I made Yanderekado submissions for the Yanderekado blog, but it hasn’t updated in four months, even though I submitted them not too long ago. Maybe the blog is dead? I don’t know, but I just really wanted to share what I made for it. xD

sobbu...Mikado abuses my Masaomi account too much OTL
  • Masaomi Fail-comedian Kida:the arm is gonna be an issue but at least I was able to get out of that city >>lll
  • Mikado 'Dollars' Ryuugamine:‎-uses rope and lasso around him from the top of the train station-
  • Masaomi Fail-comedian Kida:‎-oAolll! what is this?!! >/ tries to cut the rope-
  • Mikado 'Dollars' Ryuugamine:‎-pulls him back hard- I put a tracking device on you...
  • Masaomi Fail-comedian Kida:‎-pulled back and falls back x.x- hey what the hell?!! >U....OH FUCK...o_o Mikado...it's not what it looks like haha...
  • Mikado 'Dollars' Ryuugamine:‎-glowers down at and pulls into room-
  • Masaomi Fail-comedian Kida:‎-pulled into the room ;n;-
  • Mikado 'Dollars' Ryuugamine:‎-tortures with nail clippers, wedge, screw driver, capsules and everything-
  • Masaomi Fail-comedian Kida:‎-tortured...loses consciousness ;;;A;;;-