yami is the girl

Marik: Can I just say that we don’t have a Shadow Realm problem in this tournament, and some of us shouldn’t have to be here because some of us are just victims in this situation?
Ishizu: That’s probably true. How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Marik Ishtar?
Yugi: -hand shoots into air-
Everyone else: -raises hands at normal pace-
Yami Bakura: -sheepishly raises bandaged arm-

Presumably the magical girl transformation sequence isn’t actually happening in-universe, since no one ever reacts to it…so does that mean every time Yami takes over the body, he has to take a time-out to adjust his wardrobe?

Kaiba: So are we gonna duel or what.

Yami: I said I accept your challenge, just give me a minute.

Kaiba: I’ve given you like ten minutes! You’ve already combed your bangs up and slung your jacket over your shoulders like a stupid cape, what more do you need?!

Yami: Could you keep it down, it takes a lot of focus to apply winged eyeliner.

Kaiba: Oh come on

skyisthelimit112  asked:

Okay I'm not usually an AU person but I literally just spent the last hour and a half going through your TTC tag and my heart is currently a puddle of goo but also a mass of throbbing pain how dare you take me on such an emotional roller coaster. (But actually I will never get enough of bb Yami/Atem, what have you done.) I do actually have a question though - so bb Yami can see/summon duel monster spirits? Any of them? And they're corporal? How do his other monsters interact with him then?

Spirits aren’t corporeal unless they’re in an area of high spiritual energy, or unless they were strong to begin with. Bb Yami can see and interact with spirits because he’s a spirit himself, just with a corporeal body. He can touch them and they can touch him. Supernatural creatures often visit him out of curiosityand a certain magician makes sure that they don’t harm him in any way. 

He has the ability to summon Duel Monsters, but only low level ones. It’s very rare that he can summon high level monsters, as it takes a lot of power and concentration to do so. He tends to use Kuriboh on any of his attackers/kidnappers.

There are exceptions to this summoning rule, there are strong Duel Monsters that come to him with little effort. 

But this is more because they want to, rather than bb Yami’s ability to summon them. 


I like the parallels between the Blue-Eyes White Dragons and the Ultimate Dragon powering up the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and Magician’s Valkyria, Dark Magician, and Dark Magician Girl doing the same for the Sorcerer of Dark Magic.