yami in a box


Atem: I’m afraid this is the end for me, Aibo…

Yugi: It’s just a head cold–

Atem: There’s no cure for illness.

Yugi: We have Advil like.. downstairs.

“My memories coalesced as these. I’d never thought to give form to my memories, as I’m sure most people don’t. I’d just banish thoughts to the ‘back of my mind’ as everyone does, only to find this room one day when I was exploring idly.” Yami shrugged a shoulder. “My own little box of dirty secrets, I guess.’

Day 19 still wasn’t an idea up until tonight when I was reminded of the beautiful fic “Boxes and Clouds” by all time amazing @kudalyn . And I knew I had to do it. 

This fic I swear… It presents such an interesting concept with the help of amazing headcanons and poetic writing. The first time I read it, I ended up being such an emotional mess and didn’t know what to do with life anymore. So I read it again after I had finished it. Then I wrote a comment that felt waaaaaaaaay too unworthy for such beauty. And then I read it a third time and felt like a sick stalker and that I should probably get a life. 

In short, this is one hell of a beautiful fanfic that I recommend to EVERYONE that enjoys puzzleshipping. Thank you Kuda for blessing us with your writing ♥ My art can never make it justice but damn I tried. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, Imma go to bed and cry some more. I’m too soft for this. 


GARO: Yami wo Terasu Mono DVD Box Set 1&2 Bromides!

I decided to scan these (excluding Rian (Nanri Miki) as we don’t know if she will also be in the new series) as these lovely boys will be returning for the GARO Series in 2018, Kami no Kiba! I would do ones of Inoue Masahiro but I don’t have that DVD series >< This was really one of my favorite GARO Series so I hope everyone can support them in the new series! (If anyone wants an explanation of what this GARO Series was about, send me an ask xD)

Dougai Ryuga: Kuriyama Wataru
Kusugami Aguri: Aoki Tsunenori
Jakuzure Takeru: Ikeda Junya

Please do not repost the scans anywhere!


Selfies/Looks of 2017!

I haven’t posted selfies in a very long time, so I’m a little self conscious but here are (some of) my favorite looks of 2017, starting pretty lately in August. @marsincharge @brownsoftie @kingdomheartsddd @yourboycthulhu @heichou-puns @yami-in-the-box

Ryou Gives a Lesson about Mistletoe.

a small endearing holiday message to Bakura.

@audaciousbrit. You’ll like this.

“Fun fact about mistletoe. It means ‘dung twig’, the plant has the ability to shoot it’s seeds 16m or about 52ft. The seeds stick to outer needles or twigs and wait until it rains, a sticky thick mucus forms and it slides down to the base of the leaf and onto the twig or branch.

That’s where it infects the tree bypassing the bark, creeping into it’s cambium layer, sapping away it’s life force, even though its capable of creating its own nutrients. Its shoots are small alien-like protrusions. Forcing the tree to slowly die from above the mistletoe, reducing it to a last ditch effort to keep on living.  Where it is attached, the tree grows with vigorous uncoordinated growth.

This growth is called 'witches broom’.

The beautiful white berries are toxic to humans (but not to birds) and will sometimes ooze.

For a parasite, it is considered magical, it was used to ward off evil spirits, ensure good fertility, ward off poison and used as medicine despite being poisonous, and considered as the 'soul’ of the oak.



I would say that explains many of us Ryous don’t you think?

Get bent and go chase yourself, Bakura, you shit-twig.”

‘ Happy Birthday Atem! ‘

Today is Yami Yugi’s birthday so why not draw him with a bunch of blue eyes white dragons on him? So this is a gift from Kaiba to Yami and here you can Deep Eyes hiding in the box because he’s shy and two little blue eyes in the air and on his shoulder. I wanted it to be somewhat prideshippy so this is what I got. I did take other photos throughout coloring if you guys want to see those.

Please don’t repost/ use my art without my permission!

Note: This picture is posted on @xcry-of-kingx, this is my roleplay blog so it’s okay! 

A box full of items...

Anzu: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you had lost throughout your life.

Yami: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.

Ryou: Oh wow, my childhood happiness! Thank you for finding this.

Bakura: Oh—my will to live, I haven’t seen this in years.

Yugi: I knew I lost that potential somewhere.

Marik: Mental stability, my old friend.

Katsuya: My innocence, what a surprise.

Anzu: Guys, could you lighten up a little?


We all know that Yami/Atem can’t posses Yugi without him wearing the Millennium Puzzle. However, it doesn’t seem like Yami needs to continue to wear it in order to remain in control. Here are pictures of three separate times where Yami has taken off the Puzzle seemingly without any side effects.

Now, we don’t know if there is a limit to how long he can remain without it, or how far away he can get, because in each instance, it’s not off long and stays close to him. It does make me wonder where Yugi is though. I always considered it possession when Yami takes over, but they always refer to it as “switching minds.” So… is Yugi in the puzzle in those moments? Could Yami have simply left the Puzzle somewhere in Yugi’s room and kept total control of his body? Who knows! Maybe Yami was too good to do something like that, or maybe he actually couldn’t keep away for too long. Or, the Puzzle was too important for him to leave behind. I don’t think Yami Bakura ever removed his Millennium Ring, so, creative props to Yami Yugi for thinking outside of the box.

Anyway, just something I noticed and wanted to point out. =)

Yugioh the Darkside of Dimensions summary (with images/sketches)


I tried taking notes as I was watching the movie so I got the first couple of duels down but after a certain point I was like uggggh 


 I also tried take screen caps from trailers so far to put them in where certain events happen too. Two characters i did a quick sketch of they can be found during the summary too. I also read through this summary http://tachishini.tumblr.com/post/143242399662/yu-gi-oh-the-darkside-of-dimensions because there were parts I was a bit confused or wasn’t clear to me and wanted to find another summary to confirm. 

update: HJ has a more comphernsive plot summary http://hjwritesthings.tumblr.com/post/144410784844/dark-side-of-dimensions-summary

A non-story spoiler of note is that Kazuki Takahashi was the one to keyframe/animate the scene of Yugi putting on the new duel disk.

My thoughts at the end if you want to just read that.

 Let’s begin!

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