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The Fox’s Summer 《狐狸的夏天》 Ep. 04  - Li Yan Shu  x  Gu Cheng Ze

If you keep staring, I’m going to charge a fee. - Yan Shu

“Whatever we lose, we won’t lose our regal spirit*.  Proud of you all.”
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(*This phrase (氣勢) is impossible to translate lol.  It means something like grand / majestic manner, but not in a negative way.  It would be used to describe someone with a strong spirit, a certain dignity about their presence, an ability to induce respect or reverence in others.  You could, for example, use to it to describe Aliya Mustafina.  It’s a word that’s kind of like “swag”, but meaning royalty instead of gangster.  lol @16-233 help)


In a sport where it’s become depressingly common to see coaches and gymnasts blaming others when things don’t go their way, the way the Chinese WAG coaches and gymnasts have reacted (or maybe not reacted) to the blatant unfairness of the qualification results is a breath of fresh air.  I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen anyone, coach or gymnast, saying anything negative about the situation, or accusing any other teams of cheating (cough), or even outright complaining about the judges.  We fans may be losing it, but they’ve been the picture of sportsmanship.   

You’ve shown your quality, little flowers - the very highest, in gymnastics and in character.  We’re all proud of you.


20 Day Countdown to Rio ➝ Meet the Gymnasts

Meet Team China: Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin, Wang Yan, Mao Yi, and Fan Yilin. After a disappointing 4th place finish at the 2012 Olympic Games China has made a successful comeback, winning silver at both the 2014 World Gymnastics Championships in Nanning, China, and at the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

China’s second internal test - A brief overview

So team China had their second internal test today (just now, actually). Some flowers performed spectacularly while others kind of choked. 

Yilin completed her 7.1 bars (15.233) with ease and did a good beam set (one wobble and one step for dismount, other wise good). Her beam score is kinda low-balled though (14.6). She also had an ok floor (low difficulty but clean, 13.6)

Tingting had a great day today. Finished a DTY, an upgraded, 6.6 bars with a score of 15.166 (although its kinda inflated IMO), a clean beam set (14.533) and a decent floor. I think her AA score is 58.3 or something. 

Potato had a terrible day, falls on beam and floor, although her vault is clean and good. 

Mao Yi did well today, clean DTY, an Ok if not difficult bars, STAYED ON BEAM, and did a decent floor (went OOB but still…).

Luo Huan did a FTY, a good bar and decent beam and floor

Jiaxin had a 6.8 bars (did a Shang, FTDLO for dismount), a good DTY (she tried an Amanar, succeeded during the warm up but crashed during the actual test), and barely completed her floor (wild landings, 5.9 difficulty)

Yufei barely completed her DTT, crashed her bar but did well for beam (14.166) and floor (5.8 difficulty, 14.066)

Xiaofang did a FTY, fell on her beam but had a decent bar (6.4 difficulty) and artistic floor (SHE EVEN HAD A TRIPLE PUNCH FRONT IM LIKE WHATTTT XIAOFANG U CRAZYYY, 5.6 difficulty)

Jinnan did a FTY, has a good beam but crashed floor, did not do bars.

Siyi had a terrible day, she’s still injured. Huang Huidan choked on both bars and beam and left halfway through :/

and finally,

songsong had the day of her life - clean FTY, a good bar (although only scored a 14.8 :/), killed beam (15.333) and SLAYED floor (6.6, 15.033). I didn’t catch her vault score but with an assumed 14 she would get 59.166 with a freaking FTY.


“I felt dizzy, and my limbs feel soft, like I didn’t have any strength left. Today, even on beam my hand felt numb, and I can’t control it. I saw all my teammates perform so effortlessly, compared to my own situation, I am very anxious (to get better).”


“Well big sis Shang is a bit ill, (so her performance today is reasonable), so… she doesn’t feel well and can’t put out her full strength for her skills. However, she is the team captain, and I believe that when the time comes, she will pull it together, because she has a lot of international experience.”


Her old waist injury is acting up, but they are working hard on resting her as much as they could and rehabilitation.

“Well I did acupuncture, and yesterday I didn’t do anything but some physical training, so that maybe I could feel better today. I do feel better, but… still not at my best.”

Fan again:

“This is our first time getting used to the space and stuff, and we only had 20 minutes, so we were on a tight schedule. There’s no way for us to… go about it like our usual trainings, where we take our time warming up and getting used to the feel of the equipment, and then do our full routines.”

“Beam went pretty smooth, I felt like it’s a bit easier than the one over at the training facility.”


“I feel pretty good but not at my best.” (Doesn’t seem too worried.)


“The arena is pretty big, but I didn’t feel… um, intimidated? When I walked in, it felt like we were back at Nationals.”

Chinese National TF Individual Results:


1.Shang Chunsong 60.200

2.Liu Tingting 59.000

3.Wang Yan 58.700

4.Mao Yi 58.350

5.Zhu Xiaofang 56.250

6.Li Qi (2002) 55.650

7.Luo Huan 54.950

8.Liu Jinru 54.700


1. Yuan Xiaoyang 15.100 15.400 - 15.250

2. Liu Jinru 15.000 15.350 - 15.175

3. Wang Yan 15.350 14.250 - 14.800

4. Jing Yang (2001) 15.300 13.800 - 14.550

5. Yao Shunyu 14.200 13.650 - 13.925

6. Tie Jiayi 14.150 13.700 - 13.925

7. Gong Yuhan 13.750 13.550 - 13.650

8. Yang Haimeng (2002) 14.600 12.550 - 13.575


1. Shang Chunsong 15.600

2. Liu Tingting 15.350

3. Zhu Xiaofang 15.050

4. Tan Jiaxin 14.900

5. Du Siyu (2002) 14.850

6. Xie Yufen 14.800

7. Fan Yilin 14.800

8.Huang Huidan 14.650


1. Shang Chunsong 15.400

2. Fan Yilin 15.300

3. Liu Tingting 14.650

4. Wang Yan 14.500

5. Zhou Lu 14.300

6. Luo Youjuan (2001) 14.300

7. Chen Xiaoqing (2001) 14.100

8. Lin Yuyao (2001) 14.100


1. Mao Yi 15.250

2. Shang Chunsong 15.150

3. Wang Yan 15.050

4. Tan Jiaxin 14.150

5. Lu Yufei 14.100

6. Liu Tingting 14.050

7. Li Qi (2002) 13.700

8. Liu Jinru 13.600