YGOTOBER Day 17: Leaf Pile

Short and sweet! YAY!! I am trying to catch up, I really am!

 Yugi smiled big, he had just finished raking the leaves that his grandpa had asked him to. “All done!” He said proudly.

“Done with what?” Yami, the spirit of the puzzle, asked as he appeared next to Yugi.

“I just finished raking the backyard.” Yugi smiled at the spirit.

Yami looked around at the two piles in the middle of the yard. “Good job! It looks great.” He gave Yugi a big smile. “What do you do with the piles now?”

Yugi tilted his head at the question. Trying to figure out how to word it. “Well there is a lot of things you could do. Most people burn them, which I love that smell. Some take them and put in a trash bag or a bag that has a face on it to make it a decoration.” He smirked as the last idea came to his. “And other’s well, they jump in it.”

Yami was taken back by the last answer. “Jump in it? Wouldn’t that just cause the leaves to spread all over the ground again?” Yugi nodded. “Then why jump in it?”

“Cause it’s fun, Mou Hitori no Boku.” Yugi’s grin grew wider using the nickname he used for Yami.

Yami cocked an eyebrow. “Fun? How so?” He asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Yugi began to laugh. “You shouldn’t have asked.” He threw the rake down on the ground and ran towards the pile and just as he jumped into the air, he switched places with the spirit, allowing him to be the one falling into the leaves.

Yami landed into the pile of leaves and shook his head as he felt the leaves fall on him. “Aibou! That was dirty!” He looked over to the boy who was standing next to him, laughing. His face changed from frustration to laughter as he watched Yugi laugh. “Okay, that was a little fun.” He admitted and Yugi’s smile got big and he jumped into the pile as well.