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The Climax of V’s Route

Yandere Headcanons-2p FACE

This wasn’t requested by anyone I’m just bored and want yandere things

2p America
-very flirty when he first meets you
-slowly becomes more possessive
-will honestly be the one most likely to kidnap
-wants you to fight-he thinks it’s cute
-keeps you tied up to a bed

2p England
-very polite when first meeting you
-slowly becomes obsessive-always texting or calling
-really doesn’t want to take by force
-he hates when you fight or cry
-will keep you locked in his room

2p Canada
-stoic when first meeting you
-protective of you as time progresses-more emotions
-will do whatever it takes to have you
-hates when you cry but doesn’t show it -keep you locked in his closet

2p France
-no emotion what so ever when you first meet
-still no emotion as time goes on, but is secretly attached
-drugs you ‘accidentally ’
-unaffected by cries and fights
-let’s you roam, but will tie you to a chair if necessary

Anime/Yandere Face Shadow

This is the face shadow that yandere characters have when they lose their composure.  It can be found in the face paint category.  It’s not compatible with bald heads.

Download: http://simfileshare.net/download/265623/


CC in preview:

Ayano’s and Oka’s hair by Simsnoodle

Uniform conversion by cas-fulleditmode

Ayano’s bloody uniform retexture by me

YS eye conversion by me

Lipstick by Aveira Sims

Skin overlay by madmono

@skillshotlabs make a cute gif t find who’s your v-day’s date, and i got Toshi ♥ So i drew a little selfie with him >:D! i tried really hard to not let the usual annoying grey bg haha

Boy, this took longer than expected! Anyway, here is my artwork for the #septicart event, featuring a whole collection of characters from Jack’s most popular series’. It was a lot of fun drawing each character, trying to nail their own art styles. How many can recognize? :)

orenjineki  asked:

I would love to read the 2!PFACE families reaction to the following: They're crush hands them a love letter and runs away as fast as they can, crying a bit. The letter states their feelings for them and kindly asks them to never approach them again, they don't want to be getting their hopes up because they think it's one-sided.

2p America / Allen Jones: Allen would be really confused but after he read the letter, he would smirk and go after them. “You don’t know, what you got yourself into, doll.”

2p England / Oliver Kirkland: Oliver would blush as he would call your name in pure confusion as he would watching you run away. He would read the letter and blush even more, but then would search for you so he can tell you his own feelings towards you

2p France / Francois Bonnefoy: Francois watched you running away and after he read the letter, he would smile a little, seeing some other way than just kidnapping you

2p Canada / Matt Williams: Confusion is the only thing that would go through his mind. Why did you run away? He would also read the letter and after that, he would blush so damn hard, he would look like a tomato. He would find you and explain that the crush is not one-sided and would like to go out with you

anonymous asked:

Reaper unmasking himself after his so/captive promises to stay with him forever?

For Reaper, his mask was always a sense of control for him. He never showed anyone his face after what he became in the explosion at the Swiss headquarters. He can count only a handful of times he dared to looked at his mangled and scarred skin in the mirror. The first time intentionally and the others more or less accidents that left him full of rage. He tries not to think about it, sometimes he even forgets, but it’s difficult when Sombra occasionally pesters him about his mask despite how many death threats he sent her way.

When he first saw you he knew what he wanted and it was you. Reaper wasn’t particularly a patient man and couldn’t wait around for you to fall in love with him. Why should he have to wait for what was already his? So, he snatched you up within his tight grasp and never let you go. Fortunately it was rather easy to break you in and it wasn’t long until you succumbed to Stockholm syndrome. He’s a bit disappointed, he thought you were made of tougher stuff but regardless it works out in his favor so he can’t complain. 

Upon promising to stay with him forever for once a part of him believes you- or at least wants to. Reaper takes the risk and slowly removes his mask before you and watches your loving expression turn shocked then full of pity. Before he even has a chance to snarl a remark your soft hand gently caresses his cheek where the flesh has long since been removed. You’re careful not to touch his bare teeth from the scarred, open gash. His face was deformed and riddled with a copious amount of scars but despite all of that one could still find him rather attractive. 

“Does it hurt?” You ask tenderly, your touch so gentle. Reaper closes his eyes and leans into your touch. He can’t recall the last time anyone asked him that. Angela, maybe, before shit hit the fan in Overwatch. Its been so long but it still hurts. It has always hurt but not for the right reasons. 

“No,” He answers lowly, “It doesn’t hurt.”