Just a random sketch of Yamcha and Puar to try and fill in something good for the tag…since it’s all “Yamcha is useless, Yamcha is my most hated character in Super for what he did in Z, blah blah blah” these days.

I need to draw more of YamPu since it’s the least appreciated friendship in Z.

“YamPu: Welcome!”

A picture of Yamcha and Puar as Item Salesman in a Dragonball Super RPG AU.

I’ve had this idea of them, Tenshinhan and Chaozu being shop keepers in newer games for a few years now.

That and as usual there aren’t much Yamcha and Puar fanart out there these days.

So here they are :D

I hope you will like the Senzu Beans, Potions, Ethers, Medicinal Herbs (from Dragon Quest) and other items that they sell you. 

And Tenshinhan and Chaozu’s weapon shop is next door as is Lunch’s Inn.


yampu  asked:

okay so i'm having an argument with my bf because he just thinks korra is a whiny little teenage girl and he keeps comparing her to aang but i'm like NO THIS IS A DIFFERENT SERIES SHE IS NOT AANG IS IT IN THE FUTURE THINGS ARE DIFFERENT SHE WAS RAISED AS THE AVATAR (he believes she should've had to journey to learn elements like he did) but i'm bad at articulating so can you make a really awesome argument about why korra actually totally rocks pleasE?!!?!

Your message reminds me of the hard times I’ve been through, omg. I posted two other messages a few days ago that might help: here and here.

Also, it’s not Korra’s fault if she didn’t have a journey just like Aang did. First of all, the White Lotus, along with Tenzin and her father, kept her in a compound because they thought it was better for her. Second, the creators of TLOK said that they wanted her to be extremely different from Aang. In my opinion, two similar stories wouldn’t be that interesting. Korra is different from Aang, who’s different from Roku, who’s TOTALLY different from Kyoshi, some people have to accept that each Avatar will have their own journey, it doesn’t matter if it’s around the world, the spirit world, or just get to know themselves better and be the best Avatars they can be. Korra IS a teenage girl, but she’s facing a lot of problems, with her family, with the spirits, and WITH THE WHOLE WORLD. It’s hard to keep everything balanced, she is just a teenager and she still has a lot of things to learn.