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That neat puzzle box... you just need to undo the hinges and you are in. Scream them back in and no one knows how you solved it so fast.

How YGO Characters would solve that puzzle:

Yugi: Actually Do it.

Ryou: Just leave it there, don’t put anything in there. It’s a decor, and it’s neat.

Yami Bakura: Tries to, it’s too hard, leaves it and steals Yugi’s which is already solved and doesn’t close it to solve it again.

Marik: Actually undos the hinges. Tells everyone he solved it.


Episode 60 part 2. Time for some ILLUSIONS!!

Yami followed a clown’s directions into a magic show box (it’s basically identical to the Mystic Box magic card that lets Dark Magician switch places with another Monster). It also seems to be legit magic, cause the box he steps into opens…





Yami doesn’t seem bothered by it, he just elegantly explores his surroundings.

I dunno, he’s just standing really elegantly here. 

The screen shows his own duelist data, including his rarest card, of course, Dark/Black Magician. Who suddenly changes clothes and comes out of the screen all horror movie style.

Shocked Pharaoh is dork Pharaoh, pretty much as a rule.

You can tell how much respect a person deserves by taking the inverse of how much respect they program a hologram to show them…

But Yami isn’t thrown by a monster coming out of a computer screen. Maybe because Red Dark Magician looks more like a hologram than most of the Solid Vision monsters; he’s slightly static-y for some reason.

Eeee! He’s so COOL. That second shot is one of my favourite screencaps from this episode.

While we have him in almost-silhouette there, please take a moment to appreciate Pandora’s hip-points. #fashun 

I point it out now because his full costume is so eye-blisteringly mad that it’s hard to focus on just one issue. It’s all stripes and mask and things-that-aren’t-usually-pointy-being-pointy and ENORMOUS BOW TIE.

See? A perfectly sane man, wearing sane clothes, making a sane statement. 

Yami decides to respond by being BOSS AS FUCK. He tells Pandora that the duelist chooses the cards, but sometimes a card chooses a duelist, and a duelist’s heart becomes one with their deck, while pulling out and shuffling his own deck.

He shuffles, and draws the top card.

And of course…


And we get some self-assured and smiling Mahaad, always happy to be of service to his King. <3 

Also, Yami just manifested Dark Magician without using the Duel Disk. I presume that’s why his DM is just ghostly but Pandora’s is static-y. No one seems to be bothered by the fact that he just summoned a Monster by willpower, but okay. Seems important to me!

It pleases me that Yami’s got a rep for accepting any duel, no matter how ludicrous. He has truly earned that reputation.

So Pandora takes him downstairs to his creepy duel arena, and they shuffle their decks with much panache. Pandora does some flashy shuffling…

But Yami isn’t impressed…

Pandora says he doesn’t care. This is to show that Pandora doesn’t care about his cards - damaging them through lackadaisical shuffling techniques, cutting them up, treating them disrespectfully, etc. 

I have to keep reminding myself that that’s more important in their universe.

They cut their cards on this bitchin’ table.

“By the way, Pandora, bitchin’ table! Do they make a version for soul rooms? Mine’s a bit sparse on furniture.”

Pandora is perfectly happy to let Yami cut his cards, after all, as everyone says…

No. Wait. No one says that.

Then Yami deviates wildly from the message of the show! In response to Pandora saying “friends” he makes a dismissive little “tch” sound and says,

Yugi is screaming somewhere in the back seat. 

Pandora says they may not be friends but…



… ha


From here, shit gets dark fast.

The floor suddenly draws back, moving both of them to the opposite edges of the ring and the table sinks down. Yami is taken by surprise.


And then this happens. Long-time readers might remember that I have such a thing for Yami being trapped in a duel. I love that he’s small and slight and shackled in place and he still puts on that cocky persona and fights back.

Part of me was still sort of expecting the 4Kids cop-out but no!


Yami’s quick on the uptake

He’s no fool. I mean, aside from allowing himself to get into this very avoidable situation in the first place.

Holy shit. This is some high-level child-traumatising gore!

Yami isn’t impressed.

See that box between the shackles?

It’s a box. And he’s named Pandora.

GET IT?! DO YOU GET IT?! CAUSE HOPE WAS THE LAST THING AT THE BOTTOM OF PANDORA’S BOX. If you don’t, go watch the episode, they tell the full story of Pandora’s box. 

