yami draws stuff

…I saw masaya90′s and got tempted to do the same. Thought it’d be cool to see how my fav childhood characters have grown in my styles :o 

yamiyugilover2000  asked:

Im suggesting a Yami Yugi drawing??? 😍 😍😍😍 i just wanna see the amazing turn out! 😀😳

I can’t remember the last time I drew Yami. (Early last year? ) Almost everyone who follows me know that I try to avoid drawing Yugi/Atem because I suck at their designs so bad, lol. OTL 

Oh well, here’s something~


an atem sketchdump w/ guest appearance from kaiba ringo. it is my personal belief that atem loves shiina ringo (and utada hikaru) thanks for your time. captions included!

kaiba’s outfit is from here and the third pic’s outfit is ayabambi’s ensemble from here

alternate hair colors for kaiba below the cut feat. standard coca-cola kaiba & s0 green tea smoothie kaiba

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