” Yang said. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

               Emerald gently reached out a hand, letting out a small whimper as she hid under the blanket. “Can you stay? Until I fall asleep?”

               Yang sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand. “Of course.”

               Yang remained there until she was sure that Emerald was asleep before slipping out of the room quietly. She hurried to the kitchen to start preparing for the morning.

               Emerald will be hungry when she wakes up.

Ya know what grinds my gears about RWBY

When ‘edgy’ rwde RWBY fans:

- Try and blame the bumbleby shippers for the ‘ship war’ between it and [the other ship involving Blake] that’s apparently ruining the show and the three characters, or vice versa ship wise

Because insinuating it’s all our fault will make us feel guilty and hopefully we will shut up [not likely tho]; the whole thing is just our fault because we want our ship to happen just as much as the other side whom of which are not at fault at all. Like almost a ‘war’ doesn’t take two opposing sides to actually happen? Lmao. Nobody is really at fault, except the people that attack others.

- Use them as a reason to not watch it anymore [even though they 'hate it anyway and the writing is awful omg’]

Since the plot that was probably thought up years ago is being ruined by us, even though it 'sucks anyway because Miles and/or Kerry is/are terrible’ and it’s not like two VAs for two of the characters ship it or anything.

- Say 'they only attack the other ships and only want to focus on their ship at all times’

Because I can remember the amount of times I’ve attacked another person for liking a ship [it’s zero], and most people aren’t dickheads, and we shouldn’t be lumped in with the ones that are because that’s bs generalisation. And we all don’t only focus on bumbleby, but for some of us it’s a really big deal that maybe there’s gonna be gay gals that are on screen, and not just in the last scene of the series [cough LoK]. And I think about the whole show but I like to discuss important things to me i.e the ship.

- Claim 'maybe not all of bb shippers are bad but *proceeds to reason why they’re all bad anyway and/or make the ship suffer for a few bad eggs*’

Cool thanks for contradicting yaself, generalising once again and/or making a perfectly reasonable ship seem like it’s shit because some people are mean about it.

- We’re man haters/unreasonably disliking [or insert anything about $un], since ’$un is amazing’

Some people not liking $un that much as a character ≠ man hating/≠ unreasonable. I don’t like all the characters in a show wow I’m a monster.

- Say 'I’m fine with f/f but *here’s why I will not support it anyway*’

If you’re fine with f/f, you don’t have to mention it if you’re disagreeing with the ship for unrelated reason m8!

- Or my favourite: say “the shippers ruined Blake x Yang and I don’t even want it to happen now”

I don’t even know any of these people irl and now I have to watch some people bash a ship because of some random person’s actions I had no control over. Sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it?

- Possibly more stupid bs that is purely subjective opinion they use to try to justify hating the show/a ship/a character.

Apparently we act/are acting like 'entitled brats’ when we want LGBT etc etc representation in the show that has been said by its creators to have it; and we want it in the bumbleby ship. Because somehow, we are forcing them to do it by supporting it, and therefore making the show a piece of shit.

That we are reaching; since [insert any possible evidence for Blck$un] happened and it’s **proof** they’re going to date and that no other ship has a chance.
(if I thought BB was the only option I wouldn’t be discussing it like I do; anything is possible right now).
Literally nothing is canon or set in stone (I promise I don’t say that as a reason to 'disprove’ the legitimatacy of Blck$un as a possibility).

Because two main characters being interested in each other would //ruin the plot//, even though some of the plot has included Yang (and even $un too) being dragged into Blake’s consequences of her past.

And especially, that we are solely responsible for the drama because we are all crazy or just seeing what we want to see.

Because that isn’t exactly what everyone does when they want a ship to happen…?

Let’s be clear:
This goes both ways for anyone who goes around hating (yet some of the reasons would differ).

Going around attacking someone for liking a ship is ludicrous. Spreading hate about a ship is too.

I endeavour to never do that and have been successful. It’s not difficult.
I stay in my tag and all that tumblr shit; I stick to being positive and not including *why another ship won’t happen* as a reason to justify my favourite ship.

Using another ship as a reason to disprove something makes no sense because nobody is correct at this point, we’ve got equal chance of getting what we each want. In the end some of us may end up disappointed, but that’s not happening right now so why can’t we just be civil?

Why should Blck$un shippers suffer because of other shippers? They shouldn’t.
Why should bee shippers suffer because of other shippers? We shouldn’t.

