Lol literally submitted this for the contest at the LAST possible moment…

Edit: Updated to an image where I DIDN’T accidentally delete half of Megami’s boob shading ^_^;;;


“Good news everybody!! I’ve made progress on Osana!!!” *Immediately proceeds to blend her head in a fucking ventilation fan*

My reaction to Yandere Dev’s latest video:

EDIT: As of now youtube age restricted the video due to this part lmao I cant
how ayano aishi got kicked out of literally every club in school
  • cooking: the stove lit on fire bc she was stalking senpai on social media and didn't hear it beeping
  • drama: got way too into singing cell block tango
  • gardening: seemed unsettlingly interested in the power tools
  • gaming: lost the game, hadn't saved at all, had to go back to the beginning, flipped the table, broke computer
  • sports: not athletic doesn't even want to be here
  • photography: only took pics of senpai (plus one of the kitten)
  • light music: dropped the mic and broke it
  • art: only knows how to draw senpai
  • occult: actually summoned a demon which was cool until shin almost died
  • martial arts: again, not athletic (also a sore loser)
  • science: blew too much shit up
  • student council: killed someone