How long has he been waiting for this moment? OR How often does he contrive scenarios to have Pandora’s Box references? 

So this is our setup:

The saws have Life Point markers along their tracks. And each box opens if the other duelist’s LP hit zero. So theoretically, they’re trapped until one of them wins the duel, and the moment one of them does win the duel, the other will be fatally wounded.

They start the duel, and Pandora immediately has his Black Magician in his hand … because he cheated.

His Black Magician cards have been cut to be slightly smaller than the other cards, so when Yami cut the deck, it naturally “broke” at the smaller card, and the smaller card was left on the top. Not sure this would work every time, but it worked this time, so okay.


Unfortunately for Cheaty McMurderface, Yami was onto him - when he was careless of his cards (indicating he might be the kind of person to cut them) and immediately agreed that Yami could cut his deck, Yami guessed he might have done something like that. So he opens with a card that means both players discard their hand.

“Both of us. INCLUDING you. Really spelling this out for you, fucker.”

And then!

He manages to summon his Black Magician, drawing him in his new hand, without the need to cheat. (Although it did look a lot like he was cheating, since it only showed him dumping his hand and not drawing the new hand, and I thought he was just bullshitting.)

Now Pandora’s in trouble!

He busts out his EPIC POINTING MANEUVER, dropping Pandora to 1500 Life Points on the second turn. Not bad.


I wanted to draw a lot of the gaming Youtubers, but decided to draw them all in one spot hanging out…

I watch most of these Youtubers, but not all and I wanted to throw some in there that other people watch as well…

In Attendance:

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Projared   JonTron   Markiplier   Jwittz

Row 2 Left to Right:

Tamashii Hiroka   Smooth Mcgroove   Greg & The Completionist

Row 3 Left to Right:

Jackscepticeye   Yamimash   Muyskerm   Lordminion777

Row 4 Left to Right:

Smosh   The Sw1tcher  (Matt, Pat, and Woolie)

Row 5 Left to Right:

The Game Grumps   (Arin, Dan, Barry, Suzy, Ross, and Kevin)

At the Top Left to Right:

PenutButterGamer   Game Theorists   Tiny Box Tim   Jacques

Thank all of you guys for your awesomeness and hilarious videos about games. Everyone’s videos here have helped me through some though times and stressful situations, making me smile when my days go bad and of course always gave me a good laugh…

So once again to all of you Gaming Youtubers I say…


Yugioh the Darkside of Dimensions summary (with images/sketches)


I tried taking notes as I was watching the movie so I got the first couple of duels down but after a certain point I was like uggggh 


 I also tried take screen caps from trailers so far to put them in where certain events happen too. Two characters i did a quick sketch of they can be found during the summary too. I also read through this summary http://tachishini.tumblr.com/post/143242399662/yu-gi-oh-the-darkside-of-dimensions because there were parts I was a bit confused or wasn’t clear to me and wanted to find another summary to confirm. 

update: HJ has a more comphernsive plot summary http://hjwritesthings.tumblr.com/post/144410784844/dark-side-of-dimensions-summary

A non-story spoiler of note is that Kazuki Takahashi was the one to keyframe/animate the scene of Yugi putting on the new duel disk.

My thoughts at the end if you want to just read that.

 Let’s begin!

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Episode 60! Time for some ILLUSIONS!

Well, first time for some plot. This is part 1!

We open with the sound of a mugging off-camera. A card game related mugging, of course. #whatisthisshow Luckily, Mokuba is on the case!

He has a whistle and all! That’s how you know he’s the Battle City Steering (?) Committee Chairman and not, in fact, a child with a whistle. 

The asshole duelist isn’t convinced by the whistle, but unfortunately for him, that’s when big brother shows up.

Not gonna lie, I would fully expect to be murdered at this point. Instead, he lures him into a false sense of security by giving him his pick of a bunch of rare cards. Frankly that would just make me more worried I was about to get murdered, but this guy’s optimistic.

lol sure

He thinks Kaiba’s going to lose because he’s filled his deck with strong rare cards but dude, you got those cards FROM KAIBA. OBVIOUSLY Kaiba’s going to also have cards at least as strong and rare, if not some kind of unstoppable God-monster.

(a) Kaiba’s crazy is leaking out again

(b) SURELY that should attract attention? That’s not like when a character thinks about someone really hard and gets a picture of them floating in the sky. That’s literally there, as far as I can tell. 