Seriously, any normal person in any ship camp wouldn’t agree with being rude or mean to other people over a ship, or attacking somebody for having different tastes.

Most importantly to me; why should the chance of Bumbleby happening be damaged or suffer, just because a few people are disgruntled because of some assholes that NONE of us sane people agree with?

Don’t let anybody tell you what to ship. Decide for yourself and be positive about it, aim for support and *that’s it*.

Stop the negativity, please.

I super miss Cristina and Meredith, I hate how when someone leaves the show it’s like they just drop off the earth. Cristina and Meredith were the twisted sisters, that doesn’t just end. I wish there was mention of her every once in a while. Like have Meredith walk around the house discussing something on the phone then say “ok Cristina gota go I’ll talk to you later!” Or turning off the iPad from facetimeing with her. Casually throw her into conversation around the hospital… “Oh that’s a cool case! Yang would know what to do I’m going to text her” “I was talking to Cristina this morning about Bailey, she thinks she’s going power hungry!” Amelia calling or talking about Addison, Arizona has to call Callie when she gets home to figure out Sophia’s schedule, Owen got an e-mail from Teddy. Something! We get so attached to these characters I wish we got a little .5 second thing about them every once in a while…

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  • Ghira: Honey. Yang. We're back. *Ghira called out as he and Blake entered the Belladonna home.*
  • Blake: We brought you some dessert from the sto-Yang! *Blake started to call out as she and father entered the living only to find her girlfriend laying on the couch with a bandage around her head as Kali gently placed an Ice pack on her head. It didn't take Blake look to rush over to her love's side to see if she was okay.* Yang? Yang, Sweetie? Are you okay?
  • Kali: Calm down, Blake. Yang is fine. She just has a little bump on her head is all. The doctor said all she needs is some rest. *Kali told her daughter as she comforted her.*
  • Ghira: I don't understand. What happened while we were at the meeting?
  • Kali: Well... *Kali began, thinking back to earlier.*
  • ~Flashback~
  • Yang: Excuse me, Mrs B? Sorry to bother you but the spire bathroom is out of towel. Can I grab one from your? *Yang called out while she knocked on door to Blake's parents bathroom door, waiting a moment listening for Kali to reply as music played from the other side of the door.* Mrs B? *Yang asked again knocking slightly louder.*
  • Kali: Huh? Yes? Is that you Yang? *Kali questioned through the door, the music's volume lowering.*
  • Yang: Yeah It's me. Sorry about this but can I barrow a towel? The other bathroom doesn't have any.
  • Kali: Oh of course dear. You can come on in and get them, I'm wearing a robe. There in the closet to the left.
  • Yang: Okay cool. *Yang smiled, opening the door slightly to pock her head to to find Kali was indeed wearing a robe as she sat on the edge of the bath before enter, Keeping her eyes casted downward.* Pardon my interruption.
  • Kali: Oh there's no need to apologize, Yang. I was just finish up her myself. *Kali smiled as she pointed to the closet.* Anyway, the towels are on the left. Help yourself.
  • Yang: Thanks Mrs B. *Yang said quickly moving to the closet and opening it, spotting the towels right away and grabbing two.* Sorry again for walkinnNOHMYGOD! *Yang suddenly yelled with an enormous blush growing on her face as she turned to Kali. For before the young huntress sat her girlfriend's mother with her right leg straight up in the air as she groomed herself like a cat.
  • Kali: Hmm? Is something wrong Yang? *Kali asked when she noticed Yang's red face wide eyes.*
  • Yang: *It was at those words Yang quickly covered her eyes, trying not to peek throght the cracks of her fingers as she yammered.* I!UH! DUH! UMM! S-SORRY! I DIDN'T REALIZE! UUH My GOD!
  • Kali: Hehe, Oh Yang. Calm down. I'm only grooming myself. I'm sure you see Blake do it all the time. Maybe even let her do some grooming on you. *Kali laughed with a teasing smirk, waving her hand.*
  • Yang: Well Yeah but! Wait I mean, No! I, Ugh! It's different with Blake! Plus, She does do that with me! *Yang rambles on, feeling the wall with one hand to leave while covering her eyes with the other.*
  • Kali: Really? Huh? I would have thought Blake would have tried it with you by now? *Kali Thought out loud before a devious smirk formed on her face and spoke seductively to Yang.* In that case, Why don't you come over here and I can show you how it's done? *She purred as she thought.* Let's see how loyal she is to my baby girl.
  • Yang: *Meanwhile, Yang's jaw dropped in shock before she quickly shouted while rushing to the door.* SORRYBUTONLYBLAKECANSHOULDANDWILLUSESHERTONGUEONMETHANKSFORTHETOWELSBYYYYYAAAH! *It was towards the end of her sentence, Yang unfortunately slipped on the damped floor and fell on the back of her head. Hard.*
  • Kali: OH MY GOD! YANG! ARE YOU OKAY!? *Kali panicked quickly rushing over to fallen huntress.*
  • ~Present~
  • Kali: ... She slipped in our bathroom while getting towels from the closet. The floor was a bit wet since I just took a bath. *Kali explained, leaving out the details.*
  • Blake: Oh no. I knew I forgot something when we left. *Blake said, gentle stroking Yang's hair.* Yang, sweetie. Can you hear me?
  • Ghira: Don't worry Blake. I'm sure Yang well be fine. *Ghira assured her daughter to comfort her, placing his hand on her shoulder when Yang stirred.* Ah, She is waking up.
  • Blake: Yang? How are you feeling? Yang? *Blake asked worryingly.*
  • Yang: Mmmrr, no Mrs B. Only Blake can groom me... *Yang quietly mumbled, still not fully conscious causing both Ghira and Blake to turn their questions stares to the somewhat nervous Kali.*
  • Blake: Mom? She is she mumbling about? *Blake questions while narrowing her eyes.*
  • Kali: I-I have no idea.
  • Ghira: Kali. Tell me you didn't tease the poor girl.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: Kali.
  • Kali: It was an accident.
  • Blake: Oh my god! Mom!
  • Kali: Well on the bright side you know Yang is very loyal to you. Soooo it's not all bad.
  • Ghira: *Ghira could only sigh with his daughter as they both crossed their arms and pinched the bridge of their noses.* This is Ilia all over again.
  • Blake: Tell me about it.
  • Yang: I demand a Blakey bath when the room stops spinning.* Yang randomly said holding up her metal hand.*
“Fuck the police.” - Yang Seungbae, probably.

