I’ve been wanting to write this since quite a while, never got the time and mood together for it though.

Some people might call me a racist for drumming about some random culture over the internet, some might call a show off but the real reason is that my love for the Punjabi culture makes me write this. I was born and brought up in Delhi, went to school along with people of all cultures. Being a Punjabi wasn’t a big deal for me back then, it was a normal thing, why? Because I didn’t know shit about Punjabi.

  • I used to hate typical Punjabi music unless and until it was remixed by some and pretty famous DJ and got popular. I used to call that music too ‘Desi’ for me.
  • I didn’t and couldn’t even talk in Punjabi.
  • Punjabi culture? Folklore? Music and Dances? Celebrations? Events? I knew nothing about it. I was just a Punjabi on paper.

Just the moment I stepped in my teenage years, I had to move to Jalandhar. Initially I felt like an alien there. I made friends and learned talking in 'Tutti Futti’ Punjabi with them. I started understanding what songs meant and realized how much more meaningful the lyrics were. Through songs I got to know about the folklores, about Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-Punnu, Mirza-Sahiba, Sohni-Mahiwaal. I got to know names like Waris Shah, Bulleh Shah and Shiv Kumar Batalvi, heard singers like Surinder Kaur, Parkash Kaur, Yamla Jatt, Chamkila, Asa Singh Mastana and so much more. All this time I had been sitting with a treasure under me and I wasn’t aware of it?

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Phullan Mehak Nu Sambhaal…onne lavenga njaare jinna rukk javenga…

Tainu khidne di kaahli ne hairaan karna…Lokaan hathan vich mall k vraan karna…


Some Mast Fakir Singers! Speaking about simple things!