all yami wanted was a coffee but all he did was embarrass himself in front of an angel

(yugi ended up writing his number on the cup tho B”))) )


also a quick detail shot of the notes(i forgot to write on the black ones welp)

A perverted (but totally harmless) doodle of Yami.

I love making my favorite pop outfit TVXQ and fictional characters from Yugioh ripped, because men’s muscles are beautiful.♥

For the love of Eastern twin gods and Egyptian gods, people should STOP telling me such horribly CRAPPY bullshits as :

- Boys taking good care of their body are men-sluts, so stop displaying your preference for men’s appearance and beware of falling in love with those evil that may screw your future married life

- A small, ugly lawyer/prosecutor/physician is more worthy of the title《a real man》than a tall, handsome guy with mediocre occupation

Oh shut up Just shut the F up :-0

Guys being penchant for girls’ boobs and booty are a-okay, while girls praising men’s gorgeous muscular body are wrong and unacceptable?

F**k you :D

I’ll draw whatever I want! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