Seungbae is such a shitty cop. Just the fact that Kim’s ex-wife implied Kim was gay could have basically made the Kim kidnapped Jieun theory a little less plausible and his own theory more likely. 

If he actually recorded his evidence and shared it. I understand he has pressure at work and people don’t really like him so they don’t believe him and this makes him start doing police work on his own but sheesh.

The woman told him this, and he made no record of it. It’s literally just in his mind. He talked to a bunch of people, nothing recorded. No voice recording, not jotting it down on a piece of paper with the date on it even. Fucking make a shitty note on your phone, like just put this stuff down dude. Take a picture. Make proof for yourself. 

Seungbae hates procedures because he thinks they are the reason why his father died but come on, man. He is being Sherlock fucking Holmes or some goddamn amateur teenage superhero wannabe trying to find out stuff for his own fulfilment and his twisted sense of justice. Yes, it’s great, he is actually progressing to the truth unlike others but this definitely will cause him problems and this is going to cost him. 

This really further shows us that Seungbae doesn’t respect police work at all, still to this day. He joined the police force to have power to investigate because he believed they were doing things wrong and still he has such a disregard for procedure even though that is a big part of how people get caught because it is the part of the law system. Police provide evidence, the court rules guilty. 

Yes, Seungbae is a policeman. His word will have more power but Seungbae, you were already demoted once for being wrong and you still won’t record your process and evidence to prove to others that you are going on the correct path and your train of thought is logical? He seems to doubt himself but it doesn’t even feel that real because he still relies so much on his mind and doesn’t even try to prove to himself that he is correct, it’s like he already knows. There is a reason why policemen make a whole board for investigations and connect things with strings because shit is complicated and things are hard to figure out and evidence that you thought didn’t matter could come in handy later. You can’t just remember everything. This makes me feel his doubt doesn’t go too deep, he really trusts his intuition and logic. 

Does he think everyone else around him is stupid and they won’t get his logic? He tries to tell others but he gives up so easily. Or…does he not want people to know because he thinks they will interfere?

In any case, Yang Seungbae has 0 respect for the line of work he is in. He is only doing the parts of it that he is interested in. It’s like he is a chef but he doesn’t want to wash the dishes after cooking.  

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If that were the case Yang would not have been roasted so hard on the luckiest day of her life in front of her and Blake’s parents and family by Weiss in the ultimate cathartic moment. So who’s the one with the lucky semblance here?