As i spend my evening at the school’s library, i cant help but think about my role models who keep pushing me to do better. Who is hard on me when they need to be, and easy on me when they need to be. Who only want the best for me.

The reason why Zaira is a role model is because after she taught for a couple of years, she moved on to getting mer Masters’ in counseling to help children who have gone through traumatic events in life , just how she did growing up. She was in school while married, and had a baby after she finished school. And having a baby without baba being there to witness the birth of his first grandson is a trauma itself. And on top of that, Sanabel was currently hospitalized and wasnt there to see the person shes been waiting to see. I dont know how you are so strong.

The reason why Sanabel is my role model is because she got her Bachelors in Child life Development, so that she can work at Children’s hospital of Dallas, the same hospital she went to for a decade. She loved the staff there so much. They gave her a smile all the time. She wanted to be the reason why any child smiles, and give them hope while they are going through all that pain and medication. She went to school while she was ill. And graduated 2 years before she passed away.

And last but not least, my mother. Who had 5 beautiful children and raised 4 children, giving them everything they need, whenever they need it, despite of my father not being around for the past 6 years. Inti taj rasi, yamma. Sorry for all the ghalaba I put you through… Now its just Shurook and I living with you at home, and i know times are tough. But i promise mama, i will make you proud one day. I promise…

Zaira, Sanabel, and Mama. You are not only role models, but my inspirations and my heros.

To the strongest women I know,
I love you.

للتواصل عبر الفيس بوك

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كمان عماد عزمى \\ ليد جيتار حسين جمال
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