Four Continents - Men Preview

The ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2017 will open in Gangneung, Korea, on Thursday. The Four Continents Championships 2017 serve as a test event for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

In the Men’s event three-time and reigning Four Continents Champion Patrick Chan (CAN) is aiming for a fourth title, but has to expect strong competition. Chan (seasons best 279.72 points) will face current Olympic and ISU Grand Prix Final Champion Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN/seasons best 301.47 points), ISU Grand Prix Final silver medalist Nathan Chen (USA/seasons best 282.85 points) as well as ISU Grand Prix Final bronze medalist Shoma Uno (JPN/seasons best 285.07 points) and 2016 World bronze medalist Boyang Jin (CHN/seasons best 278.54 points). Other contenders include two-time Four Continents bronze medalist Han Yan (CHN), 2017 Universiade silver medalist Keiji Tanaka (JPN) and Jason Brown (USA).

Schedule: Friday, February 17: Men’s Short Program, Sunday, January 19: Men’s Free Skating, Exhibition Gala 


“2017 World Figure Skating Championships: Preview”

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Popular Actresses China 2015

1 杨幂 Yang Mi

2 范冰冰 Fan BingBing

3 刘诗诗 Liu Shishi

4 赵丽颖 Zhao Liyin

5 唐嫣 Tang Yan

6 Angelababy

7 刘亦菲 Liu Yifei

8 张钧甯 Janine Zhang

9 佟丽娅 Tong Liya

10 高圆圆 Gao Yuan Yuan

11  倪妮 Ni Ni

12 陈妍希 Michelle Chen

13 杨蓉 Yang Rong

14 赵薇 Zhao Wei

15 周迅 Zhou Xun

16 孙俪 Sun Li

17 宋茜 Song Qian

18 陈乔恩 Joe Chen

19 林依晨 Ariel Lin

20 郑爽 Zheng Shuang

21 李冰冰 Li Bingbing

22 白百何 Bai Baihe

4cc 2017 mens fs toughts

Ohh i just got it!  Yuzu is just collecting 4CC silver medals (just like at Skate Canada). Just kidding, you’ll get your revenge at worlds (or i hope so) just don’t kill yourself trying a quad axel please. That safety quad toe tough, i mean, he was just like: mmm i popped that sal … so i’m gonna throw a quad toe as my second to last jumping pass, because i can do a quad toe while picking my nose (Brians words not mine). This was a great performance still, he’s an incredibly well rounded skater, i love that the jumps don’t take you out of the program, they melt into the choreo, i still think this program needs to be completely clean for it’s magic to work tough.

……And apparently Shoma is collecting bronze medals. Why the axel Shoma, you landed all the quads, but of course you fell on both axels, why the combos, whyyyy (at leat you didn’t have a dead chicken on you shoulder while doing it). I have faith you’ll seek redemption at worlds, but please the combos Shoma!!. Still the flow across the ice and the expression is fantastic. He really gets into the program no matter what (also bonus for the fall right on the music)

Nathan was really good, i just can’t get into that free skate, he’s a good skater, but i wish he had a programs that made him emote a little more, he hits the musical accents and has good posture and lines, he’s quite pleasing to watch, but i just don’t feel anything while watching (with this program at least, but that’s just me). However i am amazed at his technical ability at least jump wise, i mean 5 quads is very impressive. 

Patrick. Oh Patrick, it started sooo well, you almost had me fooled for a sec. However, it was a beautiful performance none the less. He really is an amazing skater. The flow, the speed,the posture, the extension, the deep edges and the complete body movement is quite fantastic (and let me tell you, skating skills like that take an incredible amount of effort, strength and freakish control over your body) 

Han Yan bombed and i was so sad, he’s such a great skater tough. Great skating skills. However i must say i kinda hate his fs music, the voiceovers are way too cheesy. Lovely skater still and i hope he can make a come back at worlds. 

Boyangman also kinda bombed, but he never gives up on the performance which is quite nice to see, he seems like a very positive guy, he was still smiling in the k&c. I like that he’s trying to work on his components, which apparently has affected his quad a little, but he’s way more enjoyable to watch this season than last. And extra bonus points for flirting with the judges

Jason was absolutely beautiful as always, but his injury seems to have kept him from a clean free, but this was a great effort. And boy he also has beautiful skating skills, so smooth and those spirals, and transitions in general, are nothing to snooze at.