Speaking of a character thinking about someone really hard and getting a picture of them floating in the sky…


I’m just saying, he always seems to imagine Yami looking particularly attractive… #prideshipping

I feel sorry for him, though, because - and this will not go away for the whole damn tournament - he’s so focused on Yami, but Yami’s attention is divided between him, Jounouchi and Malik.

Malik himself, meanwhile, is reminiscing about that time he broke into an ancient temple to steal a trading card.

And immediately got busted by his big sister and her advanced version of “what would mom say?” guilt-trip.

One presumes the “myth” is that the Pharaoh is going to come back, not that there was a Pharaoh with magic card game powers at all, since he’s pretty invested in the magic card game powers.

Ishizu tells him she can’t allow him to steal Ra, and he threatens her with the Millennium Rod.

So, he’s obviously making terrible life choices here, but he says he’s doing it for “us” (including Ishizu) to be free of the obligations of being Tombkeepers, and he doesn’t use the Rod until she gives him no choice (she thinks he won’t use it against her) and he seems to feel bad about doing it. The way he says this, I get the impression that she’s the last person he’d ever use it on … it’s just, he’s hit the point where he’d use it on anyone. Even though they’re actively working counter to each other’s goals now, they have a bond as siblings that doesn’t go away.

Rishid (Odion in the dub) has just told Malik that Seto Kaiba played Obilisk in Domino City, they know where in the city he was too. Records are unclear if this is because they have access to Kaiba’s Duel Satellite or if someone just literally saw the ENORMOUS MONSTER.

And Malik suddenly figures out why this suspiciously convenient tournament is happening in the first place.

Ishizu. Ishizu is why.

It’d be bad enough to have a high-achieving older sister on the side of good, as an evil megalomaniac, but it’s even more annoying if she can see the future!

Anyway, he’s not bothered by Kaiba or his sister’s machinations, he’s focused on his goal; the Pharaoh.

Whom he imagines in a compromising position.

Yeah, really looks like your fate is intersecting with him there…. O,o

Yami/Malik is called Mnemoshipping, apparently. Why is that not more popular? They’re both very pretty.

Anyway, in a third location, Yami spaces out while looking at the Red Eyes Black Dragon that Jounouchi used to - and will some day again - own.

Survive is a strong word. I mean, it’s card games. He’ll definitely survive, right?



Anyway Yami’s looking forward to dueling Jounouchi in a less tense situation than their Duelist Kingdom match, and Yugi’s enthused about it too. Yugi thinks it’ll be a good memory, dueling as friends, like the memories he has of dueling with his Grandpa. But…


Yugi realises he has all these good memories of his family and friends, but Yami mostly only has memories of Yugi or duels. </3

Yugi and Yami are broken out of their joint-but-separate reverie by a FUCKING CLOWN.

Who points them into a ridiculous circus tent. Yami, whom you might remember I have previously called Mr This Looks Like A Trap I Should Trigger It To Find Out, obviously jumps on this opportunity for endangering himself.

Weirdly, though, he may also be in some sort of trance (the “I hope there’s a frigging duel at the end of this bullshit” trance, perhaps) because Anzu and Grandpa are like ten metres behind him and he doesn’t respond to them calling.


Not creepy at all…

He goes into the ??? box and it EXPLODES. Seems like a lot of theatre for something they didn’t expect anyone would be watching, but okay. Luckily, someone was watching!


When the smoke clears, the box is open and Yami is gone. Anzu and Grandpa aren’t the only ones who notice either.

You just know Kaiba has Mokuba keeping extra tabs on Yami compared to the other duelists. Although maybe the system would report any “missing” duelist, but then, the Rare Hunters do seem to be legit entrants to the tournament so it would also flag when one of them goes “missing”. I think it’s more likely Kaiba’s keeping an extra close eye on his boyfriend rival.

Where is Yami? FIND OUT NEXT TIME, in part 2!

Hey, can we talk about 5STARDOLL for a moment? I hadn’t heard of them until they released their cute Mantis (which is on my list, trust me) and I fell in love with Yami! They are amazing when it comes to packaging! The box is sealed with thin plastic. Their blanket zips up and is really thick and soft. They actually use a WAX stamp to seal up their CoAs and send you a cute laminated picture of the doll you picked! They even send cute little underwear and I got gift shoes! Go check them out!

