yamino games!

Can we also talk about what a cutie pie Ema is and how cool it is to see her grow up over the course of 3 games?

It always impresses me when anime-style art actually pays attention to aging and how it affects a character’s design. It’s subtle, but there.  Every time she shows up I get feels, she grew up to look so much like her sis. T____T <3

I miss Lana, I can’t believe she didn’t even get a passing mention. =(((

I finished 999!

Well, I got one of the 6 endings.

Everyone got stabbed and died!! Even me!!  Whyyyyyyy where did things go so wroooong


But I will admit that it did get more interesting as it went on, so I’ll be playing a few more endings.  The fast-forward option is nice. I wish you could skip the room escapes you already did, too. =/