Yandere Headcanons-2p FACE

This wasn’t requested by anyone I’m just bored and want yandere things

2p America
-very flirty when he first meets you
-slowly becomes more possessive
-will honestly be the one most likely to kidnap
-wants you to fight-he thinks it’s cute
-keeps you tied up to a bed

2p England
-very polite when first meeting you
-slowly becomes obsessive-always texting or calling
-really doesn’t want to take by force
-he hates when you fight or cry
-will keep you locked in his room

2p Canada
-stoic when first meeting you
-protective of you as time progresses-more emotions
-will do whatever it takes to have you
-hates when you cry but doesn’t show it -keep you locked in his closet

2p France
-no emotion what so ever when you first meet
-still no emotion as time goes on, but is secretly attached
-drugs you ‘accidentally ’
-unaffected by cries and fights
-let’s you roam, but will tie you to a chair if necessary


A follow up to the posts about the Nazi art (drawn by a Klance artist), the Pride Parade Klance sign & all those edits where Sheith scenes in canon got turned into Klance ROMANTIC scenes by people who constantly spam “I ONLY SEE THEM AS BROTHERS, BROGANES, THAT’S SUCH A PLATONIC BROGANES SCENE” everywhere.

NOTE: This is referring to the Klancedom, NOT Klance shippers. If you do NOT do any of these things, this post is NOT talking about you.

This interview has been approved of by MisterPoofOfficial (names were blacked out at her request).

Do NOT harass any of these people in the screenshots.

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anonymous asked:

How about 2p!yandere!face family punishing their s/o who tried to escape?? (Nsfw pls ^^)

((Since I didn’t see ALL of their responses necessarily being nsfw I did what their reactions would be in general.))

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-

How dare you! You’re the one small thing in this world that he loves…that he cares for…and you run away from him!? Maybe he was too sweet, too open? He cant close off, you make him want to be open and loving…so why run? Why hurt him…Maybe he should love you more? Is that what you need? If he can just wear you out…and make your legs weak…you can’t run. Maybe you’ll even get addicted to him?

2p!America/Allen Jones-

“Baby Doll…you have to stop running from me…it hurts me, you know that, right?” He’ll try to explain how he feels when you escape. Sure he lets you get away with it at first, it was cute, seeing you think he could live without you. But now he’s starting to take it personally. You just need to spend more time with him, that’s all. Yeah, that’s all you need.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- 

He will overreact, fair warning. You’ll probably get lectured and you WILL listen to him. Don’t cover your ears dammit! Why do you run? Why? He’s a good provider. You have good food, a nice bed and comfy blankets, and you always have him…Is that it? Is it him? You don’t love him, do you? Well you will. Eventually. You’ll come around. All he needs to do is show you just how much he loves you, that’s all. That’ll work.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-

Poppet…Why did you escape? How far did you think you’d get? To the lawn? Maybe even the road? Even further? Why? There’s nothing out there for you anymore. All you need is here, with him. You know that, don’t you? Of course you do. It just needs to be put into your head again. Oh! a lovely breakfast will do that! Some classic movies…maybe he can cuddle you today! You’ll let him touch you right? Just some hugging,…that’s all he wants. To show you a little bit of love. Oh he’s not mad poppet…please don’t cry, just let him love you.


Tried redrawing a scene from my favourite anime with my own character, I’m really proud of this!

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Anime/Yandere Face Shadow

This is the face shadow that yandere characters have when they lose their composure.  It can be found in the face paint category.  It’s not compatible with bald heads.

Download: http://simfileshare.net/download/265623/


CC in preview:

Ayano’s and Oka’s hair by Simsnoodle

Uniform conversion by cas-fulleditmode

Ayano’s bloody uniform retexture by me

YS eye conversion by me

Lipstick by Aveira Sims

Skin overlay by madmono