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2p allies reacting to their crush kidnapping them? Like the crush was yandere over the 2p.

Ooh, how the turns have tabled.

2p America:

-He’s impressed and even more in love with you. He’s quick to tell you that you didn’t need to trouble yourself, since he was already yours. 

2p England:

-Is it possible for him to love you more? He giggles and happily beams at you from the chair you’ve tied him too, and starts to happily chatter about the wonderful life the two of you will have together.

2p Canada:

-He’s also pretty awed about the fact that you managed to kidnap him. After a quick confirmation of your feelings, he’s more than happy to prove that he’s all yours.

2p France:

-Well this is a surprise. Still, it saved him the trouble of kidnapping you, so he’s rather calm about it. He’s actually pretty pleased about the whole affair.

2p Russia:

-First off, how? How did you manage to knock him out and drag him here on your own? He can’t quite decide if he’s more annoyed or amazed. He tells you rather bluntly that he feels that same way about you, so could you hurry up and untie him?

2p China:

-He finds it pretty hot. He’s also excited about the fact that you are as obsessed with him as he is with you. Untie him already so he can kiss you.

They’re all amazed and more than happy about the whole situation. Really, there’s no one better suited for a yandere than another yandere.

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I drawed Spencer and you kissing ;3

“Thoug I still have waaaaaAAYYY more fans than you UvÚ”