yandere eren

Just a few gifs for ya

*Walks into a new fandom*

When your otp talking personally and are interrupted

When something happens and your otp are suddenly mad at each other

When you write your first fanfiction

When your notp is crushed into a thousand pieces 

When they been holding back on the sex and finally do it

When your otp is about to kiss and one of them stops the other

When your otp does something cute/ embarrassing in public and promises the other sex that night

When they do something fucking adorable

When the otp is blindingly pure

When the fanfiction goes above 100,000 words

When the plot has too much angst 

When the fanfiction writer has no soul

When the next chapter is out

When you infect your friends with the your ship

When the otp causes you to sin 

When the otp yandere af

When your in a gay relationship and your bf hanging out with girls

your totally cool with it like

but not with boys even if they’re straight

you’ll be like

So in a few words:

Who said that gay and lesbian relationships don’t have the same problems as straight relationships

bipp-bopp  asked:

What type of dere would each person be?

Mikasa: Kuudere
Reiner: Yandere
Bertholdt: Yandere
Annie: Dandere
Eren: Tsundere
Jean: Tsundere
Marco: Deredere
Sasha: Deredere
Connie: Deredere
Historia: Kuudere (not really but meh)
Armin: Yandere
Ymir: Tsundere
Levi: Dandere
Hanji: Deredere
Erwin: Dandere
Nanaba: Deredere
Mike: Dandere
Moblit: Tsundere

From Tsundere to Yandere = realquick

Eren: *walked past Levi*

Levi: hey brat! *appalled because his Eren ignored him*

Eren: *turns around* *smiled* what?

Levi: …

Eren: …?

Levi: …

Eren: hh-hey! whY ARE YOU GETTING NAKED?!

Levi: *smirks*

Eren: *ran towards the door*

Levi: Its locked

Eren: *generic horror movie scream*

Armin Finally Calls Jean (Eremin Yandere Part 1.5)

So, I decided to do this request as a part 1.5 to my whole ‘Eren Yandere’ thing, found here and here. I get that this one isn’t yandere but that’s kind of the title? Anyway, this comes from @kiryuuizuki. It takes place while Eren is out.

“kiryuuizuki said: Hey you magnificent bastard that made me experience a whole range of emotions just from your voice XD I have a request for armin telling Jean that he chooses eren over him. I’m a nut for drama XD”