Okay but let’s compare Zaheer to some other airbenders.

Zaheer received “enlightenment” by severing all ties from this earth. Thus he received the ability to become weightless and be able to fly. However no matter how much he poured over that philosophy, he was never able to do so. Until he lost his last tie to the earth. P'Li. 

When P'Li died (very gruesomely may I add) Zaheer had no other attachment to the earth and could therefore enter the void. Aang however had difficulty detaching himself from Katara. However this was necessary for Aang to have earthly attachments. Yanchen said that the avatar had to have earthly attachments. Without them the avatar cannot be the one to protect and issue balance. It’s important for the avatar to be able to let go of earthly desires, but it’s also important for the avatar to have earthly attachments.

With Jinora we see two different philosophies of airbending clash. Zaheer’s philosphy of letting go of earthly attachments. Jinora/Aang’s philosophy of living in peace and in harmony with others. Zaheer was on his own, trying to kill Korra. Jinora worked with her friends and family to try and save Korra. In the end, Jinora won against Zaheer because her philosophy of airbending is stronger. To let go of all earthly attachments leads to loneliness, to isolation, and defeat. One becomes a void, emptiness, and without substance. When one lives without a reason, they easily become overpowered. One becomes a breeze, free to travel wherever it desires, however easily stopped. 

Jinora however demonstrates what an airbender can do when they have the right earthly attachments. an airbender alone is a gale, several airbenders that work together are a storm. A single stray gale is nothing compared to the tempest of many.