Yami and the Ink Machine doodles, Yugi edition!

AKA, Yugi being done with everyone’s shit from the very beginning.

Some highlights:

-Yugi pretty much adopting all the Toons cause fuck you Seto, no more hurting the mostly-innocent characters

-Yugi attempting to eat 15+ year old soup and failing

-Toon!Yugi, inspired by the amazing Toon!Henry au

-And “Yami” pinning his prey down, ready to finally get payback for being abandoned by his creator

So this what really happened after the movie. Like it’s … it’s just canon

(the german dub is as gay as the english dub. The movie tells the story about how Seto Kaiba got enough money and time to resurrect his love interest, failed, and then screwed the rules of death to visit him anyway. 2 hours full of Prideshipping)