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Headconons for Yandere Hanzo and a fem s/o?

Yandere! Hanzo

  • He’d be very delicate with you. Hanzo likes to see you soft and relaxed, even if you’re anything but. Light fabrics, gentle touches, soft ropes to hold you down if you tend to struggle. He’s the type to keep you from sleeping, so that when you’re finally exhausted, you’ll lay in his arms without giving him trouble and let him card his hands through your hair all he likes. 
  • He doesn’t really want much from you. Hanzo will wait until you’re at least semi-willing to approach you sexually, but he doesn’t need your permission to touch you. Want he wants above all is to be loved by the person he holds dear. 
  • Not above grooming you. Gentle, backhanded compliments are sure to play a part in shaping your actions. He’ll give you pieces of your freedom back in exchange for good behavior on your part. If you do what he expects of you, he’ll let you roam around the house, even let you outside in the gardens. He loves lacing flowers through your hair, if he can. 
  • If you’ve shown him to be an accomplished fighter, he’ll be so proud. A fearless warrior, soon to have soft edges. Your will to fight is a fire he appreciates, but Hanzo is careful not to let it get out of hand. He’ll gently tame you himself and, when you’ve finally relaxed to his liking, will be even more proud of you than he was at the start.