Image by BJDConfessions

Finally the epic conclusion of the most complicated dice game ever conceived, Episode 49!

Were you worried the dice rolling may have become less ridiculous as the game progresses? Fear not!


While we have Otogi’s “my turn” subtitle up there; I thought Otogi would use “ore” (cocky young man pronoun for self) like Yami, Jounouchi, Kaiba, etc, or else “watashi” (overly-formal effeminate or businesslike) like Pegasus, but he uses “boku” (humble) like Yugi and Ryou. It sounds kinda weird cause he doesn’t have a “boku” attitude, he definitely has an “ore” attitude…! Does anyone know if using “boku” while being a prick is some kind of double-bluff, like “I’m so humble, I’m the humblest, way more humble than you and therefore better” actually-cocky thing, or if his momma just raised him right?

Anyway! The game is turning against Yami and he’s getting worried that he can’t actually win a game he’s never played before and doesn’t know all the rules to while learning the rules on the fly, against the guy who invented the game. He’s worried he’ll lose and have to give up playing Duel Monsters.

Also “me and my other self” you are breaking my heart you beautiful thing! Other people might not credit Yugi, but Yami always will!

His friends are quick to rally! Jounouchi gives a stirring speech saying that Yami owes all his opponents who tried their best against him that he will always try _his_ best, so as not to discredit their losses. Including Pegasus.

This is the second time Jounouchi’s gone “I know I’m supposed to not be talking, but just let me say this one speech”, which, like, what’s even the point of dueling for Jounouchi’s freedom from Otogi’s rules if Jounouchi is going to flaunt those rules anyway and get away with it. Oh I forgot everyone involved is a hyper-dramatic teenager. Nvm.

Honda praises Jou for his rousing speech, but…

Jeez Honda why are you even friends?!

But anyway, even with the ridiculous outfit, it has the intended effect and Yami determines to pull a miracle from somewhere.

YES ROLL YOU GET IT BECAUSE DICE omg you are such a perfect dork

So, they continue Dungeon Dice Word Salad

There’s a lot of this. It isn’t really explained very much. DDM is almost as complicated as Duel Monsters, but only exists for these few episodes, but they just go all in. Both players just _do stuff_ and I only know if it’s impressive or surprising or whatever based on the other player’s reaction. Which I guess is very realistic, but compared to Duel Monsters, where I know mostly how the rules work, it’s strange to be watching something where I don’t, cause no one does, and you have to pick it up from context. Apparently attacking six times is unusual and blocking six attacks is even more impressive!

Oh you think he’s been put in his place, Otogi? This little package of Pharaoh is going to explode in your smug fucking face!

The internet! Millions of people are not only interested in this literally-never-seen-before dice game they are SO interested that they’ve abandoned their plans for today to watch an unannounced livestream of it! YGOverse is weird.

So Otogi thinks he has it in the bag, but! Against all odds, Yami pulls off one last summon!

Yes! YES!

Well that’s embarrassing. Didn’t feel like glancing over the game files before you debuted your game before MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, no?

Turns out Pegs added in a few Duel Monsters monsters and gave them Duel Monsters themed Special Abilities. He told Otogi that he planned on doing that (though not which monsters he would choose) but Otogi … forgot to look into that? Awkward.

This guy. He’s called “Dark Assassin”. And he’s wearing a lime green puffy vest and yellow pirate booties and travels by bouncing from square to square making a woop-woop-woop giggling noise. He is SERIOUSLY misnamed. And generally ill-conceived. 

Otogi uses him as a cannonball and fires him towards Black Magician BUT! Magical Hats is one of Black Magician’s Special Abilities!

Then things get awkward, with what I assume is a mistranslation.

Silk hat on the far left. Simple enough.


… That is.

Now I presume it was just mistranslated in the subtitles but I find it hilarious that Otogi actually did choose the correct hat but his cannon dude disobeyed him and lost him the duel!

Because that is exactly what happens! Yami activates Black Magician’s second ability, Magic Death Box!

Okay, ew. 4Kids must have edited that limp dead body out, right? Does the dub version even have the swords?

Also Black Magician looks kinda short here. Not Yugi-short, but shortish!

Short maybe but also hella sassy! Black Magician’s “tsk tsk tsk” finger-wagging sassmaster routine gives me life!

