Been meaning to make this for a while, so here we are! I do commissions in between my projects, and I do love doing them, so it’s about time I get around to putting up the prices.

The commissions are generally completed within two or three days after payment and you can specify whether or not you want me to send it to you directly or post it on my blog for everyone to see. Once I receive the payment I start drawing the commission accordingly. Here are the kinds of pieces you can commission…

$7.00 USD – Additional characters cost $2 each.

$10.00 USD – Additional Characters cost $5 each.

Flat colors simply means lineart and coloring – but no shading.

$15.00 USD – Additional characters cost $5 each.

The character will be lined, colored, and have flat shading. This means there will be no blending involved.

$20.00 USD – Additional characters cost $10 each.

Fully colored character with blending and details.

+$3.00 USD / $7.00 USD

Simple backgrounds will add on 3.00 to the overall price of the commission while intricate backgrounds will add on 7.00 to the overall commission. A drawing like the above counts as a simple background and would cost 3.00 USD.

+$10.00 USD to overall price

Things that fall under the NSFW category are nudity, sexual acts, visual innuendo and gore. All of which I am ready and willing to draw.

$7.00 USD – A pair of buddy icons cost $12.00 USD

No matter what the quality, an icon will always cost the same. …Unless you want me to animate it. The price is negotiable on animations.

Other Info

I often do commissions for Gemsona designs and have done a few character sheets. Feel free to commission your OC. And if you feel shy about asking, I will draw weird things… but it might take a little longer than other commissions, depending on what you want.

I recieve payments through PayPal – contact me first through message or ask to give me commission details, then send the payment to yamikaisu@gmail.com.

Thanks for viewing! ♥