yams i love u

wigglywormy  asked:



1.what spot makes them BEG for mercy?

HIS BACK. between his shoulderblades, down his spine, and especially light strokes from the innermost part of his waist and in towards his spine. he’ll get all shivery and jerky and after a few minutes he’ll do just about anything you ask

2.are wake up tickles a thing?

YES!!! yamaguchi is so adorable and sleepy in the mornings and he’ll cling onto his pillow and mumble into it that he doesn’t wanna get up, so his ler will start tickling his sides and up under his arms to get him to let go of it and his mumbles into his pillow turn into muffled giggles until his ler can take the pillow away and make him get up

3.do they react differently to different people tickling them?

hinata tends to just jump on him and they start rolling around together tickling anywhere they can reach, yamaguchi tries to give back as good as he can get but hinata’s an unstoppable ler so he usually ends up sprawled out under hinata laughing helplessly as hinata wrecks him

tsukishima has the best ler poker face so he tickles yamaguchi with a completely apathetic expression and yamaguchi is tearing up with laughter trying to tell him to stop and tsukishima huffs a sigh and is like “yamaguchi you know i can’t understand you, speak clearly” and digs his fingers into yams’ underarms just as he tries to talk and yamaguchi whines

noya and tanaka team up on him sometimes and that’s always when he gets tickled worst and he knows it so he’ll squirm in earnest and buck around trying to get them off. it literally never works, they don’t let him up until he’s losing his voice from laughing so hard

and sometimes yachi tickles his tummy/sides all sneaky and sly and he proceeds to just lose all of his shit, all of it

4. what’s their laugh like?

hiccupy and stuttery. the laughter equivalent of a ball bouncing down the stairs. gets shrieky if you push him hard enough tho

5.are they embarrassed that they’re ticklish

THE MOST EMBARRASSED… he tried to hide it when he first got to high school but it worked for all of 0.2 seconds because a) tsukishima Knows and is not above using it for his nefarious purposes, and b) the choked noises he started making the first time anyone asked him “hey yamaguchi are you ticklish” really did not help. yamaguchi got rekt that day

6.do they seek revenge after being tickled?

HE TRIES BUT HONESTLY YAMAGUCHI ISN’T REALLY LER MATERIAL. unless it’s a tickle fight where they’re going back and forth, he’s too nice and too nervous about hurting people to really go in on them. if anything, he ends up very sweetly and gently tickling a willing lee and honestly nobody loses.

7.do they squirm a lot?

yesssss. not too violently, though. he’s afraid of hurting his ler so he tries to restrain his squirming at first, and by the time he’s tickled-out enough that he can’t hold it back anymore he’s tickled-out enough that his flailing is weak anyway and he only really bats against his ler and doesn’t do much to dissuade them

8.does verbal teasing make it worse?

GOD YES. he gets stuck in this endless cycle of being ticklish –> getting teased about being ticklish –> getting even more ticklish cause he’s sensitive when he’s embarrassed –> getting teased even more about how ticklish he is. in the same way, people tease him for blushing which only makes him blush harder. save yamaguchi 2k16.

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