And that’s it for Otogi, he only has one life point left and Black Magician’s got a clear run at him, so he loses!

They all sit around for a chat afterwards, and try to make him feel better, cause they’re nice like that, even though I definitely would have been like “Later, you cheating weirdo” but apparently friendship is the theme of this whole crazy train ride so friendship it is.

But it isn’t. Although Otogi does immediately get an email from Industrial Illusions offering the contract for the game just like Pegasus promised. I have to imagine Pegasus (or Croquet?) was watching the livestream because otherwise that timing is way too impossible.

And Otogi is going to try to be nicer and less of a cheating dick-wallop.

He says this TO YUGI and Yugi says “Eh, no worries, I’m over it!”. You were never under it, Yugi! He should be apologising to Jounouchi, except he shouldn’t, because Jounouchi TOTALLY brought that all on himself, and Yami was the one who decided it could not be tolerated and the real thing he should be apologising for was cheating and badmouthing Yami so much. Ugh! Fucking teenagers.

And now they’re all friends.

You can tell they are all friends, because they are all making exactly the same face. The friendship face. ^_^

Episode 48, Otogi is a cheating cheater.

There’s a lot to hate about the cheerleader squad, that they’re misogynistic (and kinda racist? I’m not sure what’s going on with the short one with very different lips and a deep voice, but I’m getting kinda racist vibes…) and in a show that already has such a tiny proportion of the important characters as women, and even fewer of those women get to be duelists, including them explicitly as bimbo cheerleaders is like rubbing salt in the wound … but also they are just annoying.


Otogi tells Yami only the bare minimum of the rules, but Yami starts learning them himself during spare moments.

You didn’t need a screenshot to understand that, but I needed this screenshot of an adorable gorgeous Pharaoh using a digital display, so here we are.

Jounouchi continues to be weird and vaguely sexual.

And Honda and Anzu continue to not be very good friends to him.

And the dice rolling continues to be EXTREMELY DRAMATIC.

Hot dice-rolling action!

Incidentally, it is not clear to me if Otogi’s shop is misnamed…

Like, this seems specifically designed to make you think it should be “Black Clown” but I think the puffy studded thing in the centre might be a crown? Not a black one though. A lot of jumbled branding here, Otogi.

Those people are watching the game on big screens, and include Grandpa.

Who is angry at Yugi/Yami for playing with the “enemy” because he is a TERRIBLE GRANDFATHER.

And Yami continues to be a total dork:

While Otogi continues to be a total dick:

CHEATING. That is cheating! He fluctuates wildly between “I’m the best at this game, no one could beat me!” and “I have to beat him before he knows the rules!” Which is it, asshole?

So, now that we’re all caught up; Yami’s doing well and starts to get into the swing of summoning monsters and fighting, but Otogi has neglected to mention an important rule: you summon by putting down dice, which open to make dungeon pathways, and you have to attach them to your own existing dungeon.

Which Yami suddenly notices. 

And yep, Otogi only tells him this after he’s already boxed him in. (This screencap is from the end of the episode, but it shows the boxing-in very clearly.)

I’m now delierately taking unflattering screenshots of him because MORE THAN ONE OF US CAN PLAY UNFAIR, OTOGI.

Also this game is total nonsense.

… Word Salad: the dice game.

The black dice turn out to summon a portal instead of a monster; Otogi thinks he can portal his way into Yami’s space, but Yami completes the portal first, so he portals into Otogi’s space with his ninja and wipes out two of Otogi’s three life points.

SPEAKING OF THE NINJA. This guy is awesome!

He talks, and he announces himself when he arrives! None of the other monsters talk, so I dunno why he does, but it’s fucking great! (Although having a ninja who literally announces his presence seems like a poor choice?)

And he’s really pleased with himself!

And he and Yami fold their arms at the same time!

And he very enthusiastically attacks Otogi twice! Bet Otogi regretted making him talk at this point!

And he is disappointed in himself when he’s killed! I was genuinely sad to see him go. (Yugi presumably would have flipped the fuck out. #callback #episode45)

So the score is now Otogi 1/3 and Yami 2/3, and Anzu and Honda are thrilled!

Anzu expresses delight via punching. 

And even Otogi is starting to respect Yami’s ability…

Well, no. But he is very talented!