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Just a few gifs for ya

*Walks into a new fandom*

When your otp talking personally and are interrupted

When something happens and your otp are suddenly mad at each other

When you write your first fanfiction

When your notp is crushed into a thousand pieces 

When they been holding back on the sex and finally do it

When your otp is about to kiss and one of them stops the other

When your otp does something cute/ embarrassing in public and promises the other sex that night

When they do something fucking adorable

When the otp is blindingly pure

When the fanfiction goes above 100,000 words

When the plot has too much angst 

When the fanfiction writer has no soul

When the next chapter is out

When you infect your friends with the your ship

When the otp causes you to sin 

When the otp yandere af

When your in a gay relationship and your bf hanging out with girls

your totally cool with it like

but not with boys even if they’re straight

you’ll be like

So in a few words:

Who said that gay and lesbian relationships don’t have the same problems as straight relationships

{ Didn't you notice? } // Levi

You had been dating Levi for a while but you had to admit that he was a lot more clingy than expected. It wasn’t enough to start drawing other people’s attention but people definite start ed withdrawing themselves from you, except Mikasa. You had told her about how you felt with Levi’s new clinginess and how it’s somewhat unnerved you, until she blurted out something out of the blue.

“ You could date me instead? ”, She asked. You stopped moving crates for a second but laughed at the her statement. She had to be joking right? If Levi ever even found out she spoke those words who knew what might happen. You were in a committed relationship.

“ You’re hilarious Mikasa. ”, you chuckled and handed her another crate. Until she locked her eyes on yours seriously.

“ I’m being serious. ”, She let her vice drop flat and low. You stopped moving your boxes and looked at you as if she were crazy. Levi had been watching you both the whole time. You were scared because even though you claimed Levi was clingy you knew it was beyond that.

“ Why not? ”, she clutched both of your hands into hers looking both of you desperately in the eye. You immediately tore your hands out of her grip and reached for another box.

“ I’m with Levi. Everyone knows that. ”, You spat. You had to admit Mikasa did give you something that Levi didn’t, but Levi could change right? She grasped onto your wrist forcing you to lean into her.

“ Yeah but do you really want to be with him? You tell me about what he does and I see the way he looks at you, I mean don’t you think he’s a bit off? ”, She asked. Sure something’s were off but it wasn’t too weird. It was just a boyfriend being protective over his partner. That’s normal right? “ ( name ), I’ve liked you forever. How could you have never noticed that? ”

You ripped your arm from her grip, which was actually surprisingly hard, but it was too late. Levi had noticed and was marching straight over to you and Mikasa. His eyes look deranged and you could tell Mikasa was afraid too. Levi’s hand lurched for her wrist and stretched it up to the point where only her toes could touch the ground forcing her to yelp in pain.

“ What do you think you’re doing Mikasa? ”, Levi growled. You had never seen him this angry. All she had done was touch you.

“ Levi stop. ”, you reached up for his arm to pull away from Mikasa’s, as she collapsed back onto the ground.

“ Go do stable duty. You clearly can’t move boxes with your wrist now. ”, he commanded. Mikasa stood up before shooting Levi an evil glare and disappearing.

“ Why did you do that to her?”, You nearly yelled but you had to keep your voice down or else the other cadets would noticed. He looked at you as if you were insane, but you weren’t the person he held a girl up just by her wrist.

“ Why? Because I love you? ”, He began saying and walking closer and closer over to you with each word but you couldn’t help but step away from him. You were a bit afraid. “ All those times I did things like this it was because I love you. She was disturbing you, wasn’t she? I saw the way she was holding onto your wrist. Did she hurt you? ”

You had tripped over a box while trying to back away from him but he stopped your fall and pulled you close to him. Levi’s sentenced left you and confused and you felt worried by how drastic his actions were getting when someone came near you.

“ Levi … she just touched me, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Why are you being so weird lately? Is it because of you no one wants to come near me? ”, you asked but he hesitated.

“ What are you talking about I’ve always been this way? I notice these things, when people annoy you. Aren’t you glad I do? I got rid of Eren for you that one time? ”, Almost immediately after he said those words the memory triggered in your brain. Eren had been pestering you to go on a date with him before you and Levi had even started talking. You noticed the way Levi looked and starred at you, you almost thought it was lovingly. One day you hadn’t seen Eren at all and almost a week went by before you saw him again. The boy the pestered you to go on a date with everyday started to avoid you, leaving you to wonder why.

“ What? How did you know about Eren? I didn’t even talk to you. What did you do to him? ”, you struggled to get away from his grip that he had on you. You had liked Levi for a long time. How did you never notice he was like this?

“ Didn’t you notice (name)? I’ve always been watching you, always. I even started to collect the tea cups after you used them. I do these things because I love you. Why are you fighting me? I love you. ”, The use of the words I love you in his voice began to make you feel sick. He wasn’t a boyfriend or a cute boy you liked at all. He was a stalker. Objects of yours had gone missing before you started dating him and it seemed no matter where you went he was always there.

You looked up at his eyes shocked to realize the eyes that you thought looked at you lovingly, were fixated on you in a weird obsession.

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Acceptance || Yandere!Eren/Reader

Request: Hc Yandere Eren confessing with his s/o accepting his feelings

Ship: Eren/Reader

Genre: ?

Characters: Eren Jaeger, Reader

Note: These were supposed to be headcanons, but I turned it into an imagine + I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it again; Bo Burnham is a great time and I love him v much, m’kay-

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