The star of the night for me at least was Misha, i haven’t seen such a clean program from him, and it was amazing, he moves along with the music beautifully and his expression is just wonderful. Two beautiful programs for this competition, i’m very happy for him. I hope hell stick around for a little longer so we’ll be able too see his full potential when not injured.

I watched others, but what can i say, the whole compretition was a little of a splatfest. Like we expected anyways. The real question is if Pyeongchang is going to be a massive fs meltdown like Sochi. 

sorry for the long rant :D

ps: sorry for the typos and terrible punctuation, i’m sleep depraved and writing in english gets hard at 4 am

4 Continents - Preview (part 2)

Don’t forget to check out part 1 where I gave my opinion on 4 CC’s top ladies.


Satoko Miyahara is out of the ladies competition with a stress fracture and the men’s competition is not without its missing member as well. Adam Rippon of the US was out of Nationals and will not be competing in 4 CC because of a broken foot. Let’s pray he gets well soon!

Let’s start with the man, the myth, and the legend, Japan’s own Yuzuru Hanyu. Almost everyone throughout the skating world, it seems, adores him, and I am no exception. This man is one of a kind. He has charisma and flare like no other; he’s an absolute joy to watch. His artistry is amazing, and he really feels to music. Prince is not dead as long as this short program exists is all I’m saying. Let’s also not forget his nearly flawless technical. He’s been nearly untouchable since Sochi and he just keeps resetting his own world records. He missed Japan’s Nationals from the flu but he’s back and ready for business. What’s really getting me pumped for 4 Continents is that, for the first time in forever, Yuzuru’s gotta watch his back. The competition is tight.

Our first guy right on Yuzuru’s tail is the quad king, Nathan Chen. This 17 year old managed to pull off 7 beautiful quads in one competition (US Nationals). That’s 2 in the short and 5 in the free. What a legend. I still don’t think he’s quite on Hanyu’s level, though. I mean, technically, he’s a god, but artistically he has a ways to go. Judges at Nationals always bump up the scores, but I think they might have taken some extra liberties on his PCS. I am not saying I don’t like Chen; I’m just saying now that he’s the quad god, he should shift his focus from purely technical scores. It will be interesting to see how international judges decide to score him against Hanyu, and I can’t wait.

Next, let’s talk about Jin Boyang. I can’t say his choice of music for the short program was appropriate; maybe it would be okay for an exhibition but not a short program. His jumps are a little shaky, but I appreciate that he’s pushing himself with a lot of quads. As for his free skate, I like it much better than the short program. I feel like he connects with the music more, plus it’s pretty cute. I feel really bad for him because he was one of the first to start stacking quads in his programs and suddenly he was “the death of figure skating.” Then others start tagging along and it becomes okay. I’m glad the hatred of multiple quads has passed because it’s fun to see people push themselves to improve, but I think it’s very unfair that he received this reception. He just needs to keep working on sticking his landings and he’s golden.

Here’s another Japanese fan favorite, Shoma Uno, inventor of the quad flip. Personally, I love the way he skates. He feels the music and performs to is the way Yuzuru does, but he still has his own unique style. His programs are consistently clean and technically sound. I would love to see him on the podium at 4 CC, but unfortunately I don’t see him at the top of it just because his programs aren’t technically difficult enough. He doesn’t have enough quads to stand against Chen and Hanyu, which is in part why I enjoy watching him so much because he’s not just focusing on his technical score.

Next on my list of top skaters in Yan Han of China. I really like his general style: very smooth, very cool. He seems to struggle taking off on some jumps, from what I’ve seen, but once he gets in the air, he really soars. Personally, I think his artistry is great and I can feel something in his programs. He may not be quite there technically to make the podium, but you never know what could happen and I’ll enjoy watching him anyway.

Next is Jason Brown. Personally, I’m not a fan, but his scores this year and his perseverance through an injury merits a shoutout. Don’t ask me why I don’t like him that much because I couldn’t give you a straight answer. He’s a very skilled skater, but something about his style just puts me off. Regardless, he performed well with his injury at US Nationals, so I respect that he’s a top competitor for 4 CC.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re all as excited for 4 Continents as I am. I plan to post live updates as I watch.