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*Walks into a new fandom*

When your otp talking personally and are interrupted

When something happens and your otp are suddenly mad at each other

When you write your first fanfiction

When your notp is crushed into a thousand pieces 

When they been holding back on the sex and finally do it

When your otp is about to kiss and one of them stops the other

When your otp does something cute/ embarrassing in public and promises the other sex that night

When they do something fucking adorable

When the otp is blindingly pure

When the fanfiction goes above 100,000 words

When the plot has too much angst 

When the fanfiction writer has no soul

When the next chapter is out

When you infect your friends with the your ship

When the otp causes you to sin 

When the otp yandere af

  • Armin Gets Bullied at a Frat Party (Eremin Yandere)

This request comes from an anon! I changed it a bit though. Anonymous said:Armin is at a frat party and is being harassed. Eren comes to their rescue, succeeding in getting the jerk to stop bothering Armin”

Aww, look at the pretty little bitch who actually decided to show up to the party? Did you remember to bring your panties, Arlert?


Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Did you say something?


Exactly. Now, be a good little bitch and I might even give you a reward.


Want to say that to someone you can’t bully into submission?

Who the fuck do you think you-

Eren Jaeger. I’m the guy that’s probably going to beat your ass to a pulp if you don’t step away from him.

Oh I’d like to see you try, kid.

Alright, let’s go. I haven’t had a fight in a while, and it will be nice to beat up a piece of shit like you.

I am warning you, I’m not bluffing.

Okay, then have a go. I don’t hit first as a rule, so please, feel free to start something. I can’t wait to bust out a few of your fucking teeth.

…You’re no worth my time. Consider yourself lucky. Let’s go, guys.

Heh. Hey, are you okay?

Y-yeah. Th-thank you so much.

Don’t thank me, I hate people like that. Armin, right?

How did you-

We have chemistry together. You sit in the front row.

Yeah…and you sit in the back but…I didn’t expect you to actually know me…No one does.

You answer a lot of questions, and I really admire that. I just don’t understand science like you do.

I…I could…if you wanted to I could…help you with that…


Y-yeah…it’s the least I could do for what you did for me today…

Thank you so much, Armin! Want to come join me and my friends? It seems like you’d have a lot more fun over there than here.

Yeah…yeah I’d really like that. Thank you, Eren.

  • Person: Mikasa is such a bitch. She's disgustingly yandere for Eren and all she wants is his dick ! ! ! ! !
  • Me: Imagine that you have zero cookies and you divide them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See, it doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that he has no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends.
shikarius replied to your post: Warning!


I WILL DO WHATEVER I PLEASE. You’re my only target, Ari-Heichou.

(ㅎ◡ㅎ )

shikarius replied to your photo: Heichou may seem like a top at times, but he…

Well, yes. Heichou *does* bottom in Eruri, I guess~ You poor baby.

Don’t baby me, wrong account Heichou, I’m in college : P

(And if you aaaabsolutely won’t take Commander out of the picture…well then, we’ll just have to share won’t we (⊙◡⊙)