My giftarts to @ashethehedgehog, thanks so much for making my first trip to Melbourne a GREAT one!! <3 

Couldn’t resist drawing your favorite Yugioh bois and dragon, also it’s been 5000 years since I last drew Pharaoh Atem.


Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura/Thief King Bakura, and Yami Marik all like fire or setting things on fire. it’s a trait all three of them share XD

Yami Yugi blew someone up with an explosive, used a maze of fire against thugs bullying Hanasaki, and set a guy on fire in the early manga, gleefully burned down some Trents in Capsule Monsters (and a couple of his monsters had fire-based attacks), Yami Bakura burns down a city in The Falsebound Kingdom if you lose to him, Thief King Bakura set a whole city on fire and set the desert on fire when test-driving Diabound’s new powers, Yami Bakura made Zorc’s game piece set a LOT of things on fire, and Yami Marik’s whole strategy ended up as ‘set things on fire with Ra.’ XD