DAY 3165

Jalsa, Mumbai                Nov 27,  2016              Sun 10:26 am 

My Father Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan ..  birth,  November 27, 1907 

On his birth anniversary I search for appropriate words to describe the moment, but having failed on my own, I slide down my desk to his works that never keep too far a distance from wherever I am, and on opening just the very first page quite inadvertently, come to the above verse from ‘Milan Yamini’, one of his collections from the early years .. and how apt the verse for this day, this remembrance ..

‘Milan Yamini’ the collection of poems was dedicated to my Mother, and his joy and happiness on meeting her and his sudden and immediate marriage to her after several years of grief that followed him after the death of his first wife, is that phase that turned his thoughts from the darkness of sadness to the joys of his meeting my Mother and then the presence of his two sons, Amitabh and Ajitabh ..

‘Milan Yamini’ means the night of meeting .. ‘milan’ is meeting, ‘yamini’ is night. This is the title of the book that contains the collection of his poems written during that period of his life ..

There will be several Hindi experts on the Blog Ef, that shall ably translate the poem, but in concise it may be said that the poet talks of his thoughts on the meeting of his love, his partner and who knows, his wife, my Mother ..

“You are in my dreams , you are in my awakening too .. when did I like any other in the light of the day ..when ever did the darkness of the night hide you from me .. you are in my nights and in the rays of the early morning dawn .. you are in my dreams , you are in my awakening too ..

“The story that I narrated was your story .. whatever I heard was in your description .. you are in my eyes and in my inner self .. you are in my talk, you are in the atmosphere .. you are in my dreams, you are in my awakening too ..

“My attention only goes in your direction .. nothing else of intent enters my mind and thoughts but you .. you are in my body and in my meditation .. you are in my dreams, you are in my awakening ..

“The image or form that moves about, is you .. that raga that dhun that tune that one hears, or that plays and moves about, is you ..you are in my eyes in my inner most .. you are in my dreams, you are in my awakening ..”

This is such a bland soulless insipid translation of what the poem is in Hindi .. and that is the tragedy of translation - it can never catch the essence of the original, no matter what .. the play of words, the graph the meter, the energy of the sounds, the rhythm of the thoughts .. never never is even remotely close to what the poet has written .. but for those of you who are Hindi challenged, it is an attempt to put across the feelings ..

The beauty of good poetry is that it has a vision and sense and thought of its own .. of the inner most feel of the writer the author the poet .. BUT .. its greatness comes when each and everyone that reads it find a bit of himself in it, finds an identity which relates to the reader too .. that is the strength of the poem, of the verse .. 

In the foreword to one of his collections my Father had expressed these very same thoughts .. I have merely taken them from him and put them across ..

This collection of poems called ‘Milan Yamini’ has been dedicated to my Mother with these words :

the dedication to my Mother Teji for the book ‘Milan Yamini’ a collection of poems written during 1945 - 1949 

It speaks of the dedication to Teji .. whose presence in my imagination came through the laughter and smiles of  Ajit and Amit ( Ajitabh and Amitabh, my brother and me ), whose feelings filled my world and became the sound of my verse, whose voice and sounds of words became the strumming of those strings on the ‘veena’ ( an Indian string instrument, much like the sitar, but a little more complex, the Goddess Saraswati the Goddess of learning sits with it ), echoing in my life forever .. to her I dedicate this book ..

My Father and my Mother in around 1956 when they came up to Nainital to visit us in school in Sherwood College .. 

I glance again at the dissertation that my Father did in Cambridge on WB Yeats and Occultism .. Yeats, that famous and celebrated Irish poet .. my Father achieved his Doctorate in 2 years what most would not in 4 .. and this an extract from the thesis that he did, when putting across a point he referred to words from the ‘Works of William Blake’ (1893 ) :

“To the body belongs the fire of passion and energy, the stern outline of the mask that both encloses and charcterises the individual. To the soul, the sweet outflowing element or vehicle of love and beauty, belongs the gracious attractiveness which needs the heavier form of corporeal life to make it a fact as well as a dream.”

“…. all the powers of nature have their purpose and their place, and man’s personal feeling when it is a passive vehicle for the creative fire within, makes itself a mere mask for the divine.”

“He ( Blake) admitted human imperfection, saying frankly, that every man was born naturally evil, and required to be continually changed into his direct contrary.”

I am but a minuscule natures element, a  miraculous gene of the genius that was my Father .. 

Him I worship and sustain in my every hour of living ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Surgeon Finds Embryonic Twin Inside Woman’s Brain

26-year-old Yamini Karanam started having difficulty comprehending things she read and heard, and when many people were speaking in a room at once, she found it hard to understand what was happening.

Doctors soon discovered a tumor in her brain. But when she underwent surgery, the surgeon found something startling. The tumor was actually the woman’s embryonic twin.

Karanam recently underwent the minimally-invasive brain surgery at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles. Her surgeon, Dr. Hrayr Shahinian, says he was surprised when he found Karanam’s embryonic twin. The twin had never developed, but it was still found “with bone, hair and teeth.” (Source) 

anonymous asked:

is2g yamini im gonna puch fucking hapele in the throat. Im gonna fucking Do It , in the loving memory of Tsumugi, rest in fucking pieces Sweet BabyBoy


Without further delay, I want to introduce Project Raga!  I don’t have an official title yet, and hope to one day when it stumbles upon me during a shower or before I drift to dreamland in bed.  

Project Raga is a game I want to create featuring these two heroes- the husband and wife duo of Mirza and Yamini, two professional adventurers in their thirties.  Set in a land inspired by East Asia (specifically India and reaching out to the Middle East), these two will get wrapped up in a great adventure that you’d explore in a title built on stealth gameplay elements.

I’ll be writing a series of “pre-dev” diaries over at my blog at TAY, Kotaku’s reader run blog called Talk Amongst Yourselves, and hopefully this thing can be a reality.  I’ve been working on character concepts and turnarounds, story, and gameplay designs for the last month and it’s been a ton of fun so far.  I’ll be posting art every few days so keep your eyes peeled.  You’ll see a lot more of these two and the world they come from so I hope you’ll look forward to it!



inside and outside and within and without.

is this an outfit? PROBABLY.

60’s carpet coat- mom

90’s yaminy beaded top- goodwill

garter shorts- ALLIHALLA

tights- target

saddle shoes- internet

when I was walking to meet my friends (for the 32 minutes I was out of bed), this cretin lurkus bus station dad with the most shined boots I’ve ever seen was like “heh heh I like your outfit” and I said “YEAH SO DOES MY BOYFRIEND” and I walked away. At the bar, I kept thumbs downing drunk bros and frowning. Now I am in bed again with Unknown Pleasures and the heater up high and the windows open because it smells like the fish sauce laden thai food I made for dinner. Times is tuff when you’re home alone for the first time in 800 years.