yami in a box


The magic box of favorite decks, in order from top to bottom:

Egyptian God deck, including Slipher the sky dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, the winged dragon of Ra, and all exodia pieces

Creatures of the sky deck, including two blue eyes white dragons, three red eyes black dragons, Hyozanryu dragon. (Winged beast, dragon, and thunder based)

Cannibal deck, including two giant axe mummies, two patrician of darkness’s, and one dark dust spirit (Zombie based deck)

Blue eyes deck, including three blue eyes white dragons, blue eyes ultimate dragon, azure eyes silver dragon, first of the dragons, and dragon spirit of white

Red eyes deck, including red eyes black dragon, red eyes black flare dragon, red eyes archfiend of lightening, archfiend black skull dragon, red eyes flare dragon, alligators sword dragon, and red eyes retro dragon

Episode 60 part 2. Time for some ILLUSIONS!!

Yami followed a clown’s directions into a magic show box (it’s basically identical to the Mystic Box magic card that lets Dark Magician switch places with another Monster). It also seems to be legit magic, cause the box he steps into opens…





Yami doesn’t seem bothered by it, he just elegantly explores his surroundings.

I dunno, he’s just standing really elegantly here. 

The screen shows his own duelist data, including his rarest card, of course, Dark/Black Magician. Who suddenly changes clothes and comes out of the screen all horror movie style.

Shocked Pharaoh is dork Pharaoh, pretty much as a rule.

You can tell how much respect a person deserves by taking the inverse of how much respect they program a hologram to show them…

But Yami isn’t thrown by a monster coming out of a computer screen. Maybe because Red Dark Magician looks more like a hologram than most of the Solid Vision monsters; he’s slightly static-y for some reason.

Eeee! He’s so COOL. That second shot is one of my favourite screencaps from this episode.

While we have him in almost-silhouette there, please take a moment to appreciate Pandora’s hip-points. #fashun 

I point it out now because his full costume is so eye-blisteringly mad that it’s hard to focus on just one issue. It’s all stripes and mask and things-that-aren’t-usually-pointy-being-pointy and ENORMOUS BOW TIE.

See? A perfectly sane man, wearing sane clothes, making a sane statement. 

Yami decides to respond by being BOSS AS FUCK. He tells Pandora that the duelist chooses the cards, but sometimes a card chooses a duelist, and a duelist’s heart becomes one with their deck, while pulling out and shuffling his own deck.

He shuffles, and draws the top card.

And of course…


And we get some self-assured and smiling Mahaad, always happy to be of service to his King. <3 

Also, Yami just manifested Dark Magician without using the Duel Disk. I presume that’s why his DM is just ghostly but Pandora’s is static-y. No one seems to be bothered by the fact that he just summoned a Monster by willpower, but okay. Seems important to me!

It pleases me that Yami’s got a rep for accepting any duel, no matter how ludicrous. He has truly earned that reputation.

So Pandora takes him downstairs to his creepy duel arena, and they shuffle their decks with much panache. Pandora does some flashy shuffling…

But Yami isn’t impressed…

Pandora says he doesn’t care. This is to show that Pandora doesn’t care about his cards - damaging them through lackadaisical shuffling techniques, cutting them up, treating them disrespectfully, etc. 

I have to keep reminding myself that that’s more important in their universe.

They cut their cards on this bitchin’ table.

“By the way, Pandora, bitchin’ table! Do they make a version for soul rooms? Mine’s a bit sparse on furniture.”

Pandora is perfectly happy to let Yami cut his cards, after all, as everyone says…

No. Wait. No one says that.

Then Yami deviates wildly from the message of the show! In response to Pandora saying “friends” he makes a dismissive little “tch” sound and says,

Yugi is screaming somewhere in the back seat. 

Pandora says they may not be friends but…



… ha


From here, shit gets dark fast.

The floor suddenly draws back, moving both of them to the opposite edges of the ring and the table sinks down. Yami is taken by surprise.


And then this happens. Long-time readers might remember that I have such a thing for Yami being trapped in a duel. I love that he’s small and slight and shackled in place and he still puts on that cocky persona and fights back.

Part of me was still sort of expecting the 4Kids cop-out but no!


Yami’s quick on the uptake

He’s no fool. I mean, aside from allowing himself to get into this very avoidable situation in the first place.

Holy shit. This is some high-level child-traumatising gore!

Yami isn’t impressed.

See that box between the shackles?

It’s a box. And he’s named Pandora.

GET IT?! DO YOU GET IT?! CAUSE HOPE WAS THE LAST THING AT THE BOTTOM OF PANDORA’S BOX. If you don’t, go watch the episode, they tell the full story of Pandora’s box. 

How long has he been waiting for this moment? OR How often does he contrive scenarios to have Pandora’s Box references? 

So this is our setup:

The saws have Life Point markers along their tracks. And each box opens if the other duelist’s LP hit zero. So theoretically, they’re trapped until one of them wins the duel, and the moment one of them does win the duel, the other will be fatally wounded.

They start the duel, and Pandora immediately has his Black Magician in his hand … because he cheated.

His Black Magician cards have been cut to be slightly smaller than the other cards, so when Yami cut the deck, it naturally “broke” at the smaller card, and the smaller card was left on the top. Not sure this would work every time, but it worked this time, so okay.


Unfortunately for Cheaty McMurderface, Yami was onto him - when he was careless of his cards (indicating he might be the kind of person to cut them) and immediately agreed that Yami could cut his deck, Yami guessed he might have done something like that. So he opens with a card that means both players discard their hand.

“Both of us. INCLUDING you. Really spelling this out for you, fucker.”

And then!

He manages to summon his Black Magician, drawing him in his new hand, without the need to cheat. (Although it did look a lot like he was cheating, since it only showed him dumping his hand and not drawing the new hand, and I thought he was just bullshitting.)

Now Pandora’s in trouble!

He busts out his EPIC POINTING MANEUVER, dropping Pandora to 1500 Life Points on the second turn. Not bad.


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Image by BJDConfessions