FYI, Forewarning, Update...whatever you want to call it.

So just to let all everyone know, about a month ago I had a breakdown and abruptly moved in with my parents, leaving everything I couldn’t fit into a suitcase behind.
This last weekend my dad went to Utah, packed up my apartment and brought all my shit up here. Including my baby 😻.
So I guess this is also an apology in advance for the possible flood of pictures that might be coming in.

Tagging blogs that are important to me: @sherlock44 (We both know I wouldn’t still be here if it want for your love and support)
@thetardishasaquidditchpitch (Seriously I don’t know why you put up with me some days, but I love you for it.)
@animefanatic1728 (Penguin 1! I think no more need be said.)
@supernaturalismalife (You’re the Dean to my Sam.)
I know I don’t regularly talk to the rest of you but I love you and I count you all as friends and part of my spn family.
@soaringeag1e, @waiting4thedoctor, @oriona75, @not-moose-one-shots, @winchester-with-wings, @ohheyitsmik, and I know I’m forgetting so many more of you for always being there for me.
Everyone of you please believe me when I say that a good part of why I am still here to give my thanks and love to you is because you have been here for me, even if you didn’t know it. Because you’ve taken me in and let me become part of your spn family and let me make you part of mine.
Okay, so that a whole lot heavier than I meant, but I truly meant it.

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