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@skillshotlabs make a cute gif t find who’s your v-day’s date, and i got Toshi ♥ So i drew a little selfie with him >:D! i tried really hard to not let the usual annoying grey bg haha

Yandere Headcanons-2p FACE

This wasn’t requested by anyone I’m just bored and want yandere things

2p America
-very flirty when he first meets you
-slowly becomes more possessive
-will honestly be the one most likely to kidnap
-wants you to fight-he thinks it’s cute
-keeps you tied up to a bed

2p England
-very polite when first meeting you
-slowly becomes obsessive-always texting or calling
-really doesn’t want to take by force
-he hates when you fight or cry
-will keep you locked in his room

2p Canada
-stoic when first meeting you
-protective of you as time progresses-more emotions
-will do whatever it takes to have you
-hates when you cry but doesn’t show it -keep you locked in his closet

2p France
-no emotion what so ever when you first meet
-still no emotion as time goes on, but is secretly attached
-drugs you ‘accidentally ’
-unaffected by cries and fights
-let’s you roam, but will tie you to a chair if necessary

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2p face fams reaction to their s/o being terrified of them? Love your blog log hun.

2P America: “Why are you fucking scared? I would never hurt you!”

(He would be very angry. He wouldn`t understand why they are like that. He had never done anything to hurt them after all.)

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2P England: “Don`t be scared of me! I would never hurt you! But if you won`t change your attidude then, Hihihiii.”

(He would be suprised. But feel a bit angry inside. He quessed he just had to change his love`s mind somehow. Good for them! He had the best methods for it!)

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2P France: You`re fucking mine! You understand?! There`s no need to be scared! I take care of things that are freaking mine!“

(Just like Allen he would be so angry. He would slam his fist onto the nearest surface. And glare murderously at them. He wouldn`t let them go, ever)

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2P Canada: “I don`t care. You`re mine and not going anywhere.”

(He wouldn`t care. They are his and they aren`t going anywhere. He will make sure of that.)

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Uesugi Kenshin 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

Then, his hand that strokes my hair, suddenly seizing/arresting/catching my hand. 

Kenshin: “Even from the beginning, I don’t feel like sending you back to Kyoto.”
Kenshin: “I will not allow you to leave my side.”

While whispering, he brings near my body to hug so that we are getting glued and closer. Kenshin-sama sweet breathing could be heard just behind, that startled feeling makes my heart beating fast.

Kenshin: “There are still things I don’t know yet about you, you know?”

As he turns the back of my body to his side, Kenshin-sama peers into my face from above. When his sigh directly almost come into contact, I reflexively pull away/draw back. The lips that is drawing a soft arc, gently fills up my lips…

His letter:

I’m sorry to deceive you.

Although I’m happy you can spend your time in the castle as a girl, but you will surely become more popular than before. …I wonder if I will be a little jealous? To that extent, please give me Mimi’s time from morning to night. Let me monopolize you.

- Uesugi Kenshin